2005-03-05 23:32:38

Hi Guys! Welcome to the new forum! Hope it is everything you expected

it to be! With this thread I hope we can all introduce ourselves.
My name

is Richard, I live in Amsterdam (Holland, which is in Europe). Together with

Sander I am the webmaster of AudioGames.net and also the Admin of this

forum. I'm not visually impaired but I like audio games since they provide

a challenge that is much different than regular games (although I play video

games too). I'm currently researching game audio at the University of


That's all for now... what about you?

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2005-03-06 01:39:12

Hi, I'm superkelby. I don't like giving out much personal info but I will

tell you that I am blind. I am a big fan of this site. Great forum richard

and sander!

Kelby, the uninformed audio


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2005-03-06 09:21:07


everyone. Most of you know me from the old forum, but in case we have any

newbes, I'll go ahead and give you the 411. My name is Holden and I live in

the United States. I'm a huge fan of audio games and like them very much.

I'm also into old type games like Fighting Fantasy and D and D and for

anyone who likes that type of stuff too, I have the address of a really good

web site. Try out
and in another topic, let me know.

Richard, if you read this message, you might like to check this out and put

it in the games archive. See you all and happy gaming!

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2005-09-29 23:51:30


I just made this a "sticky topic", meaning

that this topic will always be on top of all other topics. Hopefully all of

you new to this forum will introduce yourselves. And of course, also, all of

you who have already been around.



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2005-09-30 00:00:55

Hi everyone,

I haven't done so yet. My name is Clement, well, my

actual name anyways. I am 13, and I've been blind since I was 3. My vision

started receeding due to some kinda unknown thing, well, unknown to me. I'm

a huge fan of accessible games, whether for the blind or sighted, I am also

a huge fan of fighting games, as jade, and a few others might know. Would

you happen to play Mortl Kombat Richard? Cause if you did, youy might wanna

review it. And, also, pardon the spelling, causwe I'm typing really fast.


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2005-09-30 07:30:25

I'd rather not give out real name if you don't mind but I'll say

I'm 21, 22 in December. I started losing my sight around turning 16

and have been more or less without useful sight since being about


Prior to sight loss I enjoyed mainstream games massively, and still

miss the complexity of strategy titles such as Civilisation and Master of


I've spent 4 years studying software development, and am; always

have been; a total tech nut. I'd like to develop games, but I'm trying to

get together the resources to learn DX before I proceed further.


days you can find me on Alter Aeon or Warring Factions as Synapse. BTW

Warring Factions, mentioned in Audyssey, is now completely


I'm also trying to get

hold of the e book version of the Shadowrun RPG core rules, I'm hoping to

be able to find some people to make a few sessions out of it


BTW I'm on GMT, meaning I'm not on the same times as US

members... but my sleep's often quite funny so you might catch me at a

reasonable hour occasionally wink

To live by honour and to honour life, these are our greatest strengths and our best hopes.

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2005-09-30 08:12:09

hi, i'm assassin, and i've been around here for quite a while.
i enjoy

this website greatly, and i am a big fan of this site.
p.s richard did you

ever get my submittion for fighting fantasy.
i submitted it, but it never

best regards to all

be ever aware of the silent tread of the angel of death.

2005-09-30 10:15:56

hi, i'm archer, assassin's college counterpart, in that this is my nick

for my college laptop.
i have been visually impaired since age ten, it

receeded quickly after i banged my head on holiday. I am a medical miracle,

after the operation to save my sight i was totally blind, light, colour, i

couldn't see anything. Then one day i saw my bedroom light.
since then

i've trained my eyes and i can now see blurred images. i cannot see small

detail, but i can see light, movement, colours, and now move around my

college quicker than those with sight.
i am a great fan of audiogames, and

still to this day play on tekken 2 and mortal kombat trilogy.
best regards

to all.

Pay my respects to grace and virtue,
Send my condolences to good,
Hear my regards to soul and romance,
They always did the best they could.

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2005-09-30 15:49:06


this is arjan, most of you know me quite long now. but on this topic i

havent posted anything yet. I'm 10, and am from Holland. i like to play

audio games and am currently looking for some new ones lol.

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2005-09-30 18:09:50


i'm Chaman and i'm 14, and i'm also blind and love to play audiogames

the kind of games i like are,
grizzly gulch
and lots

happy gaming!!!!

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2005-10-01 00:29:25


I'm Brian and I'm 23.  I've been into video games since I was

around 5.  I lost what little sight I had just before I turned 10, but I was

still determined to play normal video games.  I think the original Super

Mario Bros is the best game ever made, but in terms of audio games, my

favorite is Trupanum 2.

2005-10-01 07:30:03

Hi, I'm James, 17.  I've been blind for all of my life minus six months. 

I "developed" Duck Hunter under Conspirasoft Entertainment which is in

hiatus (not sure if that's the right way to spell that).  I've been into

"regular" videogames most of my life, especially enjoying fighters such as

Mortal Kombat and the Street Fighter series as wellas Marvel Vs. Capcom and

the later superfast fighting games.  I was first introduced to audiogames

when I was seven and my grandfather got me PCS' Shooting Range and Mobius

Mountain; I especially liked the latter even before I had a screenreader.  I

got back into them in 2003 with Shades of Doom and the SL concept demo. 

I'm interested in computer science and have been programming since sixth

grade on and off - I've only taken one APCS course butwell that was teh

only one my school offered.  I'd like to develop some actual games but

really can't say when I will feel 100% motivated especially now since the

college process is taking over a fairly sized chunk of life.  Regardless I

think I can contribute something significant to this community, I just have

to really put effort into it.


2005-10-09 08:38:21

Hi there! My name is Brett and I live in Denver, Colorado. I've been a

lurker on this site for some years and haven't really used the msg boards.

Anyway I'm 26 and have been blind since two. The first video game I ever

enjoyed was Pole Position. My first audio game was probably speak and spell

made by Texas Instruments. I started playing text adventure games when I was

about 11 or so. I've played most of the audio games out there. Now I live

in Denver and I am an access technology trainer and voiceover artist.

Thanks to everyone involoved in the production of this website. You're

doing a great thing keep it up!

2005-11-02 03:26:40 (edited by synnae 2005-11-02 03:27:20)

i have not visited in a while and i have to say, the site looks

great, love the board too!!!
I am not blind, i am just checking up on some

highly addictive games!

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2005-12-16 12:25:56

Hello people.

this's obviously my first visit to the forum, yes!

I'm the Dreaded Newby! hopefully something which will change in time ;D.

As reguards me, I'm 23, and am a student at durham University in North

England, where I'm enjoying a break after finishing my Ma in philosophy.

Site wise, I'm registered blind, but I do have a small amount of vision

(how much I can't precisely say, never having had normal vision).


always played main stream computer games, but sinse I have problems playing

games in a 3D perspective, sinse the release of the Playstation the amount

of games I can play has become rather limited.
Like several other people I

quite enjoy fighters (I've just bought Mortal Kombat Deadly alliance for my

Gamecube), but my main love in computer games is the 2D platform genre,

because of the amount of exploration such games involv. My favourite games

are probably the Metroid and Mega Man series (before they both went into

3D), and an old amigar classic called Turrican.

I only discovered audio

games very recently, I've been playing Interactive fiction aka text

adventures for a year or two now, but I only discovered audio games two

months ago. I'm a big fan as they allow me to play types of game I can't

normally ---- such as the first person stuff (I love Shades of Doom!). The

only thing i'm sad about is the lack of audio Rpg's, but i'll post about

that in another topic.

Ooopse! sorry about going on so long, it's an

occupational hazard of being a philosopher.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2006-01-11 21:26:35 (edited by icemaster 2008-12-04 10:16:30)

Hello. My name is J

I wish I was born as a synthesizer, so you could push the buttons and pull the nobs
Icemaster - the cold throat singer and keyboardist

2006-01-11 22:19:14

Hi Ice master, nice to know people are using this topic.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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2006-01-26 18:10:38

hi. i'm parham doostdar from iran-tehran. i'm 16 years old, turning to 17 in 10 days. i totaly like action games and sports also. i lost my vision since i was 10 days old or so, and the thing which caused my blindness is unknown for doctors. some of them say it's because of my mother and father are relatives, or the other group say that it's because of some misunderstandings in the doctor's work. anyway, not important at all. i'm the top handycapped piano player in iran and i'm working in a company which is going to develop games for the blind. it's supposed to be ready tonight, so check it out at: www.lighttechinteractive.com. hope you'll find it useful! i talked a lot, now it's time to leave.
have a nice time!

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2006-01-27 18:57:54 (edited by robjoy 2006-01-27 19:06:31)

Hello i am Robjoy, my real name is Robert Osztolykan.
I'm 18 years old. I am from Hungary, and i'm live in Budapest (the capital of hu).
Currently, i am study in a secondary school, and i would like to be a programmer.
I like to do lots of things, like playing games, reading books, go out with friends, chat, skype, programming games, and much more, which i cant list here (can't remember more at this moment).
Well i dont like introduction so much, (Okay, a bit smile), so i think now time to leave, and concentrate on posting more interesting messages (not like that) smile
Best regards:

Robjoy, AKA Erion
Visit my site for all the things I do and to contact me.
You can also stop by for a slice of Pi

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2006-02-13 03:47:57

Hi everyone. I am Game Man and I am from Toronto Ontario in Canada. Some of my favorite things are playing games, chat, sing and play instruments. I would like to be a musician and do some programming on the side when I am a little older.

Game Man

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2006-03-12 22:56:32

  My name is Che Martin and I am a new developer of games for the visually impaired.
  I hope to be releasing Rail Racer in a month or two.
  Rail Racer is set in the future, where due to a catastrophy, most of the inhabitants of the western hemisphere have gone blind.
  you can currently get an audio trailer of the game at
  I hope this is the first of many titles to come.
  My email is on the blind adrenaline site, so drop me a line and let me know what ya think.
  Take care,

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2006-03-13 17:51:51

the trailer does not work!
i click the mp3, i get a file download box, i open it, i get a message that windows media cannot play the file... how come? please fix this.
and also, will rail racer be freeware?

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2006-03-21 02:53:14

hi im
a knew developer who's written the basic game ace fire.
This is a turn based shooter game where u fire at the computer, and it fires back.
Features include
realistic blood splattering, hear your blood spill and maybe some cheat weapons?
Find out in ace fire! go to
http://www.cadetmenary.co.uk/blindgames to find out more!
gtg now im freezing and tired
Smoke me a kipper il b back for breakfast

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2006-05-29 02:36:45


Well I should of introduced myself in a long, long time. But yall see, I wasn't too active for the last 5 months. Yap, i regesteried, but didn't use the forum. Why? well ... I don't know, forgot that a site called audiogames.net existed smile. But I'm back!

My name is Thomas. I was born on sept 29. 1991. So you can guess my age, ha! I was born in Debrecen,  hungary alongside  a twin sister, R



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2006-05-29 03:00:14

Hi tommy,

I believe you've seen my posts in other places, but sinse this is your intro I'll say hello formally here.

Btw, One thing I rather like about this board is the mix of nationalities, Canida, Hungary, Iran, the Us, and even a couple of people like myself from England (when I'm not up my ivory tower of course).

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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