From the day someone lifted a small piece of dried fruit into the air updates have been very important.
No, --- -come on, that was a quality joke! You see dates are fruit and lifting them raises them into the air, which makes them go up, you see, up dates, ---- it's very clever and such and you should all laugh! don't worry, the rest of the news will wait while you laugh at my very hilarious joke, which is funny, ---- no dam it it is!

oh okay then, have some news you ungreatful so and sos.

First off,Crazy party has recieved a good bit of update treatement with new parry and reaction battle cards, new game choices and some extra multiplayer options for microgames where you can hear other's progress. As always Yonder topic exists for comments and questions.

Then, Beatstar pro has expanded even more (and not just because of the goodness knows how many soundpacks). Now we have more minigames and achievements to go around,from crazy pong to deal or no deal. Read more in This here topicky thing

While we don't usually list muds updates (since most muds get updated all the time anyway), there's something rather special about Frandum, especially for those who love the questing.
Updates most recently include revamps to the death system and the area command made ven more useful, which is great news for those getting lost, feel free to ask questions and such in This here topic

Lastly, we've had some major updates of a game that previously was just seen in beta. Anyone who remembers getting their head munched by radioactive red toxic manic angry rabid dire seagulls, will be pleased to know that Huw2k8, developer of The wastes is now working extremely diligently on his next project.
Imaginatively called Warsim, this is also a textual game with a lot of randomly generated content. This time however you'll be managing a kingdom, quelling bandits and rebels, taking land, recruiting knights, fighting in bloody Roman style arenas and enslaving goblins, while playing politics with nations around you populated with anything from minotaurs to gnomes. Anyone interested to comment on the game can check out This thread, and feel free to offer suggestions and comments, while the latest version of the game can be downloaded here 
With all of the massive amounts of ascending flora that go in to Huw2k8's games, this is definitely one not to miss for fans of fantastical wars.

Happy gaming, ---- even though none of you deserve happy gaming, since you didn't laugh at my joke! grrrrrr!
A pox on thee and thy dates!

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Haha Dark, that joke really was hilarious! big_smile

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loool dark, your jokes are awesome! lol

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Yes, I! thought it was funny. Then why did so many people not laugh? Really, I can hear them not laughing! they're always not laughing! stop not laughing at me! graaaaaagh! big_smile.

Seriously, glad you found this fun, I do sort of try to make these somewhat amusing if I can, since they are on the front of site after all and obviously it's better for visitors to think we're actually having a good time with accessible games just like any other gaming sight.

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hi dark how u play beatstar? i did have the game but no one explained all about it.

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Hi Ingrid.

Beatstar is easy to play, you just hit the buttons when you here the sound. use the "listen to sounds" option from the main menu to hit the spacebar, tab, backspace and enter keys and find out what you need to hear in each soundpack.
When you have enough beatcoins by playing, unlock new soundpacks or minigames.

For more information, check out the beatstar page in the database, which you can get to through the frontpage of this site, either at the "gamelist" option, or by using the dropdown menu.


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