2019-01-05 22:35:32

I hope someone remembers my topics about immigration, about choosing between the USA and England, etc.
At the moment I understand that in these countries I need a lot of money. In addition, there are usually 5 ways of immigration:
1. Marriage:
But now I have a girlfriend, and I do not think this is a good way out.
2. Work:
I should be a really cool specialist to get a job. Although some companies in my country offer a job with a future transfer to an office in another country.
3. Study:
Getting an education. Why not?
4. Political asylum:
I am familiar with those who have found immigration lawyers who helped them immigrate through political asylum. It's not as expensive as school or investment, but it's risky...
5. Business:
In the case of England, I need to invest 300,000 pounds in my business, in such cases, I can immigrate.
I have rich relatives who can agree to help me with money for education. But I'm not that kind of person. I'd like to earn immigration on my own.
I think remote work is possible, but this has few guarantees. And while I think, a very important event has happened for me!
On December 19, the German parliament approved a bill to abolish employment in Germany for non-German and non-European citizens.
Previously, in order for an employer to be able to hire a non-German employee, he had to do two things:
1) Prove to the German government that there are no Germans in the German labor market who can receive this vocation;
2) Same as in the first paragraph, only with the citizens of the European Union.
Now, the German government thought. If in Germany to attract more workers, the country will receive a plus 1% to the economy. This is not bad if you know.
The bill says that now the employer doesn't need to prove the presence of the necessary employees in the German labor market and the labor market of the European Union. In addition, anyone can get the opportunity to stay in Germany for six months in search of work. Naturally, without social assistance, this person must provide for himself.
This bill was approved, but not yet adopted. However, 100% of it will be adopted soon, when this bill will be considered in the Bundestag, when this bill is signed by the president and the chancellor.
I was in Berlin, besides, I was learning German. Now I have decided to leave for Germany in a year, and to work there for some time.
If there are blind people here who lived or live in Germany, I ask you to briefly describe life in Germany for you as a visually impaired.
Thanks in advance!

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