2019-05-07 15:57:24

Hi guys,

I've gotten myself a Python called "Python All In One For Dummies", and they're recommend to use Anaconda and visual studio code as an editor. So my question is: Are these two apps accessible to blind coders?


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2019-05-07 16:07:53

Visual Studio code is, I don't know about Anacoda, however if you need, I can try it for you.

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2019-05-08 02:50:26

anaconda is a console app, so it is accessible.

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2019-05-10 14:24:36

anaconda is a package and virtual environment manager for python that you use using command prompt, so no issue.
VS code is an excellent lightweight general purpose code editor. I use it  for all my coding in every language. it is fully accessible.

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2019-05-11 15:23:30 (edited by Socheat 2019-05-11 15:23:55)

Thanks guys for your input. I'm gonna give these two apps a try.

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2019-05-13 02:35:44

I know that anaconda is, not sure about VS code, i'll try it.

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2019-05-13 02:36:08

Well, after looking at the other posts in this topic, it seems that both are accessible. Have fun.

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2019-05-16 04:08:16 (edited by Socheat 2019-05-16 04:08:56)

It did accessible, yeah. I had both installed on my system now. 3gigs. sheesh

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