I still have problems creating a server. I redirected my port, changed it to 2500 after discovering that it was 15, but my friends still can't connect to it. I also gave it permission to bypass the firewall... What am I missing here?

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Yes, even if don't write a lot in the topic, I read the messages. Of course, I'm interested in improving the balancing of the cards game. So, thanks for the suggestions. It's probably more interesting to play the cards battle with other players, because the AI is basic and does'nt play very good.

Damien Sykes has written a complete documentation for the game. The battle system is described. You can download it here: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/sf11rmrfh7zd62 … .html?dl=0

About the impossibility to make a server, it's generally because of the port redirection, or the firewall, or the network (for example a limited school network). The game works with the UDP ports, and not with the TCP ports. So maybe you redirected a TCP port, and in this case it doesn't work. Unfortunately I can't really help more.

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@pragma and other main translator in English could you give opportunity for us who want translating crazy party to their own language like me and other need to translate could you put the string files in to your website if you can or if just the private so could you please tell us what method we can contack you for receiving translation file
then if we get the file and finish working how we can submit this file to you for putting at the next wersion
I hope pragma or one of the team in translation process will give the answer
I love to make translation from the game can be playable for those of people who can't understand English quite well
in thailand hopefully I will receive answer soon

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very interesting documentation! its missing a few keys though

control + k> kick players
control + shift + k> kick the people who have not pressed enter
shift enter> allows you to Apply the effect of a card (such as mutual normalization) to someone in your team during an online battle.

.. the documentation also says:

Either player can be chosen to make the first move, however there seems to be no discernible pattern as to how the game determines who it will be.

I think there is a pattern when there is a duo fight... whoever has won the last battle gets the first turn. But for online battles and such when there are more than two present, this above sentence is true, its totally random..

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Hello everyone, a friend of mine recently received a new computer, and now, when she tries to run the game, it says "Insufficient system resources." She has PLENTY of space left on her computer, and is barely using any ram. Any suggestions? We've tried redownloading and running as administrator

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