2020-02-14 03:42:41

This announcement is for US citizens, either living in the states or abroad who use the NLS Talking Book Program.
Not too long ago, when I was checking my app updates, I saw that NLS's BARD Mobile app received an update.
This update does 2 things.
First, it allows you to switch to your recent books without having to navigate to the bookshelf. You can either swipe to the right, or hit the recent books button in the upper left of the screen. Once you do one of these too things, you will be brought to a screen that lists the different books in your library, and you just click it and read it.
Another thing they did was make it easier to find books.
Here's how it works.
You highlight over the title of a book, and you either hit the more actions button, or if you're using Voiceover, you can swipe up and down, and you will see that there are some new options. You can choose to search by genre, search for other books by the author, or in some cases, you can search by narrator. The only books I've been able to make the narrator options appear on are books that are recorded by NLS themselves, but it won't work on commercial audio books.
For instance, since I use the Jim Dale recordings of the Harry Potter books rather than the Erik Sandvold recordings, I am not given the option to search for other books read by Jim Dale.
Just thought that NLS users interested in finding more books would like to know about this, and I will say that so far, I like the update

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2020-02-14 04:40:16

You can search all the books in a series, which I found to be particularly helpful. I have wished for this feature for a long time.
You can also download up to three titles at once.
This was a really nice update!

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2020-02-14 14:09:45

Agreed 100 percent.  I nearly geeked out last night when my wife told me about it, but managed to control myself somehow and went to bed anyway.  As I said, it was night... No sense in being up all night reading books I'd regret having read come morning because all the kiddies wanted to be up playing.

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