2019-06-11 10:56:11

i heared that world of the dead new version is comming out soon. can soneone tell me about what was happened to developers? i reallylll llllllwlllllllalltllllllllllllnlltl ltlloll llknow.

i enter the sewers.
i started killing and explore through core.
i killed thanatos.
i'm super arcane archer.

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2019-06-11 13:43:09

It's still in development, but I wouldn't get your hopes up honestly. There are other projects being given much higher priority at the moment.

2019-06-11 21:08:26

Hello there.
As post 2 says, with WOTD, which is mostly messy due to my inability to code before, and branble, I'm currently stuck between two games. WOTD is going to be a thing though. It's not dead. No pun intended.
With that said, I do plan to have something new out eventually.

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Have a nice day peeps

2019-06-11 21:23:42

what about this game?

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2019-06-11 23:50:18

Yeah, what's this game? Not sure I've heard of it before. Is it a zombie thing? Or something to do with the afterlife like hell or something?

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2019-06-12 09:51:36

It's a zombie shooter based off of zombie arena. It has quite a few of it's own things though like lots of extra levels, different weapons, helpers and turrits, etc.

2019-06-12 09:57:55

where I can find this game?

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2019-06-13 08:57:05

I'll post  a link if people really  want it

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2019-06-13 09:28:06

I want it. Come on, even if it's still under development post the link lol

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2019-06-13 16:16:11

There was a concept demmo posted some time last year. I unforchunitly don't have it anymore, so unless someone else does you'll have to wait for the full release. The development version is still half broken and lots of levels aren't coded yet.

2019-06-13 16:42:17

you can upload?

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2019-06-15 01:58:53

Oh, is the music really really super hell loud and completely unrelated to the actual overall theme of the game? And is it yet another sidescroller thing? Because in that case I really don't want it. Sorry to be blunt but I mean really, nothing new.

I am the blind jedi, I use the force to see. I am the only blind jedi.

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2019-06-15 11:46:48

where you find demo version?

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