2019-09-09 10:21:57

that level was annoying.

It certainly is doable, I don't know if I fluked it when I finally managed it.

I used the time between enemies to swipe in a random direction to give me a rough idea of what's what, but sometimes that didn't work.

When that didn't work I just resorted to fireing off a spell until one worked.

I think I got lucky on the second attempt, so I was able to regain what I lost.

I haven't tried endless mode yet, want to finish all levels with three stars first.

I only hope that isn't in endless mode, but I also have a nagging feeling that it is.

I just finished getting all three stars for level 15, it only took me, three or 4 days.

I tend to mess things up when they start to come at you quickly, unfortunately there's not much you can do for that except practice.

Thumbs up

2019-09-09 12:31:15

Liam wrote:

It's on android. Stop complaining.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … &hl=us

Seems like Liam was a bit faster but like he said, AudioWizards is finally OUT ON ANDROID!
After a long week without anything from Google it finally happened. It's a good thing that Google is also becoming more strict with submissions but a little transparency to devs wouldn't hurt any one but oh well at least its out now.

We're going to plan the game's next update today. We'll make an announcement on its planned contents once finalized. If you encounter any bugs feel free to tell them here, pm us or send an email. If you enjoy the game leave a rating as well, that will help us a ton in the long run!

Here's the link one more time https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … &hl=us

2019-09-10 13:21:03

I picked up the game as soon as I could on Android. I have completed the story mode and it was a ton of fun. I still need to work on three stars on some of the later levels. I have some thoughts and suggestions which I'll post this evening when I have more time. I just wanted to say great work on the game and I can't wait to see what else you come up with next.

2019-09-11 12:54:46

Ok, it's time for my thoughts on AudioWizards. First off, let me say well done. The game does an excellent job of explaining the commands, and easing you into the fights. The bosses, while a difficulty spike, present a nice challenge that never feels unfair or cheap.
Now, as for what can be improved. The end of the story mode needs something. Maybe a final cutscene, I'm not sure. You should also consider changing the disabled next level button to a finish button.
I'd like to see a way of canceling a spell if you choose the wrong one. Maybe swiping down could cancel the spell and immediately allow you to select another element.
Just like you can skip the intro, I'd like to be able to skip the ending of the level.
When you're in the heat of battle, activating the super spell can feel like it takes forever. I'd suggest adding tapping the screen with three fingers as an alternate method for activating the super spell.
It would be cool if when you launched a spell, the launch sound panned in the direction you fired the spell. Also, the hit sound could be turned down a bit as I think it sometimes drowns out the beginning of the next monster's approach.
To add more replay value to endless mode, I'd suggest changing the scoring so that the enemies give more points the farther out they are as well as how accurate you are. It would also be cool to see your overall accuracy, number of good hits, bad hits, misses, etc. after endless mode ends.

I've only noticed a couple sound related bugs. These occurred on a Galaxy S9 with all the latest updates.
The background ambiance continues playing when you pause the game.
I left the game paused for a couple minutes, and when I unpaused the game the music didn't resume.
When using the hat that changes the background music in Endless mode, pressing retry on the final screen doesn't play the background music it should.

2019-09-11 13:35:26

Hello Quasar! Thank you for your feedback and for trying out the game!

Some things you mentioned are on their way to be fixed on the next update such as the ability to skip level outro. We're trying to focus our first update on fixing the bugs and major inconveniences but more features and quality of life changes will definitely be added later! smile

As a little teaser for everybody we're looking for a way for the community to participate shaping the game's future in an interesting way. I can't tell anything yet but more things are coming. Stay tuned!

2019-09-11 13:54:31

Hi, i have a bit of a low end phone, and i doubt that i will be able to play this awesome looking game on my phone. do any one of you think i will be able to play this game on bluestacks?

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2019-09-11 14:10:20

Hi! Out of curiosity, how many downloads have you totalized? I hope you reach the 10,000 you need

Thumbs up

2019-09-11 18:09:02 (edited by david_oliva 2019-09-11 18:11:07)

siria wrote:

Hi! Out of curiosity, how many downloads have you totalized? I hope you reach the 10,000 you need

Hi Siria.
Unfortunately we are very far from that goal, and only reaching that goal would secure that we can launch a multiplayer version, or even other titles. The team did a wonderful work in the summer as part of their internship in the company. But if we want them to continue, I need to provide them with something else than just kinds words and "thanks buddies" for your effort. They are talented, and they will get offers from other companies unless we make something to keep them with us.

We have been talking about ways to get extra incomes. Yes, kick-started has crossed our minds. But to be honest, we really think we still need the help of the community. All players who have visited this website in the last month know what AudioWizards is, and have read the good critics we got.

But did all those satisfied players really share that with their friends from outside this forum?. I believe many of you did, but the most the best. So if you didn't, feel free to go ahead! wink We really need that.

As you know the game includes visuals, and we believe it has enough quality to be of the interest of also sighted players. That's at least what we aimed. To me, better than a kick-starter where people drops some bucks (which is also cool and helpful), it might be more effective for instance to grab the phone and send a whatsapp message to your friends, or write about it in facebook, etc etc. This way you might make us the favor, but also to your friends for sharing with them this wonderful game which actually is not expensive and includes good quality and good enough replay value.

We really wonder when will it be the day that the mouth-to-mouth breaks through, and we definitely need your help for that day to come. I promise you that if that occurs, we will keep bringing new adventures in the years to come.

Thanks for reading this.

mytruesound.com - we hear the difference

2019-09-12 10:10:22

Yeah, I understand your frustrations and your desires. I actually talked about the game with my blind friends and with my sighted ones, but the blind don't speak english, is a common problem here in Italy, and the sighted are simply not enough motivated to spend on a basic game when they have more complex ones. I'll keep trying though. Maybe we could talk to younger kids? Elementary schools or something like that.

Thumbs up +1

2019-09-12 18:17:13

siria wrote:

Yeah, I understand your frustrations and your desires. I actually talked about the game with my blind friends and with my sighted ones (...)

Hi Siria!
But that is very nice and very kind from your side. I really appreciate it. And I'm agree that it is not an easy task.

I know most people wants to play on the mother tongue, specially when they don't speak well English. I would like first to translate the game into Spanish, because I have lots of friends in there and because the size of the market. But as you know, the game has a lots of dialogues, and we need to find a very good voice actor. We were asking from blind people to send us some tests, but what we got so far is now what we are looking for, since we would like to keep the essence of the original Saundaman. So getting the game into Spanish is going to take still some time, and let's see that after.

Thanks again for the help.

mytruesound.com - we hear the difference

2019-09-12 18:18:32

By the way, most probably you folks know about the very good podcast of Blind Abilities. If not, and if you want to know more about myTrueSound and AudioWizards, today is the perfect chance since all of that got mixed in the same place. Jeff Thompson always makes a fantastic job, and this time he mixed the game sounds and some game dialogues, with our answers to his questions, in such a way that it really blow up my ears!. Perhaps you want to listen to it. I wish you enjoy it.

Here is the link

mytruesound.com - we hear the difference

2019-09-13 20:49:48

Hello everyone! Just here to tune in and say that unfortunately, due to some issue in Google Play, AudioWizards cannot be found by a search. You can still find it by following a link. We apologize for the inconvenience. We'll update this post once the issue is fixed.

2019-09-14 15:44:13

this game is brilliant with a interesting story line and simple gestures for the elements. i will share this game with everyone i know as well as social media.

i may be tech mad, but i'm also audio games mad. be audio games mad with me laughing out loud.

Thumbs up +1

2019-09-17 12:26:22

Good news! AudioWizards should now be properly back on Play Store!

And as always, thanks for all the support! smile