2018-10-02 12:01:20

not mine, but I thought I'd just throw a topic up here cuz I haven't seen anyone who knows about this except one of my friends who I told about it. but anyway, on to the point. alien adoption agency is a battle game in which you battle other aliens to level up. but it isn't that simple. you can also make weapons and other things to help you along the way, learn a different language which allows you to go into some building and read the instructions for the machines in there' some of which can make you become incomprehensably rich. trade goods with other players, join a guild, there's so much to do! and if that's not enough, then you can also gamble away your fortune in the casino... or make it even more huge than before! the link to the main page is: http://alienaa.com/ i hope you enjoy! It's pretty much all accessible from what I know except the mining, so I just buy ore from the marketplace. You will need a valid email address to sign up, but I'm pretty sure everyone here has one. if you enjoy the game, why not give this post a thumbs up? thanks!

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2018-10-02 12:32:15

it's here on the ag database:

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2018-10-02 13:05:41

btw my username on the game is plasma zombie. if you need help with somethin get in contact with me using the quickpost feature.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-10-02 13:51:01

Glad the game is isn working order. it went down a few years ago then came back.

I would suggest contacting the devs about accessibility, they do have an access mode in the settings which adds some labels if I remember rightly, and maybe they could do as much for mining, indeed I do recall one of the times I played mining being accessible  don't quote me.

Either way I remember the devs being helpful, even though I could never really get into the game myself for some reason, probably the fact that you don't really get to explore and progress is more cumulative with various activities than going through different quests etc.

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