2020-02-11 15:24:28

Hi, I'm Doron, I'm one one of the creators of Blind Drive, an audio driving game!

2020-02-11 15:26:42

Hi Doron. You are now unrestricted.

In meinem Fernseher ist ein Hund. Er heißt Fritz.

2020-02-11 16:24:10

Hello, I'm back, now you can.

start of my signature.
I admit that I am a very moody person. I understand that most things are wrong, I do very good things in my mouth and make people incredibly happy. But I'm not sure that people in most places understand my purpose, I think I'm wrong somewhere ... It's impossible for me to correct myself alone, and no one will help me.
end of my signature.

2020-02-11 16:28:16

secret_land You are now unrestricted.

In meinem Fernseher ist ein Hund. Er heißt Fritz.

2020-02-11 17:27:31

heya, im stevie! here to ask questions for uni research, if i may?

2020-02-11 18:06:24

missdiggy you are now unrestricted.

In meinem Fernseher ist ein Hund. Er heißt Fritz.

2020-02-12 16:48:43

Hey I'm Ben, a Game Designer interested in making and playing accessible games. smile

2020-02-13 19:31:12

Hi. I am vincenet from fcalifornia. I am, as my name can maybe suggest, 21 years old. And i am blind.

2020-02-14 07:25:36

Hello, I new see this postfor remove Restricted flag after many times. First I was think have a problem with e-mail because I don't take an mail for verify my account. And I was check forum more detail and now I see this section. I see this post so late because unfortunately I wasn't have time. I'm join from Turkey. smile

2020-02-15 01:31:27

Hey all. Totally blind girl looking to gain access. I don't game often but I love a good debate and am always apt to comment my very leftist opinions on whatever political issues may happen to come up. Other than that, I do sometimes say hi and am able to write in full sentences that are for the most part grammatically correct, so with all that in mind, I suppose I'm not a bot?

2020-02-17 15:11:32

Hello? Just bringing this thread back up to the top as it would seem as though my original post has gone unnoticed. I'm pretty sure I'm posting in the correct topic...

2020-02-17 15:43:58

@nerdcasm sorry for the delay. At the time, I ended up being away from the forum. I must say, I have checked your email address and we do need a valid one for the purposes of password resets and such. While I understand privacy, and I even respect it, it's important to have a way of getting back into your account if a password is lost, or, in my situation, my old email address died. When this happened, I forgot to update it and thus lost access to several places.

2020-02-18 13:43:08

Hey, sorry for being a bother, but could you make me unrestricted?

I would appreciate it. smile

I don't remember having my vpn turned on when posting, and I just double checked my email to make sure it was correct.

2020-02-18 18:15:23

@Stealcase_ you are now unrestricted.

2020-02-19 14:15:17

Ok, i see, i have to describe myself, not a problem.

I am 21 and i am living with my parents in a deasontly big house. I have two sisters and a brother and all are older then me. I am a student and i am trying to get to artoficial inteligents ingeneering. Is this enough, or you want more?

2020-02-20 17:53:10


I’m Judith but my friends call me JP. I really love games but I’ve never been the type that would navigate websites like this. I’ve always heard good things about the site so I’m really excited to learn more about audio games and the platforms that they are on.
Thanks a lot for letting me join your community and I hope to have a great time here.

2020-02-20 17:56:14

MissJP. you are now unrestricted.

In meinem Fernseher ist ein Hund. Er heißt Fritz.

2020-02-21 19:54:24

Wait what about me, please unrestrict me as well, why did you unrestricted someone that was posting later then me but you ignored me, just asking, no offence.

2020-02-21 23:26:52

@Anica sorry for the delay, you are now unrestricted.

2020-02-23 06:58:30

Helo. I am Allan, And I am registering here to post messages in the forun to comunicate to another players in this site

2020-02-23 16:14:50

@tabalus which games do you like to play?

2020-02-23 20:37:38

Hi there! My name is Rob, I'm a Computer Science Master's student from Ontario, Canada. I specialize in audio for game development. I'm currently working on a project related to the design of audio-games and I would love to get to know this community and use some discussion here to help guide my work!

Thank you! smile

2020-02-24 00:34:16

@robSav you are now unrestricted, looking forward to hearing more about your project.

2020-02-24 00:49:56

I like mainly the stile MMO rpg's games, like dreamland, rethurn of the king or devil. I ausso like much the genders action, adventure or fps.
Sorry for my engliz a bit brokem

2020-02-24 23:39:46

@tabalus you are now unrestricted.
Everyone, we also have a surprise for you.
A developer's restriction has been fast tracked. Firestream, developer of Titan Conquest, informed me today that he's joined, so I have unrestricted him. He has been sick lately, but he hopes to reply to the Titan Conquest topic.