At 1050, Obviously no! Just imagining of the amount of clones that would be created off that SRC shivers my back.

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I completely understand about wanting to create a new version... But how long will that take? 6 months? A year? Or perhaps it will never be done. But you put all that time in to creating this version. Why take it down and let the code just sit on a hard drive not being used? Why not either leave this one up for people to play with the understanding that no updates will be done, or give the code to someone that has the ability to host it while the new version is being worked on. Swamp for example is still running but it has not had an update in years. Someone had mentioned clones. I would be just fine with a clone of this game if it were just one clone. But sadly if people got ahold of the code they would create like 30 clones. So for example if you did not wanna host the game what would the process be for someone like me that might could host it?

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hi, there already is a version of redspot being hosted by someone else. It's an older version, so it doesn't have all this stupid shit with teams or bases or any of that, just good old fassioned killing on jennios.com. It's a version old enough to still have robots and jets.

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1,054 (edited by cartertemm 2018-08-12 23:10:48)

We've thought about doing this actually. Problem is, the game seriously needs an admin team, or a group of people who can administrate the game professionally. I can't think of anybody I'd say are willing and trusted enough to make responsible decisions meanwhile learning the code and assembling an entire team. We're talking a game, unfortunately too heavy to be hosted by one person alone.

This version is being hosted without authorization, same with all the others like it. If that doesn't matter to you, then I can't stop you from playing it, just know we never gave the OK. In fact each and every confrontation has been pretty hostile, it's clear he's unwilling to negotiate unless he gets what he wants.

I'll add, this topic is for discussion about the actual game, overpowered ripoffs aside

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I agree @1052 here.
I enjoyed redspot a lot, good and bad days. I won't enter that topic. Even It's not balanced much. Redspot was one of the good fps game for blind community. and If you discontinued, noone knows when the new version will released.
Even If you do not want to share the code, at least If you do not want to host the game, You can find a person, give only compiled version of it to him, who can seriously host the game in his server.
I am sure some people will want to play that game until new version released with Python.
I would like to host the game too, with my all heart. Since we need to keep FPS games up for our community. I enjoy them a lot and want to help as I can.

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The problem is that the people developing the game are not happy administrating.  And if there's no admins on, the game will not be enjoyable for anyone else, with cheaters coming out of the wood work.  Then people will spam e-mails to the people no longer administrating and blah blah. 

    And come now, we all know why people actually want to have a version of the game.  It's close to why people always wanted to make their own muds.  So they can roam around as an immortal juggernaught, being all powerful, to the detriment of other players.  It's their project, and you must respect the decisions they make for their own games.

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i cee some puythen games, they have sounds, sounds are open in folder, so?

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blindboyblake wrote:

Swamp for example is still running but it has not had an update in years.

Swamp versions released so far in 2018:
... just sayin'.  smile

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Also if the game was open sourced, there's the whole legal issue of distributing the sounds if they were from expensive libraries.

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everyone has them anyway,  who cares

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@blindboyblake: Maybe you should make a bit of research before you speak? Swamp have had lots of updates this year. smile

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HI all, First I will say thank you for having this great game for so long. To me Redspot has been much more then just a game. To me, running around finding collecting stuff and making friends really has been a great plesure to me. So thank you for a great game! Secondly I'd say that it's a shame you decided to shot it down. Often more then 20 players are online and we have a super cool time together. I'd seriously ask you to reconsider this, and try to bring it online again. Maybe the rules should be loosent a bit, so admins are not required. Things often solves themselves and this game has so many genious ideas with teams, the 3 areas and so on that it would be sad to see it go away.

Best regards

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gonzalez2016s.alovver wrote:

At 1050, Obviously no! Just imagining of the amount of clones that would be created off that SRC shivers my back.

Yes. Me too.
I’ll admit i have the code but i didn’t want it, much less steal it.
I do look at a few includes every once in a while for fun. I never plan to host it though. Some people would though.
Its sad
Learn how to code your own damn games!

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I think it's time to admit something to ourselves.

The game has died. The death was long, long overdue. The game only really did one thing particularly well, as far as I can see, and that one thing was start drama. Everything else...well, there was questionable admin work, weird balance issues, lag, bugs, you name it.
I think it's time we just said goodbye to a product that had its fifteen minutes of fame. Hopefully if one or more of these devs use  Redspot's eventual failure as a learning experience, they might one day come back and give us a better game.

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