2017-10-02 06:41:15

Ahoy all.
I thought I'd post this to get peoples opinions on what to watch,and perhaps introduce each other to something new or something old we enjoyed.

I'll begin with 2 sitcoms,as comedy is something I enjoy (too many crime series out there and they do get old fast),and these 2 are terrific comedy fests.

How I met your mother
A guy looking for "the one" and his many adventures along the way to finding her.
Consists of 9 seasons, with a fun cast of characters of which I liked barney the most,with robin next,hard to choose though.

Next is although should have been the very first I mentioned so don't take the order these are mentioned in into account tongue
friends the one that started it all.
10 seasons,with characters that will have you rolling around on the floor. There's Joey, the food lover,struggling actor  slightly daft or should I say with not all his light bulbs on wink, Phoebe the street smart girl with a dark past who tends to joke around it slightly blonde too,come to think of it:D, then there's chandler the typical loser with  girls with an sarcastic comeback to almost anything, Monica the person who is obsessed about cleaning and organizing everything around her (a Chef), and ross Monica's brother,a paleontologist with a failed marriage to a lesbian wife,and the last Rachel, your typical rich girl trying to make it on her own.
Seriously the funniest of anything I have watched so far, and I have done it twice I liked it so much. Honestly I wish it could go on forever,but nothing good does, I guess.

So that's a start, Go ahead and suggest anything at all, perhaps something similar to the 2 series I posted above that you've enjoyed.
p.s. I have linked to the first seasons of both the series, although How I met your mother is fully described up to season 9,its a shame that friends only got described up to season 2(watched it without audiodescription just fine though).

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2017-10-02 09:36:51

Grryf, mate,
I am currently watching no TV show, or nothing similar of this sort.

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2017-10-02 10:43:52

recently, I've been watching the blacklist. It's about a former fbi agent who's now in the list of wanted people. he surrenders himself to the fbi with some conditions of his own and helps them arrest criminals beyond their reach. one more thing, he only talks to agent Keen (I'm not sure about her last name)


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2017-10-02 14:54:03 (edited by Orko 2017-10-15 15:02:03)

In no particular order, I'm watching all of the Chicago series, Chicago Fire, Chicago Justice, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD. I also like Survivor, they aren't audio described but they don't need to be. There's also Law & Order Special Victim's Unit, and Shots Fired, then on PBS there's always Nova, Nature, Wild, and Frontline. New shows this year that I'm watching are Law & Order True Crime, and The Gifted. On cable I like Modern Marvels, Engineering Disasters, Deadliest Catch, Breakthrough, Year Million, and new this year The Story of Us.

No you won't find any sitcoms in there, every time I try to watch a sitcom, within minutes I think it's stupid and change the channel or turn off the TV.

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2017-10-02 15:04:46

Hmmm, interesting there grryf.
Back in the early  two thousnads I remember a  huge friends craze over here, but I neverally really saw it myself. mrs. dark is a fan though so maybe I should have a  look, although I have noticed  English and American humour does tend to  differ and generally the only American sitcom I've seen that I liked has been frazier, not counting The simpsons when it was good and futurama of course.

At the moment I am not watching anything since my desktop is in bits in several boxes in my living room, however I am hoping to go on with Buffy the vampire slayer soon.
I have been watching the two series Buffy and Angel in chronological order, and having finished season two of Angel  in July, it's time to go on with season five of Buffy.
I  have enjoyed these far more than I expected, very dark on occasions, with absolutely brilliant dialogue, as well  as some of the best bad guys ever!
Action in moderation, and lots of weird creatures with demons etc, eg, one of my  absolute favourites from last series of Angel was a   demonic karioki   singer who was able to make prophecies about people when they sang karioki.
It is however the humour and characterisation that makes the series, especially with people not being safe.

I admit I wouldn't have thought a series about a cheerleader who pounds vampires would be fun, but it really has been, likewise the related Angel, about a  good vampire working as a detective (complete with a firm of demonic lawyers), is pretty awesome too.

Sadly it's not described as far as I know, though you can get scripts  both Buffy and angel here  which are very well described and which I resort to if the action gets too much for my sight to follow.

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2017-10-02 16:42:58

When I was much younger and was still sighted, there were several sitcoms I did like. But if I go back and look at them now I can hardly believe that I ever liked them.

They were, in no particular order, Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, The Adams Family, Hogan's Heros, and All in the Family.

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2017-10-03 18:31:45

Great topic. smile I've been watching so many tv shows recently as I've had a very long summer however sadly I'm back at university and so I probably won't have a lot of time in the next few months. Never the less, I'll definitely look into all of the great recommendations posted thus far.
I'm currently loving Doctor Foster; a BBC drama about a lady (Dr. Gemma Foster) who suspects that her husband has been having an affair. Although she realises that he is indeed being unfaithful she is unsure of what to do, taking into consideration her young son. I know it sounds so boring from my description but it's very cleverly written and suspenseful.
Although the series is based in the UK, you can find it on the Blind mice mart.

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2017-10-04 01:32:52

I've been watching adaptations of dc comics on the cw network and I've enjoyed them so far. There's "arrow", a story similar to the green arrow comic book. It's about the sun of a billionaire  who was  presumed dead along with his father, only to be found alive 5 years after there ship drowned. He returns to his home with only one goal: writing his father's wrongs and ridding the world from those who failed his city, and he does it all behind a mask using bow and arrows.
an other one is called "the flash", based on a comic book with the same name. The story is about Barry Allen, a forensics scientist who gains super speed after he was struck by lightning. with the help of his new friends in s.t.a.r labs, he then starts fighting villains whom the same lightning has created.
unfortunately, none of these series has been described as far as I know. If anyone has heard of audio description for them I'd be really happy to know.


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2017-10-04 03:33:43

afrin, if you aren't,then why not get on board with one of the talked about series here wink
Orco,to each their own, I suppose. I personally can't stand crime tv shows myself, there are far too many of them with similar elements.
You probably could say the same about sitcoms but I haven't watched many english ones,and the 2 I have are fantastic so far, and yes I'd love to find any other that comes even close.
@lauren, I know uni does tend to get in the way tongue and Doctor Foster does sound interesting, I'll see if I can dig it up.

Also, the topic title perhaps may lead people to talk only about the stuff they are watching atm,but anything you've watched in the past is also welcome, as long as you enjoyed it. big_smile

st.mc, I have given superhero shows a try now and then,but sometimes the things are so wakky that it puts me off. I.E I watched luke cage season 1 til the end of its season 1,but the missiles being fired on city streets put me off a tad bit lol
Are you sure that the arrow isn't audio described though? the flash I haven't seen around,but perhaps I may have seen the arrow on the blind mice movie vault.

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2017-10-04 05:54:00

Superheroes are less my thing over all as I've said before on the forum, though I've heard good things about agents of shield, still my next series when I've finished with Buffy and angel is probably going to be game of throens as I have only seen up to season four thus far, and as the books and tv series have diverged fairly seriously I might give things a try.

For comedies most of my favourites have been the  more whacky English ones like Red dwarf, blackadder and father ted, I also however absolutely loved an old bbc radio four radio comedy series called old harry's game, about the devil and people in hell.
That's a little ot for this topic since they're audio dramas, but hay if people enjoy strange English humour and lots of odd jokes about sin etc that might be one to check out.

In the main my interest in terms of tv series has been scifi ones. I loved Babylon 5, Stratrek next gen and ds9. I watched voyager though it wasn't half as good. I also loved the short lived series firefly and the accompanying film.

Of course I'm a massive doctor who fan, albeit I tend to prefer the classic stuff and lost considerable interest in the current series when steven moffat took over as producer and show runner in season 5, and I've pretty much missed the last few seasons and don't feel the lack, though I am still a big fan of the big finish audio  which even take elements from the new series and do really good things with them.

I also realy enjoyed the animated series Avatar last airbender, and the second series legend of kora, albeit I need to pick up the last few seasons of Kora, also that one is a little hard to watch undescribed owing to lots of action though I did find the transcripts.

I've regularly watched anime with my brother and have done several series, everything from attack on titan, to madoka, chobits, deathnote, elfen leid, and welcome to the nhk, though of course they vary in quality.
The last we did was future diary, which we haven't quite finished, which was a fascinating series all about people different predictive powers duelling with each other.

Since I can still get something out of the visuals I tend to like these on dvd though I like audio description as well if it's there or I use scripts for bits I miss.
since Mrs. Dark is totally blidn we do do the odd audio described film, everything from thestarwars series  to disneys and even the 1959 ben hurr.

I used to go to the cinema quite a bit, though I confess with a lot of films these days  remakes or yet more churned out super hero films I've not done as much watching of new films as I used to, the last was fantastic beasts and the new starwars films, which I was mildly disappointed with.

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2017-10-04 21:45:51

I'm into documentaries at the moment. A few I've enjoyed recently are Madness in the fast lane, available on youtube. It's the most bizarre story I've ever heard. It isn't AD but is still absolutely fascinating. Man on Wire and Road are both on blind mice and are pretty interesting, though there are aspects to both that would be best appreciated with sight. There's a good Terry Pratchett doc on blind mice too called Back in black, or back to black. And my all time favourite doc is Crumb. It's about the artist Robert Crumb and his strange family. Full of great music and very interesting, though  again there's a visual element in the form of his art. And lastly, not a documentary but the Sasha Baron Cohen spoof doc Bruno. I watched it the other day and it was hilarious. And the audio description of the utter filth added an extra bit of humour hahaha.

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2017-10-04 22:05:41

@grryfindore thanks a lot. I found the first season described. although it's not a lot but it's still something. I watched Luke cage too, and I I didn't like it.
One more tv series that I forgot to mention is "legends of tomorrow", It's about time travel, a time traveler assembles a team of legends to fight an immortal villain. it has crossovers with both arrow  and the flash. I like this one the most. there are 2seasons(both described), and the third season start's next week on the cw


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2017-10-06 20:01:23 (edited by Juliantheaudiogamer 2017-10-06 20:05:20)

For a Long time, I have been trying to get to watch Prison Break, which is about two Brothers, one being arrested (Lincoln Burrows), but the other one (Michael Scofield) believing in his innocence.
Michael is letting himself be arrested to free his brother, which, as you learn in the first Episode, is indeed unjustifiedly arrested.
A question about this series, is there an audio-described Version (in German) available anywhere?

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
BTW, give me a thumbs up if you like my Posts!

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2017-10-07 10:09:14 (edited by defender 2017-10-07 10:13:02)

There is a Canadian TV show called Flashpoint, about a SWAT team, that encounters different situations in each episode, and it's actually quite deep at times.
The lady who describes most of them sucks, so if you can even find it described, which you probably can't, I wouldn't.
It can be quite visual of course, most especially the very first episode which, isn't even really worth watching in my opinion accept for the very beginning where the team is introduced.
Despite that though, you can usually tell what's going on well enough to follow the story.
I usually don't even watch TV but this one just really held my attention, the acting is very good in my opinion, the stories sometimes get you in the feels pretty good, and the action is pretty heart pounding.

Then there's sponge bob, lol, I know, quite a big difference.
The first 6 seasons, before the first movie came out, are the only ones worth watching, everything after that just gets worse and worse, with essential actors leaving, characters being boiled down to their most basic traits, the stories repeating old plot lines, and everything just generally getting kiddified.
Today it's not even recognizable, but old sponge bob, most especially the first three seasons, is on the level of shows like Ren and
Stimpy and Rick and Morty, in other words, classics, full of wacky humor, though sponge bob is generally less adult than those.
I still watch it today at 21, and I just can't find it in my self to give a shit what people think of me for it, it's hilarious, and it defined my childhood.

I also really like startrek TNG, even if it's sometimes tacky, with it's over acted fight scenes, aliens that sound weird do to the actors having the masks half covering their mouths, loads of bullshit techno jargon and the awful early CGI that makes it hard to watch for sited people.
It's another thing I grew up on, but it also tackles some pretty deep themes, and the stories them selves are often works of art in their own rite.
Plus their are allot of complex characters that you can't help but feel a fondness for, like Data, Warf, Deanna, and Picard.
the music is fantastic too.

The first several seasons of the Simpson's are also freaking fantastic, probably the first 10, but their is allot of argument about that, personally I think that seasons 2 to like, season 15 are all quite good.

Futurama is also one of my favorites, a rare comedy cartoon with an actual plotline and characters that change over time, but aside from that, their take on the future is hilarious and many of the characters, like Bender, Farnsworth, Zoidburg, mom, Zap, the don bot, and Morbo are extremely memorable.
It's got all the cutting and clever humor you could ever ask for and more.

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Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
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Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2017-10-07 12:22:13

As someone who lives in germany, let me tell you, that Germany sucks, when it comes to described content. At least, when it's about content from the US or the UK. If you don't mind the english language, I can recommend you getting Netflix. All their original shows are described, as well as some other shows.

As for me, at the moment, I am watching "Arrow" season 3 and "The Flash" season 1. In general, I like all these superhero shows. Allthough I think, that they shouldn't have softened up the main character in "Arrow" so much.
I also recently started the new Star Trek series and "The Orville". It's a bit sad, that this show feels in some ways more like Star Trek, than the new Star Trek show.

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2017-10-07 14:44:31

@Defender, With the simpsons it's season 11 imho where it stops, though I think it wasn't until about season 20 where I gave up on it entirely big_smile.
Futurama is amazing, though I never got into ren and stimpy, a bit too loud and in your face for me.

As to startrek I've not really seen much of the new stuff, but I do love next gen and ds9 particularly as I said, Warf Dater, Picard, Kira, odo and quark are just such engaging characters.
voyager was a major disappointment, and I've never bothered with enterprise, but those two series really worked well, albeit they still had their off moments like any long running series.

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2017-10-07 16:05:04

I actually never quite understood, why everyone hated Enterprise so much. I mean yes, the show was maybe not the best Star Trek series. That is, and will probably forever be, DS9. But I sort of liked Enterprise. Especially in seasons 3 and 4, the show became quite entertaining.
Voyager on the other hand is a good example for what you get, when you have a bunch of lazy writers. That show was full of oportunities. sadly, they were never used. I mean, Voyager had it's moments. But in general, it was the laziness of the authors, that made the show such a disappointment for the fans.

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2017-10-08 03:26:20 (edited by defender 2017-10-08 03:27:22)

I haven't actually started watching DS9 yet, but I will be soon.
As for Voyager, I agree, it really did have it's moments, but most of it was pretty crap.
The concept was cool though, and the ship it's self, with it's partial biotechnology and the delta flier, along with that trans warp coil they had for a while was IMO the most interesting one, though obviously the saucer section separation is hard to beat, and defiant is very unique, so it's hard to say.

Oh and, I never really liked Renn and Stimpy either, though sponge bob can be in your face too, the characters are more likeable to me, especially Squidward who is my favorite, though sponge bob is pretty awesome too.
It's funny, when I was young I associated mostly with sponge bob, but as I got older I associated allot more with squidward, I guess you can just let that speak for it's self. lol.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2017-10-08 08:52:06

@Player, Enterprise is something I've not really bothered with. If I ever get into netflicks and could watch a series without actually having to own it I might at some point, though at the moment I'm happier going for series I actually want to buy and own on dvd, then again I also own voyager which I admit was possibly a mistake on my part since I definitely agree with the comments, a cool concept but definitely not enough done, especially with seven of nine and her bloody nanoprobes that solved everything! honestly from when she joined the crew the thing became deus ex nano machina big_smile.

Ds9 is pretty awesome, I've been reading a rewatch blog over on tor.com which is fairly spot on and has been reminding me of all the good moments, though if you enjoy Ds9 I would also recommend Babylon 5.
Indeed in some ways B5 is an improvement since there things go far more to hell than they do in Ds9, characters are killed and tortured and change sides and all of that fun stuff, yet it's a complete story with a complete ending and a great universe as well.

I'm not one of these people who think ds9 was copying b5 or visa versa, I have enjoyed both in the past and would recommend people try both out, heck there was even some actor cross over with Walter Kernig who played Chekov on original startrek as the slimy psicop Alfred Bester, and Andres catsales who played gi-ka as the romulan commander tomolok, as well as the actress who played Lita alexander being a regular stunt double for Kira and Troi.

As to spongebob, since I was born in 1982, I was a little too old for that generally, though if the chance to check it out comes up I'll give it a try.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
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2017-10-12 06:26:03


Audiodescription as such doesnt really exist in the country that I live in,and cartoons and shows make it to us rather late English ones,at least. so I grew upon stuff such as Gilligan's Island, ALF(most favourite specially the way it was dubbed from english),rugrats (I know thats a kiddy show but I liked it when I was a kid), 100 good deeds for eddy mcdoud (cant say enough good things about it) Initially I watched all of these in my own language,and sadly enough I have search and search and searched,but havent been able to find them,and in english it just doesnt bring back that feeling. oh,almost forgot spungebob squarepants fun stuff.

When it comes to humour, I dont mind what it is,american or brit, I enjoy all kinds,and dark if you havent watch friends,do. smile

I have finished season 6 of suits so far, dont think season 7 is available yet, and its a fun series,although it gets a bit meh after season 5 imo,of course. Harvy, that man has stones.

I have been wanting to watch prisonbreak myself,having heard good things about it,but it needs AD, or so I have been told to get proper enjoyment out of it,which obviously I havent found,if they exist at all.

Havent watched much of scifi shows,specially not startrack so dont really know where to start if at all big_smile,but one that I have recently started watching is the fringe,only watched ep 1 so far,but what I watched I liked.

Something a little creapy, and scifish is the black mirror,some episodes in that series I found utterly meh,but some were actually quite kreepy and fun. I.E nosedive is something that could happen in our not so far future,well theres a slight possibility.... and oh man,out of control honeybees,who could have thought that would be kreepy...

So thats all from me this time round,looking forward to hereing from you guys again.

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2017-10-12 12:08:03

I recently watched the defenders on netflix. Its the 4 superheros daredevil, ironfist, luke cbde, and jessica jones. Pretty good if you like hand to hand fights, and the description is pretty good too, easy to follow what's going on. All 4 of them have their own series too, i've only seen daredevil and ironfist so far, but daredevil is pretty damn epic. Ironfist is ok, but he's kind of annoying and winy. He's also not too great of a fighter. Luke cage is pretty cool because of super strenkth and thick skin, bullets don't effect him and he can also pretty much break through any door just by punching it. Jessica jones has some kind of super strenkth, but since I never watched her series i'm not sure where the hell she gets it from.

I am the blind jedi, I use the force to see. I am the only blind jedi.

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2017-10-15 17:18:34

Rugrats is great.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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2017-10-18 03:16:20 (edited by Orin 2017-10-18 03:31:16)

I'm a fan of the four Netflix superhero shows and they come highly recommended. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Defenders. I wouldn't recommend watching iron Fist at all.
Other shows that come highly recommended by me: Black Mirror - Anthology show taking place mostly in the future about how our reliance on technology may just be our downfall.
House of Cards - Based on a book trilogy about a fictional british prime minister, though the show is wildly different and better. Set in America, Frank Underwood does everything he can, including blackmail, murder and more, to get into the White House, and stay there.
The OA - Very interesting new drama that explores the paranormal and spirituality. There's a lot of mystery to this one, so it's best to leave it at that.
13 Reasons Why - Based on a novel of the same name, this show deals with bullying, and most importantly, suicide and in season 2, it's aftermath. Despite the crap it's been getting from the media, this is wonderfully executed.
Bojack Horseman - An epic animated comedy that also happens to explore deep topics such as depression and anxiety, among other things.
Rick & Morty - I just started this one, and this is the only show on Netflix on this list of recommendations not described. It starts off as grandfather and grandson go on adventures in space, but that's just the basics of this heavy dialog comedy.
Stranger Things - Adventure horror drama set in the 80s'. I mention this one because season 2 comes a week from Friday!

If you want something to start off with on this list, I'd definitely start with Black Mirror and Daredevil. If you're not into superheros, watch an Antihero and go on Frank's journey in House of Cards. Failing that, if you want an epic drama with horror modern life and SciFi, Stranger Things is your show.

Edit: Oh, I forgot an epic one that came out this year over the summer.
Ozark - A crime drama with seriously gripping story. Forced to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel, a family of four moves away to The Ozarks in Missouri specifically to carry out this daunting task. With a few million dollars, deadlines to meet and death on the line, the stakes get high, very quickly.

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2017-10-20 17:23:19

I second Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty.
I like Bojack more and not just because it has AD.  That show surprises you when you least expect it.  It seems like a standard animated sitcom and then at some point it just drops emotion and meaning out of nowhere.

Stranger things and 13 reasons why are also good, although I have not seen the second season of the latter series.

One not mentioned from the Netflix catalogue yet is Mad Men which is an audio described series about the lives of folks working in an add agency in the 60s.  It is a comedy drama from what I can tell.  I am almost done with the second season and this is a really good show.  The writing is excellent and the characters are deep and complicated.  Also, it is fantastic to see how messed up people's views were in the 60s.  You can tell the writers put a lot of effort into keeping things authentic. 

Then there is Orphan Black which is an epic show that starts with a woman seeing someone that looks exactly like her get run over by a train.  This show is full of mystery and adventure.  I have watched up to season 3 and it is still good.  it is one to binge.

And finally, Sense 8 on Netflix is also audio described.  This show is about 8 individuals who become aware of each other and each other's feelings despite being separated.  They struggle to figure out why they can share so much with each other and why strange things keep happening around them all while they try to keep their lives on track.  This is a fantastic Sci-Fi directed by the Wackowskis which is most well know for their work on The Matrix.

All three of the shows I mentioned have secrets and plot twists so I tried to say as little as possible.  All three are on Netflix and the audio description for all three are quite good.

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2017-11-12 05:18:51

Sweet, we've got a couple of Black Mirror fans on here. I love that show, and yes, a couple of the episodes didn't quite hit their mark, but some of them are quite creepy, especially Be Right Back, and Hated in the Nation. I can't wait for Season 4.

Thirteen Reasons Why and Stranger Things are also great. I recently watched Season 2 of Stranger Things, and while it had some plot lines that really made no sense and took away from my enjoyment of it in general, it had enough going for it that I was pretty satisfied with how it ended.

The only other show I've really been following recently is the new season of South park. My faith has actually been somewhat restored, seeing as how the past few seasons have been utter garbage, which hit me on a far more visceral level than it should, but that used to be my favorite show when I was growing up. I probably began watching it at way too young of an age, but hey, it was worth it. It's nowhere near as great as it was in the first few seasons, but really, nothing can touch that level of epicness.

I've also slowly been getting into NCIS, the original series, not any of the spinoffs for now. My best friend recommended it, and I haven't been disappointed, it's just that I usually take awhile to get into a new TV show, especially one with such a daunting amount of seasons that I haven't watched.

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