2019-07-04 06:11:43

Hi. So I was just testing how good I am with BGT, and I got no compilation errors on my first little, I mean little, thing. It's just a thing where if you hit the right arrow, you move right. I run it, nothing happened. I made a folder for the sound and the bgt  script but it didn't work. I don't know what's going on. It might be that it's corrupted, or something. Don't know if I have a corrupted bgt script or I did something but yeah, if you can help, that''s cool

I like bop it.

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2019-07-04 06:34:34

If you provide no code, we can't help you much. Just make sure you have your while loop there and you're showing a window

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2019-07-04 07:08:09

Lol, help me! But I"m not going to tell you how to help me! Figure it out!

yo! so I'm working on programing, it's really hard. But I'll tell you where you can contact me if your stupid enough to do so.
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2019-07-04 08:15:27

I'll help you. move away from bgt, or people won't be able to run your game. bgt is being flagged as virus more and more as time passes. do us all a favour and change programming languages. Hey, you can still use the bgt tutorial, just use different syntax.

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2019-07-04 08:19:28

Come on. That's got old.

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2019-07-04 08:24:42

When ever windows itself makes me, I will, otherwise, no thanks.

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2019-07-04 08:30:26

OK dude. There are many reasons I'd recommend people switch away from BGT, and if people ask I will certainly give them. But how is piping up and telling someone to switch programming languages in random topics helping anyone? Your opinion of languages is very clear thanks very much, now you can stop polluting random people's topics asking for help with your opinion that at this point serves no other purpose than pointless clutter. @op, make sure you are showing a window, and make sure when you are checking for keys, you do it in a loop. Else your game will launch and then instantly exit. Look up "while loops" in the BGT documentation for more info.

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2019-07-04 09:06:01

I hate it so much when people say "oh just move away from bgt"
do you know how hard it is to learn  a programming language? Valid point @ogomez but people saying it is getting really old and irritating for us beginner devs. if someone said, I'm learning drums, but they happened to be learning drum beats from the 1940s, which happened to be easier for them, would you say, oh don't learn those they're outdated, or, learn the keyboard, it's more modern?
no. it's the same.
it's like saying old english is a bad language just because it isn't used widely anymore.

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2019-07-04 14:18:33

My secret spider senses tell me.... You missed something somewhere in line something, and this something is causing the program to not run.
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2019-07-04 17:19:30

Ok, this hole use this language, not that one, is getting really fucking old. I mean, i'm never going back to bgt now that i know of python, js, and c++, but if someone wants to use it, let them. It's quite honestly they're choice. And when windows stops working with bgt, well bgt has a very close sintax to c, so the people who use it can learn that, or another programming language. Also, make sure you're game shows a window, and when you're checking if keys are pressed make sure that's done in a loop.


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2019-07-04 18:31:52 (edited by Ahng 2019-07-04 18:32:34)

Why does everyone have to blawble over shit here?
Bopitmaster asked a question. You all begin to blahblahblah. If you are not going to answer his question or don't have the code, ask for the code and wait for him to give it. if he don't then that's his choice.
if he's givven the code, then just see what's wrong. if you know what it is, tell him about it.
if you don't, then don't reply unless you have something useful to say..

see ya later. Hope you don't fall off a roof.

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2019-07-04 20:18:57

@11, i gave him advice, as well as pointed out that that people saying use this, don't use that, is stupid, instead of offering advice. Is that such a crime?


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2019-07-05 00:54:10

I think he means the people who are going OT about moving away from bgt

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2019-07-05 00:56:29

Those who have used BGT in the past would be happy to help. Please post your code here and we'll take a look.

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2019-07-05 04:32:56

@12, I didn't mean you, i meant people who keep posting to leave bgt. I barely know a bit of bgt to make a small walking game with some stuff in, and that took me about 5 or 4 years to learn.  learning new programing languages is not easy, you don't have a device that puts all coding knowledge in your head in a millisecond.

see ya later. Hope you don't fall off a roof.

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2019-07-05 06:45:20 (edited by Ethin 2019-07-05 06:45:32)

@15, we're not acting as though its easy. Learning a programming language is variable based on the language. Something like Go you could probabl pick up in a day or two. Something as complex as C++ or assembly language... much harder.

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2019-07-05 06:46:47

That's completely fine to stick with bgt, as long as you like. If you don't hit the borders, You won't encounter any problems. No jokes or anything. You should not expect for example a high quality fps with lots of objects or  high quality networking in a game with a high traffic  like firefight or redspot. Something like manamon however, will work fine. Both offline and online. While the maps were big, the game play was kinda long, but it doesn't show any performance loss or anything because objects are usually around with not much of a calculation. There's not much of moving items, etc etc and the networking is just as much as sending a packet for the skill and other calculations look to be calculated in the client like playing a sound and dealing damages. It's not at all a high traffic networking after all

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2019-07-05 17:04:53

It's threads like these that make me shake my head. While BGT isn't today's hottest hit with programming, it's a solution. It works. It's valid. It serves a purpose, that is, to at least introduce folks to programming fundamentals. While you can achieve the same thing with Python, JS, etc, the same can be said for any of those languages, too. Why use when you can use that is a very useless mantra, especially when we're really supposed to focus on helping the newbie crowd.
It's all about climbing the ladder. Let people learn how conditional blocks, loops, function calls, and the object-oriented approach work at their most-basic core. Once they've gotten to a point where they're at an advanced level, then let's talk about networking, performance, etc. None of those topics would make sense in any other language anyways if they don't have the understanding of programming to begin with.