2019-02-05 18:34:43

Hi there

We have started to design the new minigames for the next episode of a game we released short time ago.
On the first episode of that game, the fighting minigame was not that good, and we need to improve it a lot.

Everybody likes fighting games (well, almost everybody), so we thought that perhaps we could ask in this room how would you do it. Most probably you have played before fighting games, so perhaps you would like to comment. So here it goes the briefing:

You are on a certain environment  and some enemies will attack you from different directions, but let's putting simple, so left center and right. The sounds of the enemies, so you can identify the attacking direction, could be heavy breathing, foot steps, talk, and roar or other noises we make when we fight. The player could then react, by blocking the attack, or counteracting the attack. My suggestion will be that, when using a tactile screen, the counteracting attack (or a simple attack) will happen by tapping in the left, center or right of the screen. If I want to block their attack, I would hold down the corresponding area of the screen, until their punch sounds that it was blocked. If player doesn't block, then the sound will indicate that punch was received, and I will loose more energy. Again when I attack, the enemy might be able to block himself or might suffer the damage, and again the sounds will represent that situation. Are there any other actions that can be brought in to the game, and that intuitively will be performed by the player? (we would love to do that everything is so intuitive and logic, that player doesn't almost needs instruction about how to fight)

So well...here is the basics. I need to write the game design document for this type of actions, and my programmer loves when the game design document is perfect, so he can do a better work.

Any ideas are welcome. Links to other audio games which made something similar successfully are also of our interest.
I hope you like the challenge.


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