2019-02-09 08:48:17

Putting this in its own topic so I don't have to keep answering this with the same solution every time it comes up. Mods, feel free to sticky this until we're sure that this issue is resolved. If you get a 400 bad request error when logging in to your profile, check the URL of the error page. If it doesn't have https:// at the beginning of the URL, try adding it and you should be able to log in.

Who threw the big green talking wheel? It's been demanding that I find whoever injured it for the past several hours.

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2019-02-10 20:13:41

Interesting you should say that slender, but I use https everywhere in waterfox 56.27 and get this error regularly.
Now today I tried again and the error no longer shows and that works fine the website was always https though and not http.
It is in fact impossible for me to go http only as things are set because I will always be routed to https via https everywhere unless I turn it off.

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2019-02-13 23:21:15

Hi slender.
I have found a bug with the http 400 issue.
If you login on the main forum it doesn't happen.
If you log in in any post of any topic, the https at the beginning is stripped out.
So if I reply to say this post and login I get the http 400 error.
Look at the address and the https on the beginning is stripped.
Log in on the main audiogames forum and it acts like expected.
Could you guys look into this?

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2019-02-14 15:41:26

Good hunting, crashmaster. I'll look into the code.

2019-03-02 16:50:43

I done the same thing when sending a forum email because it caused error 400. Can we garantee that the mail has arrived?

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