2016-05-28 11:33:26

stewie wrote:

That weird behavior happens for the adventure mode too.

For the battle thing, some things are not obvious:
Your character has a focused type. You can switch between types. Using an ability of that type levels the type. Just passing turns while that type also levels it and I believe effects on enemies do also (IE the burning caused by fire levels the original user's fire type.) Cards require a level of a certain type to be used. Switching a type changes you to level 1 of that type, therefore you can no longer use higher level abilities until reverting back and leveling that type again. Cards that have no level can be used regardless of the type you currently are.

Thanks! i couldn't explain it better wink sorry for the double posts guys tongue

pika-san, a pokemon fan! skype is: luigimax127

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2016-05-28 11:49:30

The games itself are really awesome, that's right. And the sounds remind me of the old nice console games too, I think of super nintendo and nintendo 64. I dreamed of playing such games for a long time, too. but for me the music sometimes is too loud, it there should be an option to lower it during gameplay.


2016-05-28 12:24:55

you can change the music volume with f7 and f8.

is it possible to replay your unlocked games? and can you guys make it where you can press escape when in adventure, or the other modes to get back to the main menu?

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2016-05-28 12:35:48

You need gems to replay unloked minigames

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2016-05-28 13:39:01

Hei, guys! This game is fantastic, for me at least. But how can i optain gems?

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2016-05-28 14:15:11

You guys did an excelent work indeed.
Best regards, Haramir.

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2016-05-28 14:42:26

Winning online games

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2016-05-28 15:11:57 (edited by Pragma 2016-05-28 15:13:02)


There are some mistakes in the English mini-game instructions. If the specified key doesn't work, test with F, or ENTER with the alternate disposition. Sorry for the unpleasantness.

In the battle mode, when you change your type, the level of your old type drops gradually. You can look your type levels with the N button.

Glad you like the game and thank you for your encouragement.

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2016-05-28 17:03:57

Folks, may I ask for a sort of spoiler? I can not pass through the boat mini game on map one. Any help is appreciated.
Best regards, Haramir.

The true blind is the one who refuses to see.

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2016-05-28 17:29:17

Hi! There's still one main problem. The language is set to English, but there are still some messages in French, such as the type announcements, the version report when you go to verify in the options menu, and the dialog where you enter how many of a certain card you want in your deck. I've studied a few French words, so I recognized the word for you, and I got the rest of the message from context, but over all, the English translation, along with the rest of the game, is great! Thanks!

Role-play? Simulation? Strategy? Throw it at me! I'm all ears for the games!

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2016-05-28 18:35:27

Hi! Where's the chat command? I've seen several servers open, but the game already started, and I don't know how to let the players know that I'd like to play when they're done. And where are the sound effects in online mode. All I hear is the music playing, and it may comment a few times on the score, but I don't get to hear what's going on.

Role-play? Simulation? Strategy? Throw it at me! I'm all ears for the games!

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2016-05-28 18:57:10


looking forward to try this  game.

well, quite funnily enough and slightly off topic, I couldn't find the page while clicking on the link. all I found was the following.

"Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information."

well, probably some kind of crazy sensorship I know, laughs. although I don't suspect the page being malicious or something,
could be the same with whole domain but oh well.  anyways, bypassing those should be easy... lol.


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2016-05-28 19:45:45

OK pragma. After played the game for a few hours, alone and two online match with friends, The only that I can say is...
You are a fucking master!

Really, but really great job. You take all the good features of a mario party game, and you put it on this game. This game, is a simply fucking awesome punch in the middle of the heart of a nintendo fan. That is my case.
Songs of mario party, SOngs of pokemon, The cards names are pokemon's attack! The only thing that is missing for now, is have more mario sounds, or the posibility of choose a character for your games :3

Respecting the board game, hmm ¿how many boards are implemented now? The first board is beautiful and fun, but... It needs more variability on the cells types. The majority of them are blue or red squares, that only increase or decrease your coins... But, what about to injuries for your  opponent? or penalties for your next dice roll, etc etc etc. The options are very very mutch tongue

Well... How do you program this game? Is modular? Each minygame works like a plugin? :3.

Well... Nothing more to say really.

Respecting the language, are you thinking on externalize the language resources? For example have a language.txt file, to easy translate all the strings of the game to other languages tongue

A, As I say in mi previous post, the battle game, have the fulli potential to be a other game :3

And... I can't say anymore. Thanks for this amazing nintendo tribute.

Thanks for all!

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2016-05-28 20:09:42

Another sugestion is to make this game work properly with Jaws if possible. I don't want to switch screenreaders anytime I want to play.

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2016-05-28 20:12:06

Sounds interesting, I will try it

I am a gamer from the begining of my life, and that will not change :p

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2016-05-28 20:29:23

This game is beautiful, a masterpiece. I'm not even mad that it's Windows only. This shows what is possible with BGT, at least I think I remember that it is programmed in BGT. I'm stuck on the mine part of the cirque, but hopefully someday I'll get passed that, lol.

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2016-05-28 21:10:17

Stefan, the game works fine with jaws. I don't have to change my screen reader when play it :3

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2016-05-28 21:15:47

Hi all,
I have been playing this game for some hours now myself.
And while I am not done with it yet, I have some questions I couldn't find answers for in the game itself, nor its website.
So, my questions are for all of you who have played and unlocked many features already.

1. How exactly do you unlock other boards for board mode?
Do you need a certain score, or do you need a certain amound of unlocked minigames, or do you need a certain number of worlds in adventure mode finished?

2. What exactly is the reward room for?
Can you use it only to replay unlocked minigames and if so, is a gem required for each playthrough you want to make, or do you "buy" access for each minigame individually?

3. What are player level/experience and money in your "box" (from the statistics screen) used for?
What do you gain by reaching high levels of your character in either board or adventure mode?
Can you use your earned coins for anything?

4. If you go through worlds and beat some minigames and you can go in more than one direction, do you have to take both available paths to beat that world in adventure mode, or are you supposed to follow only one available path to its end?

5. Does anyone know how many boards, worlds, and minigames are in the current version of the game?

6. If you were to beat all boards, worlds or all gyms in battle mode, do you gain something for finishing one mode as it is now?

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2016-05-28 21:31:30

You don't need to complete all adventures to finnish a world as long as the end square can be seen.
On circus though on the sticks game and the balls game above it, I am having issue beating.
On the battle, if I choose random I get grass type.
Thats fine but if you get a big enemy or a flyer then forget it my attacks are to week and the powerfull ones are locked.
Next,we have 12 decks.
Full of crappy idolness.
I assume that there is a way to populate the decks.
Putting a refference card is fine but if there isn't any cards and what they do I am unsure what I am doing here.
At any rate while the random deck is really crappy, I'd really like to make my own since I think thats what you need to do in this game.
Where is the card list and exactly what do I do.
I do think that all decks the default ones should allready be populated, I mean you don't expect a beginner to say make their own, in stead have each deck unlockable and then as you battle through the levels and such you will get to use more decks, each fight you can choose the deck you want to use, and know what deck contains what.
Its a good game for a beta but yeah.

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2016-05-28 21:45:47


Wow, this is awesome, I've wanted a marrio party style game for ages in audio and the minigames are cool. I've tried the adventure mode and that works great, however I'm having trouble with the card battle.

I went through and selected all my card types and such, then it unlocked the normal gym for me to fight, however when I hit enter on a deck the music changed and I'm suddenly in a 3 x 4 space. I can move around, check my coins with s, but nothing else, it's like nothing is there and I need to quit the game. F e and enter all do nothing.

The game told me to select "the inventory dec" but I was told "inventory dec 1 dec 2  etc"

I first tried inventory dec 1, then "random inventory dec" and got the same thing, this space with nothing in it and no way to proceed.

How do I start the card battle? Have I missed something very obvious?

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
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2016-05-28 21:52:15 (edited by JasonBlaze 2016-05-28 22:00:58)

@dark just walk to the north, you will meet with your  first enemy there
then just press f/enter and... the battle begin!
good luck hehehe
sorry my english big_smile

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2016-05-28 23:39:42

JasonBlaze wrote:

@dark just walk to the north, you will meet with your  first enemy there
then just press f/enter and... the battle begin!
good luck hehehe
sorry my english big_smile

Yeah, all bosses are on the north.

pika-san, a pokemon fan! skype is: luigimax127

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2016-05-28 23:47:44

this game is really cool, it really feels like playing mario party in audio! I just have some trouble with the duck walkthrough minigame in the valley. I suppose you have to get some of the bonus items to beat the game, but every time I try to get one the duck runs too far away and the game ends. Any hints for that?
Otherwise I really enjoy the game, thanks for this great work!

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2016-05-29 01:23:57

Thanks for the info about the gym, I do feel like a bit of a dope for not getting where the bosses were big_smile.
I'm loving! this game, this is awesome, both parts, and I am really looking forward to earning boards and gems and such. Actually it's odd, I've played lots of complex games recently, and I'm realziing my skill at arcade games has gone down the tubes (in my attempted online game I got roundly busted). Actually i wonder if there is a way to practice minigames once you've unlocked them, or what the purpose of unlocking minigames is generally, though I suppose I'll find out.
With the card battle it'd also be nice to have an explanation of what some of the stats do especially sinse I slightly confuse things like physical level and fighter type level.

I have  three bugs to report.
Firstly when deck editing, the ctrl speech interupt doesn't seem to work when viewing cards which can make the process a bit tortuous.
Secondly, in the mushroom path, the instructions for objects were still in french.

Thirdly, crazy stuff happens when I hit escape to get out of some menus, often the game will freeze, indeed I've had to shut down card battle a couple of times with alt f4 because I had hit escape to get out of the more actions menu.

I also have two mechanics suggestions. It'd be nice to be able to repeat instructions for minigames in case you miss them, not to mention notifications when you raise in level sinse I only realize the game had levels when looking at the stats (no idea what they do yet if anything).

A couple of further ideas.
First, it'd be nice to have  a chat system for online games to talk to people on the same server as you, particularly when they're people I know. It'd also be nice if I could shutoff the music (and I mean turning off with one keystroke), while I was waiting for other people to join my party, or better still play single player mode while waiting for enough people for online mode.
Secondly, it would be good if the solo board game had some sort of reward for playing it. It's great fun, but right now it just gets you coins and I don't see many uses for coins in your box so far, (I think I missed the reward at the valley with the box sinse it started and I didn't realize it was a top down find and open scenario).

Third, the gym fights rock and are a nice way to unlock cards, but it'd be nice to play a single battle for some sort of reward system, say for example a battle against a single trainer where you won a random card as a prize. the description of the gym as containing bosses is very accurate, so it'd be nice to know what the normal enemies are.

As I said, this game rocks, indeed I'm going to have to go and go to sleep soon, though I don't know how I'll tare myself away from this one :d.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2016-05-29 01:38:47

Does anyone have a dropbox link for this? Currently downloading at a blazingly fast 25 kbps. Ick.

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