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Hot off the heels of Halloween or all saints day or whatever else you might be celebrating, you might have decided to unwind, relax from all the kids and monsters running around, maybe grab a snack or two or three... What better way to unwind than with a game?

A wild Manamon 2 has appeared!

That's right. If we have learned anything from Aaron Baker over at VGStorm, it's to expect the unexpected. And just with with all his previous releases, this one has also come out of nowhere, and like the previous releases we can expect it to be longer, bigger, and more interesting!

In Manamon 2, you get to return to the world created in the first game, though a completely different and new region of it, featuring over 150 new Manamon and over 100 new moves, on-top of other enhancements. If you have never heard of the first Manamon, it's a turn-based role playing game inspired by a certain other series involving monsters and pockets. You get to become a Manamon tamer and capture these creatures, taking them into turn-based battles which will let them get stronger and learn new abilities, and let you become the champion! Oh, and you might also get to save the world while you're at it.

This new iteration of the game should be even more approachable than the first to newcomers, thanks to a snazzy built-in tutorial, improvements in text to speech, and more. Knowledge how to play the first game is not required. So, if any of this sounds appealing to you, grab the game from the link at the top of this post and have fun!

Oh, and just like the region of Kiarre in the game was ravaged by a drought, much the same thing could be said about the news section of this site and there has been quite a bit of activity over in the new releases room of the forum, so be sure to have a look at it once in a while! I'll try to do likewise for this news section.

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