2017-11-12 05:37:04 (edited by Chris 2017-11-12 05:48:35)

I find I'm only interested in TV shows/movies that are fantasy/Sifi/horror in nature. I'll list a few ones I like.

I liked The OA, but the ending to the first season pisses me off beyond belief. If the second season doesn't start the right way, I'm ditching this show. It's got a great story, but the end just makes me want to punch the creator in the face!

I absolutely love the US version of Being Human! It really makes you consider what it means to be human. I couldn't stop crying after the last episode of season 4. I'm still trying to get over the fact that this awesome show has been over for three years.

Stranger Things is another good one. I think it could have ended with series 2, but apparently there's more to come. I love the whole horror/adventure element in this one.

I also like Charmed. It's about three sisters who become witches and fight demons and other nasties. I remember many happy hours binge watching that series.

I love Doctor Who! I've only been exposed to the content from 2005 onwards. I'm starting to think the quality of the show is declining. I'm not dreading the new female doctor though. I just hope she does a decent job or that show will be dropped. I also liked the Sarah Jane Adventures. I did try Torchwood season 1, but I don't know if I want to continue it.

I'll have to give Black Mirror a try. I'm currently trying to find more interesting tv shows/movies. I'm not interested in comedies, romance, etc. I don't want to watch a TV show or movie about people going about their lives dealing with real world problems. If I want that, I might as well stop watching TV and live life. I watch TV to escape reality and go on fantastic adventures.

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2017-11-12 18:17:22

I have just finnished watching Star Trek TNG for the 7th time, yes I am counting.

Currently I am watching season 3 of DS9 on netflics. I have also resantly started watching a Canadian series called Heartland.
Its basicaly about a girl who rehabillitates horses. That's all I can say without a spoiler alert.
Now, back to Star Trek: I love The Next Generation and DS9. Enterprise was also alright, however I wouldn't recommend Voyager. It just didn't have the same appeal as the rest of the Star Trek series. And another thing: I wish someone would go ahead and discribe Tng and DS9.

Oh and just fyi, Game of Thrones is seriously awesom. I can't wait to see just how it all ends.

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2017-12-11 12:52:04

Black Mirror season 4 on December 29. Jessica Jones season 2 on March 28. #GetHype!

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2017-12-11 15:46:57

Well to chime in on this subject, nothing in particular, since well, I dont' watch a whole lot, but I do take into consideration some things. 

SOme stuff I've watched, in no particular order.
1. Game of Thrones
2. The Killing
3. Marvel's Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Defenders

I don't reaoly have3w anything else on the top of my head.  I want to check out I Zombie.  I also have simpsons, family guy, NCIS, and what not on my PC with AD from the mice, but  I haven't been really doing a whole lot with it as of late.  Been doing other projects.

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2017-12-17 01:19:45

I'm on holiday now so also back to watching stuff. I tried the first season of sense8, and I like the concept, but the story is incredibly slow, although it gets better towards the end. I'm curious though so I'll probably try season 2. I also watched the first two seasons of mr robot, and I liked season 1, but season 2 just lost my interest at some point. Some good series I've watched: game of thrones (which we've established is pretty awesome), big bang theory (probably my favourite comedy), revolution (a show about life in a post-apocalyptic world without electricity), both the original and american being human (vampires, werewolves, ghosts), marco polo (about the historical character in the court of kublai khan), resurrection (about random dead people coming back), how I met your mother (mentioned before, pretty funny), and that's all I can think of at the moment.
About movies, I can't remember them as well. Most recently watched assassin's creed but it was rather disappointing. Good ones I can think of at the moment: the dictator (very funny), pink panther (both movies, wish I could find them audio described, they are hilarious), see no evil, hear no evil (also pretty funny), divergent, insurgent and allegiant, the maze runner (prefer the first one), long walk to freedom, the hangover, horrible bosses, law abiding citizen, the invention of lying (really funny and well done), and that's all that come to mind at the moment.

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2017-12-18 23:29:00

Looking forward to the return of the league of gentlemen tonight at 10 on BBC2. Hope it's still funny after 15 years away. I could see last time it was on, that's how long ago it is.

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2017-12-19 00:40:03

I don't watch all that much TV right now, though I really should because my list of things I need to catch up on is getting quite long. Red Dwarf seasons 11 and 12, probably wanna finish Doctor Who, The Punnisher on Netflix because I really enjoyed his appearance on Daredevil, and I really need to watch Futurama as multiple people have recommended it to me.

All that being said, I've been focusing on 2 series right now both of which are now on break. Star Trek Discovery and The Orville. Both of which cause polarising opinions. Generally, Crytics love Discovery but don't care much for Orville, while fans are the opposite. Personally, I've enjoyed both. For Discovery, I like it so far, maybe because I'm a DS9 fan. It has its Meh moments, I don't much care for the way the Klingons sound. Almost everybody has all this processing on their voices, it sounds more like Goauld from Stargate than Klingons from other star trek series. The music isn't particularly memorable either. But for all of that the plot is pretty interesting, and some of the more dark moments are pretty cool like the way Harry Mud is portrayed stands out in particular. It's definitely one to watch, the whole series is described on Netflix... If you're not in the US or Canada at least.

Then there's The Orville. I dragged my feet on this one because I heard it was being written by the guy responsible for Family guy which I never really got into, plus it was pretty hard to watch overhere. But many people started saying it's more serious than you might think, and that if you love Trek you'll love Orville... So I finally sat down to watch it and ended up binging the 9 episodes that were out then in 2 days. It's pretty clear it's a Trek Omage, but it's done very well and does a lot to stand out. Yes, there's jokes, but they never overstay their welcome. It makes the characters feel more human if anything, just the bridge crew joking around to relieve stress. It's never implied that they're not good at their jobs. Plus, like Star Trek, the episodes tackle some pretty serious problems. One of the first episodes has one of the crew members, who's from a predominently male species, give birth to a female which almost never happens and if it does is considered a birth defect, so the child has to undergo a sex change. Obviously, the rest of the mostly human crew are shocked when they hear this, and want to prevent this from happening. I don't want to spoil the rest of the episode but that's the kind of thing you can expect from this. Plus, the soundtrack is actually memorable. It's fully orchestrated, like the previous Star Trek series. Compare this to discovery which sounds like every superhero movie ever with a lot of dark pads and synth bass and mostly centering around the rediculously overused D-minor chord.

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2018-11-03 21:32:03

If you are into comedies, I suggest Bridesmaids. It came out back in 2011. VERY funny. Easily one of the most comedic movies I've seen yet. There are som really good stand up comedy acts on there. You can watch it in good quality on https://movies123.top/

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2018-11-03 22:55:18

right now I am watching ninja turtles 1987 tv series. after that i will watch the 2012 tv series that i also bought on itunes. I'm not into tmnt next mutation, 2003, or the new rise of the tmnt that just came out.

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2018-11-04 06:48:36

  I have actually rewatched the friends and how I met your mother series again, and yes, laughed my ass off, specially whilst watching friends.
So you can asume with perfect accuracy that I have run out of stuff to keep me entertained lol
I'll have a read through the topic again and see if something I may want to watch or rewatch again, but of course if you guys can think of something, I wouldn't mind reading it and maybe watching. big_smile
One series that I have been lightly playing around with is the blacklist, not something I'd go for usually, as I am tired of the usual crime shows cliches. But this one seems like something I maybe able to stomach even though the car jacking and phone jacking by FBI agents all the times  makes me think that USA is a pretty unsafe place for your car and your phone, specially around FBI agents lol

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2018-11-09 16:34:05

I'm mostly into mystery stuff and shows where you have to think really hard to understand what's going on. My favorite series are "Lost", a quite old show where a plane crashes on a strange island and nobody finds the survivors, and Westworld, which shows a western-style amusement park in which the atractions are all robots that play their lifes as cowboys.
As for favorite films, I love 2001: A space odyssy, and my all time favorite movie is Donnie Darko.

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2018-11-10 21:17:01

my brother and I have been watching disenchanted. It's an animated adult cartoon set in midevil times from the folkks behind The simpsons, and it shows: same art style, same sense of humor, and the church lady even sounds likke the teacher at sprinfield elementary.

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2018-11-11 12:58:23

I am on the last to episodes of Frasier. I watched it from start to finish and just laughed out loud so many times I couldn't help but tell you!  It  is So great.I can't bring myself to watch the final two episodes.
I watched the first two seasons of "The Good Place" and really like it and can't wait for season three to come to Netflix. It is audio described.
I also liked Women who kill and Snapped, crazy stuff like that.

I am on the second episode of Haunting of Hill house.


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2018-11-11 20:38:13

I have a lot of movies/TV shows that I like, but for some reason this thing won't let me post them on this topic. I'm not sure if it's too long or what.

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2018-11-12 04:10:12

The new season of Criminal Minds is out, so I've been watching that as I'm able to obtain the episodes. While the past couple seasons haven't been quite as good as the older ones, it's one of the few shows that I've been able to watch from beginning to end without getting completely disappointed. Other than that, I haven't been watching much TV lately.

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