2005-10-01 23:26:38


we are currently working apon a new project (can't say too much here)

but, we nead voyce actors that can mimmick disney caricter voyces,
if you

think you could fit in for the job,email me at:
[email protected]

in advance
yakir arbib

2005-10-02 16:09:52


y! i just was thinking, "why arn't there any disney games out there"? and

look, you come up with the idea! i love disney, and i have been to the walt

disney world resort in florida, twice!!!
i hope the game will be good!

Thumbs up

2005-10-02 18:14:30

I am a bit unsirten as to what to start on, I thot of two things:

accessible version of the sited game "chicken invaders", or a "disney

invaders" stile side scroler
I'd like you to post your thots about

this,and what would you like more
thanks in advance

2005-10-02 21:05:58


mate, lee here,
as you know i was previously sighted and got a taster of

what was out there.
i had a sega megadrive and one of my favorite games was

mickey mouse and the castle of illousion.
it was a classic side scrollor

game, where you like in sl had to beat two levels and then a boss.
i have a

photographic memory of most of the levels and their bosses and would be

happy to provide you with some details, if you want.


be ever aware of the silent tread of the angel of death.

2005-10-03 05:03:47

Who's "we?"   Again, I'd personally like to see something different -

even if it sort of seems disneyish copying the character voices is lame and

who are you going to get to do them in the first place?


2005-10-03 10:55:13

"we" is me and my team(not that it's big) I do moast of the derty

as for the disney project,well,I've decided I wont start it

(at leest not now),I've started yesterday a 
game ,baste on the sited

game"chicken invaders"
well,I steel nead voyce overs and I'd like ya all

who's interested to send me a mail about it and I'll want to hear a sample

of your voyce
again ,my address is:
[email protected]