2014-07-08 03:28:09

Hi guys,
I'm just wondering if there are any good opensource python audiogames out there...
Any help would be apretiated.


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2014-07-09 05:16:27

How advanced would you like?
Sound RTS is very advanced and the blackjack game
is very beginner.
game is a little more advanced, but is still pretty basic.
I'll be putting out another game soon that is a little more complex and uses pygame.

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2014-07-09 10:51:46

Well, I don't have any complex audio games written in Python yet, but I have been thinking of rewriting Montezuma's Revenge in Python and releasing it as open source. Probably under a different name as to avoid any copyright issues as I did back in 2008. That would give someone a basic idea how to construct a basic side scroller. That said, I'm pretty busy with other things so don't know if or when I'd be able to do it.

Thomas Ward
USA Games Interactive