2018-11-05 20:52:22

hey what is your favorite tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles tv show, and why? lets discuss it. My two are the 1987 series because its what i grew up with, and the 2012 series for combining everything about tmnt into one great story with lots of mutants, great voice acting, music and so on.

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2018-11-05 21:13:26

my favorite this is tmnt 2003

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2018-11-05 21:25:51

i watched a good few episodes of tmnt2003, and can't get into it. not really into the voices, too much loud music. and shredder is not nearly as intimidating as he is in the 2012 series. and yet i also like the 1987 shredder for his comedy aspect.

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2018-11-05 21:30:02

my other personal issues with tmnt2003 is, lack of lots of mutants, and splinter. 2012 splinter i think is way better, so is splinter from 1987 tv series. but i also gotta re-watch tmnt movies 1 and 2 from the late 80s early 1990s. but i can get tmnt 2, secret of the ooze book, novel, off bookshare.

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2018-11-05 22:22:05

I haven't watched 2012 TMNT, so 1987 it is. Particularly the first two seasons.

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2018-11-06 00:42:19

The 1987 series all the way for me. I could never get into any of the later incarnations, although to be fair, I was so disgusted by the 2003 series that I didn't even try to watch anything newer than that.

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2018-11-06 02:08:58

I like the original 1987 series.   I always thought they were the best, even when trying to listen to these newer episodes.    It's just not the same.  Could be because that's my childhood.  Either way, Good stuff.

I feel the same for the movies.  I loved the first two of the original trilogy, although I enjoyed the third one, a lot of people didn't.

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2018-11-06 02:56:41

I like the 80s version, simply because I grew up with it, only saw a few episodes of the 2012 series.

Plus, I find it weird to hear Donatello sounding like the 80s version of Raphael.

I know it's the same guy, but it's still weird.

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2018-11-06 03:43:09

Wait, they got Rob Paulson back for 2012... but switched which turtle he was voicing? Is there an explanation somewhere for what was behind that decision? Seems kinda ... ... huh?

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2018-11-06 04:36:15

There's an interview with him on youtube, but he doesn't really explain the reason behind it.


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2018-11-06 05:40:06

2012 is fcking awesome, specialy season 4 and 5 where dark shredder comes. and 2003 is awesome too, season 4 and 5  of it is the best, too!
my favorite character in 2012 is kri or however her name is s spelled

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2018-11-06 08:41:12

I haven't really seen the later incarnations of the series.

I grew up with the 87 series, albeit it didn't make it to the uk until around 89-90.
I loved the turtles in a big way when I was 8-10, collected the figures, had posters on my wall, had a Raphael costume etc, my best friend even made me four turtle statues out of plaster of paris which he painted himself. I played the tmnt arcade game whenever I could, and and we had  main game for the amstrad computer too. My brother even read me turtles commics describing the pictures (he actually used to do a pretty good shredder).

I watched what I now know to be the first two years worth of episodes avidly and could quote a lot of them, though when I later saw the episodes from season 3 (after the technodrome arose from the earth's core and got punted back into dimension x), I really was not a fan, the premise just seemed to be getting whackier, though of course by then I was about eleven or  twelve and so my interests had got rather broader.

Even with the first two years worth, when I see episodes now I'm less of a fan. The humour is still there of course, (, and I appreciate the nostalgia, but I miss backstory, continuing arcs or any nuance in character and writing.

I've seen some cartoons from the eighties as an adult, EG the first series of the Ewok's cartoon or dungeons and dragons, and while they're childish in parts I've still appreciated the writing, the level of characterisation, the world and the stories created, but others I see now and slightly shake my head at. Turtles is in that category.

lovely nostalgia, but not a lot else.

My feeling for the tmnt films is sort of the same, even though they tried to be somewhat darker.

I haven't really seen any of the later series, I could imagine them doing a good update, as they tried with the 2002 series of Heman, but I've never gone back to find out really.

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2018-11-06 11:52:55

Although I grew up with the show from 1987, I think, my favorite version is the show from 2003. Simply, because that version comes much closer to the original comics. Well, until they screwed everything up in season 6.
The show from 2012 was ok, but sometimes it was a bit too childish for my taste.
About the movies, well, the first one from 1990 was pretty good. But after that, it kind of went south. Iwas probably also one of the very few people, who found the version created by Michael Bay kind of interesting. His first movie wasn't perfect. But I would have wanted to see, where he planned to go with it.
I think, if I would have to pick a favorite movie, it would be Turtles Forever. Although, I am not sure, if you could count it as a stand-alone movie, since it was set in the universe of the show from 2003.
And while I am writing this, something else just popped into my mind. Our localized, german version of the show from 1987, had some pretty, well, let's say grown-up jokes in it. LOL. I never found out, if these where also in the original version, but I have to watch one of those episodes in english one day.

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2018-11-06 12:40:49

The 1987 series for me as well, as I also grew up with that series. There was another series called Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation, but I never really understood it. I'm not too familiar with the new stuff either.

I still don't get how Crang was able to talk without a body before Shredder built him that robot one. Lol. If he's just a brain, how's he talking? Yeah it's just a cartoon, but still. Maybe it was his life support system?

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2018-11-06 13:10:27

Krang isn't quite just a brain. He has eyes and a mouth, and tentacle-things that he can use like hands or feet in the absence of better alternatives. Now, how the respiration and larynx fit into this, I have no idea, but I suppose that is why he occasionally does that weird inhail thing.
He's based on the Utram from the comics, who are a whole species with that body-plan. Krang being referred to as a brain, but modeled after a complete organism, basically explains all the weirdness. Was Krang's original body like that of the Stone Soldiers? Does that mean their brains wrap around their mouths and lung-equivalents? Are their heads even wide enough, or is Krang bloated due to life support fluids? It just raises too many questions!

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2018-11-06 15:08:17

1987 for me I haven't watched any of the others but maybe I'll give them a shot. I don't think they will ever be as good as the 1987 series.

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2018-11-06 15:28:08

The 2003 series wrapped up with a movie length episode called Turtles forever.

What they tried to do is have the turtles from the 1987 series meet the turtles from the 2003 series.

it's the whole parallel universe thing, not that the original cast from 1987 reprised their roles.

It really shows the difference between the two.

I only watched that episode because I was curious, and it isn't really necessary to watch the entire series to understand what's going on.

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2018-11-06 18:02:43

no, 2003 didn't have a crossover with 1987, but 2012 did have two crossovers, one of them was good but the one in season 5, that was meh, it was meant for kids below 12 i think

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2018-11-06 18:24:33

mine is the 1987 version. lol at Rafil destroying the 4th wall with an adom bomb. example: when Leo is questioning april about shredder's motive, Rafil blames it on the writers not being able to come up with a better plot device.

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2018-11-06 21:45:30

Actually, kool_turk in post 17 is right. Turtles forever can be counted as a crossover. It was a really good end to an overall good show. Hmm... I think, I am getting into a nostalgic mood. Maybe, I will watch some episodes later...

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2018-11-07 05:14:48

It was a crossover, but it didn't tie in anywhere.

In other words if you watched the entire 1987 series none of those episodes lead into the crossover episode.

I think the 2003 series does in a way because the 2003 version of Shredder is trapped in the ice.

I haven't watched the 2003 series, so I could be wrong.

What I did do is read a harry potter fanfiction where Harry is raised by the ninja turtles and that author pretty much just skimmed through the 2003 series incerting Harry Potter where needed.

Obviously it's nowhere near watching the series, but it's enough for you to get the gist of what happened throughout that particular series.

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