2019-05-28 17:37:08

Hi, friends!
So I'm jailbroken with chimera, but I can't see sileo on my device, even if I click open sileo in the chimera app. What should I do?

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2019-05-29 03:55:44

Do a rootfs

2019-05-29 04:09:58 (edited by mazen 2019-05-29 04:11:17)

Or if it didn’T work then use a computeer and download putty
Serch google download putty then do the foloing
Open putty On your computeer
. now let’S moove to the iphone. Open your iphone then open settings then wifi then click more info next to the network name
You will see something like. Ip address , 192.168 etc. Let’s go back to putty, put that ip you saw in putty in the feild that says, hostname or ip address. Putt it there then, click open.
Now it will say login as? Type root and press enter
Then it will say root’s password, type alpine and press enter.
Now type this And click enter.
uicache -a
Wait 30seconds then you should see sileo on your iphone.

2019-05-30 13:26:14

I will try to fix it today. I tried to restore Root FS, but it didn't work. So I will try that. I hope that it will work, Mazen.

If you want to get Tk, contact me on skype. MY username is [email protected]