2018-11-06 12:01:43

I sent this email to the audiogames mods list.

It’s nothing personal, but I find that I simply don’t have the gumption to go on being an admin any more.

Let’s face it, I’ve been getting rather fraught on here of late.  Maybe, by itself, that’s totally to be expected, but finding that there are things that I’d rather be doing than reading the day-to-day mud-slinging, the tedium of administration of the various administration topics and reports, etc. both on the forum and on here, just makes me realise that the light has gone out.  Without the light, there is no energy, and without the energy there is no purpose.  I have other things that I want and need to do, personal affairs to attend to, etc., and they would be helped by not having this particular albatross around my neck.

I still have hope for this forum.  I hope that the rest of you will bring about the vision that this forum needs, of fun, compassion, warmth, robust discussion and civility, where disagreements happen in a casual and friendly manner, without all the unnecessary impositions and attacks.  When that happens and I find myself to be once again a regular forum-goer in a regular capacity, and the chance to help presents itself, and the time allows it again, I’ll gladly reconsider giving my assistance.

Until then, I’m off, for a breather or three.  Thank you one and all for your continued vigilance, and I hope it works out.  For me, it’s back to gaming with the regulars in my own time, and enjoying life as best I can.

I will leave the mailing list running until you can transition.  There’s no rush—the machine isn’t going anywhere soon—but somebody will need to receive administrivia emails and will need the password for the list itself.  Whoever it is should come forward.  Dark, I believe, still has both, so he might be able to mediate.

If somebody on here could please demote me to ordinary member, I shall remove myself from this mailing list.  I have already cancelled the daily reports checking, although I can see about changing the code to inform the list if you think that would help you.  It’s clear that the PunBB internal code for this purpose does not work.

Cheers again to one and all.

Just myself, as usual.

2018-11-06 12:24:46

As a former board moderator on another site, I thank you for the time and effort you have given to this forum.
It is a thankless job, and I appreciate your contributions.

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2018-11-06 12:26:49

Thank you Mirage. It's very much appreciated. I thank you also for your help on here in the past.

Just myself, as usual.

2018-11-06 12:53:38

Thanks for your services Sebby, i understand though, these are crazy times. I wish you well.

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2018-11-06 12:55:37

You too. Thanks man.

Just myself, as usual.

2018-11-06 13:41:02

why the all good guys are leaving?
the importent thing is facing to difficult, everyone can deal with easy

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2018-11-06 14:02:06 (edited by Sebby 2018-11-06 14:16:23)

I agree up to a point, but I think you also have to know when to stand back to save your sanity. I signed up to be a mod and a general all-round helper, not for a complete change in direction of the forum that is even now uncertain, that may make this forum sink or swim.

Now maybe it is that the crisis will be overcome, somehow. But I don't think I have the gumption to face it at present. The current mod team will strive on and, hopefully, between them, they will deal with it. It's going to require courage, I know that much, but I am optimistic that they'll keep on fighting. Best of luck to them, I say.

It's also important to realise: not being a mod has advantages for me, as it means I can comment as an outsider. No, I will not be leaking confidential information or anything like that, but I can still comment with both perspectives in mind and with no obligation to an official capacity there is no doubt as to the source of my opinions and they can't be questioned as an abuse of my authority by some loud-mouth or other.

If I remember, there are two other mods lined up for consideration. I am hopeful that fresh faces will provide some useful, objective perspective for the team. There is hope.

Just myself, as usual.

2018-11-06 14:19:54

Thank you for all your years of service. I'm very sorry that you're stepping down.

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2018-11-06 14:26:35

I, too, am sorry that you've decided to step back, but I get it. Things are a bit tumultuous at the minute, and we all have priorities. No hard feelings, none at all. Best of luck in all your endeavours. We will try to soldier on without you.

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2018-11-06 14:56:10 (edited by Sebby 2018-11-06 14:58:47)

Thanks Liam. For the vast majority of the time, it's been happy days and I've been glad to help.

@Jayde: yep, no hard feelings either. It's just life. Best of luck to you and the rest. Hopefully once this formality is all over and the forum settles down to something approaching normality, we can put all this behind us.

Just myself, as usual.

2018-11-06 15:01:10

Sebby I'm sad to see you go. You've done so much for this form and I hope that you get the break you deserve! Thanks again!

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2018-11-06 18:07:47

Thank you for all you have done for us Sebby.  This is a very crazy time, so I do hope to see the other side of it soon.

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2018-11-06 18:23:46

I am also sad to see you go as well. I think this is four mods in the last week.

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2018-11-06 20:33:03

Sebby, truely sad believe me sir to see you step down, but I do understand life and other stuff has a way of geting in between or giving us no time, plus yes, who wants to deal with the bullshit (the mudslinging) as you put  it. that has been going on lately. Its a free service where in a person isnt paid or anything and does be it spam cleaning, monitoring users and etc so on to help out, to give something back and as such I truely do get it.
Still, sorry to see you step down, too and I hope we see you around.
Good luck to the other mods and the administrators and to you as well.

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2018-11-07 23:50:06

Kind of late, but sad to see you go.

Today, is better, than yesterdday!
God bless you, a lot of mersy.
Gracias, thank you, your welcome, thumbs up, what ever, Luis Carlos. Have an awesome day!

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2018-11-12 07:55:22

Hello @Sebby,
You too? What's really going on? Are you thinking that 2 or 3 guys will handle this forum?

Best regards
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