2018-09-27 00:56:14

Hello all,

I've played Funtrivia off and on for several years and I've recently gotten back on. It's a browser game/site and it is pretty accessible with a few exceptions.

You create an account, play trivia quizzes (over 140,000 so far) finish daily challenges, earn achievements, play hourly and daily games, earn achievements and compete in both solo and team play with other players with new stuff to do every day.

Here are a few of the games and what they are about.

word wizard: you are timed to match either a definition to a word or a word to a definition in a fast-paced multiple choice game scored on both time and accuracy. If you are a gold member like me, you also get letters when you score high enough and can use them to make words in a side game.
fill me in: you actually have to write in the answers quickly to get this one well, I'm not very good at it.
Monster quiz: a game that takes random questions from every quiz on the site and gives you 15 per day.
who am I: match a person to their description in a quick  rush. This one is a little clunky with Jaws so I don't score well on time.

and aside from those, which is only a very brief selection of games you can play, there are a lot of quizzes being added about everything from wolves to the Television Show "Rocky and Bullwinkle" and everything you can imagine.

the few things I have found that are not accessible on the site.

1. photo quizzes (for lack of being able to see the photos)
2. crosswords (it seems to use an inaccessible flash interface)
3. match quizzes (quizzes where you have to shuffle around items on the right side of a list to match up with a left list, the interface doesn't seem to work at least with JAWS, but these are very rare.)

the site is


gold membership is about $20 US per 6 months.

I'll also let you know that if you're anything like me, a lot of the speed challenges are really hard, if not impossible to get with a screenreader, but they aren't usually necessary. Also, your daily challenges often adjust to your actual skill, (though not always.) For example, I stink at celebrity stuff so when I get challenges for stuff about that, the game is very forgiving. However, I'm very good at word wizard and I rock science so when I get challenges to play word wizard or do science stuff they tend to make them pretty tough comparatively speaking.

You can also create your own quizzes. I have one out there called "baying at the moon" and after a long break, I'm revising and resubmitting "Baying at the Moon: return to the Hunt."

Hope you guys check it out and hope you like it.

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2018-09-27 06:01:51

Wow! I will try it out. Sounds good!

Best regards
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2018-09-27 08:39:50

The only problem I've found so far is the captcha on the registration site. guess i'll have to re-install the Firefox ESR again...

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2018-09-27 10:32:05

i'll try it thanks

2018-09-27 15:48:32

sorry about the captia, I signed up in 2014 and if it was there then I don't recall it, you might need help there but they don't do stupid crud after that from what I remember.

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2018-09-27 19:01:54

wow it has sounds?

2018-09-27 23:07:08

No, plus lots of stuff especially games are available to paid members only. Cool platform anyways.
Thanks for the recommendation!

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2018-09-27 23:42:09

Lol I remember taking quizs on this site like 17 years ago. Glad to see its still up and running.

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2018-09-28 02:35:50

that is true, but I found quite a lot to do on the site even before I bought a membership so there ought to still be plenty for you guys to do even if you don't shell out the 3.50 a month for the membership. You are cut off from a lot, but you can still do a lot too.

Also, not only is the game still running, it is still quite active and it continues to grow a lot.

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