2019-03-26 18:04:04

**edit by admin: article deleted**
Read post two for the reasoning behind this decision.

hello everyone. so theres this game called fortnight in the sighted community, i am sure you heard of it. Well i like making mods for games using those sounds. If you want to ask questions or such, forum pm me and/or send me e-mails at my e-mail.
[email protected]

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2019-03-27 00:47:19

Dear reader,
    The developer of the game referred to, known as ivan_soto here on the forum, has formally requested that any content in reference to third party versions of the killer  aside from his own be removed, as the code was never meant to be released. Out of respect for developers of this forum I will be complying with his request. In the beginning of February, there might have been a transaction to initiate the transfer of rights, but according to Ivan it was only partially completed. Thus, until we see an announcement from him, and only him, handing rights to another party or open sourcing the project, I won't hesitate to take needed action. Thanks for your understanding. I recognize the time dedication that must have went in to composing this article, and sincerely apologize for having to lend a hand here. but such is necessary out of respect for our developers.

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