Hello all. for all who want a faster link to this game, I will give it all to you momentarily. I'm just going to upload it to my server instead of DB because I do not want to have to risk having my account locked for a crappy reason. I will upload and give it all to you shortly.

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bobbleheadmastr wrote:

Please add battle mode online.

When you unlock 4 gyms, you can launch online battle parties.

quoted from the site.

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Hi. I've just started playing this game and I have to say it's awsome. I haven't done much in the way of the minigames however I've tried the battle mode and it's really good. I love the pokemon music and sounds. Reminds me of the old days.
does anyone know how to beat that boss at the normal gym? the witch or something? Very damaging moves and my cards kinda suck.


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Okay. So, here is the link with a faster download speed. It will be up as a permanent  link so feel free to give this link to anyone.
Download here.

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Hi. was just playing the battle game. In one of my custom decks there's a card called idleness. It doesn't do anything. Is there any way to get rid of them?


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Hi! I have a strategy that might help you defeat the witch. My type is grass/rock, so this might not help you. I take advantage of the time you have to wait between changing types. For a battle in the normal gym, I don't change types until they do, and I change to a type that they're weak against. I'm still getting used to all the combinations, so I'll screw up, sometimes big time. During the time between their type change and when they can change types again, I do my best to give them the best buttkicking I can. My favorite moves are mega drain and big rock throw, but in a pinch, I'll throw out any card I can to bring those hit points down, even if it's just a little. My brother gave me this bit of advice while I was learning braillemon. Just because it says that it's not very effective, doesn't mean you always need a type change.

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@pragma you can give me your email?
greetings and thanks.

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Bug report, the dec management seems totally crazy. I had to shove any cards into dec 1 before using them, however now I can't take them out again so my dec 1 has 100 cards, though I'm not sure what the max size is, in most battles against the computer I'm told I have 60 cards, but which 60 cards I don't know (indeed it'd be nice to know this and to be able to remove cards from the dec).

Now I'll have four types in there it'd be nice to remove some, indeed I'd be interested to know what the dec limit is.

@Darkblade, the witch gets easier when you have more normal cards and more powerful cards, sinse you don't have big hitters. My water and fighting type was a hard combo to go with sinse water isn't very damaging and the witch had some powerful moves if you let him (for some reason the game calls him a him), get into them.

Fighting type seems very effective against normals, but the witch had an annoying habbit of changing to flying type which made fighting very ineffective, when however I swiched back to water, the witch stayed as flying type and I was able to get rid of her by basically taking advantage of the fact she didn't seem to have access to her powerful attacks so I could wittle her down.

As a general rule here are some things I've noticed:
Damage types are physical and special, raising your level in either of those raises the attack type of the given card, think about for combos, you also seem to have physical defense and I believe special defense (though i've not seen anything that affects that), and there are cards that alter those.

Status effects include burn which damages you each turn, poison which i believe does the same, dodge which gives you a chance to not be hit, paralysis and confusion which gives a chance of not acting, and sleep which guarantees not acting.

As far as I've determined water is strong against fire,
Flying is strong against fighting (as is fairy type). Other types I'm not sure of yet, though knowing the weakness circle might be nice.(I presume grass is weak to fire though I've not seen this).

There are also arena types and tallents but what affects those have I'm not sure exactly.

Other than the dec managing being rather crazy meaning I don't know what cards I'll end up with in fights, I'm really liking the battle thus far, though it'd be nice if it was a  little  intigrated with minigames, ie, you could earn more coins or gems or be able to purchices items for battle with coins, indeed it might be cool to sell cards in random packs rather like ccg cards which you could buy with in game coins, or have other collectiables, maybe areas to find with different characters to fight not connected with gyms.

I'm also  still not sure about this gems thing.

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59 (edited by Aminiel 2016-05-29 05:28:59)

Hello all,

A few answers :

1. How exactly do you unlock other boards for board mode?
Do you need a certain score, or do you need a certain amound of unlocked minigames, or do you need a certain number of worlds in adventure mode finished?

2. What exactly is the reward room for?
Can you use it only to replay unlocked minigames and if so, is a gem required for each playthrough you want to make, or do you "buy" access for each minigame individually?

You have to buy boards with gems in the rewards room. Unfortunately, the game doesn't tell you what you can get if you don't have the required number of gems and it's rather sad.
If not everything, it should at least tell you what's the cost of the next thing to obtain.

4. If you go through worlds and beat some minigames and you can go in more than one direction, do you have to take both available paths to beat that world
in adventure mode, or are you supposed to follow only one available path to its end?

In mini-game worlds, you aren't obliged to go through all paths to unlock the next world. However, note that, when there are multiple paths, often it means that you can unlock multiple new worlds from the one you are in.
For example, the castle can give you access to the beatch or the forest. You will need to to it twice to unlock both.

5. Does anyone know how many boards, worlds, and minigames are in the current version of the game?

This is kinda secret information, I don't know if I'm allowed to say it, and I don't know if I know actually everything.
This is something several people already reported to pragma: when approaching the end, the game should tell you what's remaining, or tell you your overall achievement percentage for example.
At present there is no way to know if everything has been unlocked or not.

Personally, I have unlocked 107 mini-games so far, and at least there are about 10-15 which still resist to me.

6. If you were to beat all boards, worlds or all gyms in battle mode, do you gain something for finishing one mode as it is now?

I don't think so. I have the impression to have finished all mini-game worlds and I got nothing.

I do think that all decks the default ones should allready be populated, I mean you don't expect a beginner to say make their own

No, you effectively have to make your decks yourself. This is the spirit of the game and is important as soon as you finish your first gyms.

A deck can have between 40 and 60 cards. If you have less than 40, idleness cards will fill the gap; if you have more, superfluous cards are reandomly taken away.

As far as I've determined water is strong against fire,
Flying is strong against fighting (as is fairy type). Other types I'm not sure of yet, though knowing the weakness circle might be nice.(I presume grass
is weak to fire though I've not seen this).

The whole strength/weaknesse circle is also kinda secret information, but it has been inspired at lot by pokemon.

A lot of rules indeed come logically into mind, i.e. electricity and grass strong against water, water strong against fire, fire strong against grass, ground completely useless against electricity, flying strong against ground...
Some others seem more strange, for example normal weak against fighting, and what happens with fairy type.

Presumably there is one gym for each existing type, and at the end you have the councile. Personally I haven't progressed that much on the battle side.

Hopes that helps.

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Thanks aminiell.

I do however have two further questions. First, how do I edit a dec, ie, how do I add and remove cards from it? Hitting eneter on each card type doesn't seem to quite work, it just repeats the description and seems to add four more cards rather than removing them. I know that you can do this in a text file, butt it'd be nice to do it in game, eg, use right arrow to increase number of copies of a given card and left to decrease, with an info key such as v to tell you general stats like the total number of cards you own and the number in that dec.

I also wonder how to get gems. thus far the only gem I've seen is the blue crystal which occurred on a board but got used up pretty quickly. Can I exchange  coins for gems or similar?

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like dark, I am also having trouble taking out cards it defaults to 4. and how do I make decks through a text file?

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hi, awesome game, and just like Dark, what is the quickest way to getting jems, I so far have a few.

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@Jack, I so far have a grand total of zero gems. The only gem I have seen is the blue crystal. I got one from a box in the valley, and I got some as a gift on the board, but those got used up pretty quickly by me landing on blue squares and getting an extra three coins, indeed it seems rather unfare if those are gems that they automatically get converted into comparatively useless coins when you play on a board if your lucky enough to get one. I actually  don't really see what coins are for outside of the games themselves given that the unlockables don't use them. If you could exchange coins for gems some how, that would make a little more sense but right now I have close to a thousand coins but still only one board unlocked and no idea how to play any of the minigames I've unlocked either which is a trifle frustrating.

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When you add cards to a deck, a french dialogue comes up asking how many of this card you want to add. THe default is four, so change it to however many you want and press enter.

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Thanks Orin, I see why this was weerd sinse sapi is not reading that dialogue box hence why i didn't realize it was there, (it's easy enough to flick supernova back on for that though), I also gather I can remove cards from the dec by changing the quantity to zero.

I also suspect this is the issue in battles when i go to the "more options" menu and then want to leave without changes, hit escape and the game seems to freeze. I usualy do this when I've forgotten when to change type and want to change type again.

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thanks this game is awesome [wow]

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There are 2 ways to edit a deck.
1. As you pick up cards in the jyms, they get unlocked and added to the "random inventory deck". You'll definitely want to make your own because although playing with that may be OK for the first 3 or 4 jyms it becomes very unmanageable after that. So after selecting the cards you want to collect, you can go to the manage decks menu and select one of the 12 slots. Then you get a menu with all cards that you unlocked, and pressing enter lets you type in how many of that card you want in your deck, which you can always go back and change later.

2. The second option is to make a deck via a text file. To do that you should first generate a card reference from the options menu which will create a txt file in the game's folder listing every card. TO actually make a deck, create a new .txt file in the decks folder and name it whatever you like. Now to add cards to it, open the card reference and as it says at the top you just paste the line of the card that you want in your deck, optionally changing how many of a certain card you have by changing the number after the card's french name from 4 to something other. And that's it! Your Text file decks will appear in the game as deck 13 and higher giving you their file names in the menu.

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@pitermach, I don't know how you managed the first few gyms without dec building, if I hadn't gone through the normal gym a few times and built up a set of normal cards for a dec, I'd have been asking for trouble given I had several fighting cards and fighting is dire against flying types.
Ironically, it didn't help against the first normal gym that much sinse two of the enemies hav fairy and flying as alternative types and they'd just switch whenever I started using fighting.

I will say this escape bug is getting very annoying. I go into the "more options" menu to see if I can change types, then find out I can't and hit escape to get out, whereupon the game freezes utterly and needs closing with alt F4.

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69 (edited by Aminiel 2016-05-29 10:02:28)

More about deck making :

note that you can rename one of the 12 first ones by holding down N while pressing enter.
You can also completely erase a deck similarely by holding down whether Ctrl or Shift (One of the two, I don't remember well, but be careful, there is no confirmation).

By holding Ctrl or Shift while pressing enter on a card, you can set its number directly to 0 or 4 without the need to input the  number in the dialog

At present, the best way to get gems is to play online and to not finish last. As far as I know, you can also obtain them in the boxes found in worlds and boards if you have chance, but it never occurred to me.
I agree to the fact that there should be some easier ways to get gems while playing solo. A few suggestions for this could be :
1 - By defeating optional champions that are perhaps a bit harder than mandatory ones in the gyms
2 - By making exceptionnally good scors at hardest mini-games
3 - By finishing a world with a great number of coins, e.g. >100
4 - By defeating a gym champion in a original way, e.g. using only known weak types such as water in the electricity gym, or not using any card with a level >4 in your main type

Note, you need to have 10 mini-games unlocked to create a mini-game server, and 4 gyms for a battle server. Playing online is also a good way to unlock the mini-games your friend has already unlocked.

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Cool game, but I wish there was a read me that comes with the game... With all this information in it.

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I don't stand how I can on lock battle mode?

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Another hint, if you do not want to include a card, then...
When the game asks you how many cards you wants in your deck, you can press backspace to troll the game.

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@Dark perhaps I did OK with the inventory deck because of my starting selection, which in case anyone cares was fire/rock. Now I have a couple of decks that have different specialties, and as I said you really, really need to make some to get anywhere.

@Aminiel Thanks a lot for the rename key. That was something I wanted to suggest but... I guess I won't have to anymore which is nice1.

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Hi.  I love this game.  there is a fantastic Nintendo vibe to it,  especially with the wonderful music .  I'm currently having a bit of a problem  with paddling the boat correctly, but I'm sure I will figure out what I'm doing wrong.
The card game is fantastic, I'm really excited to see what gets added to this especially,  whether it be more cards which is always nice, or extra features .    .

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If you get bad scores in paddling the boat, that's probably because you are doing it too fast. You don't have to be quick to win. It's much more important to respect the alternation between left and right and not mix up your fingers.

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