It's awesome that the server will run for one more week, but as I'm writing this post, I'm having the same issue on connecting like I had when the first beta was released. It just sits there saying connecting and nothing happens. If I press escape, it seems if I'm connected, but I can only start an offline game. I have tried like 5 times, so I'm not sure if the server is full or something like that.

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SLJ, Swamp still work for you right?  Like you can connect on there?

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Sorry for the delay.  Here are the top players from the 67 who participated.  Anyone who had no points was left off of the list, and quite a few players were still getting the hang of the game or chose not to focus on their weekly ranking.

Badger in first place, with 533515 points and 2 plots of land.
grryfindore in second place, with 458951 points and 4 plots of land.
Buzz in third place, with 98361 points and 2 plots of land.
LPR in fourth place, with 78060 points and 2 plots of land.
quacker in fifth place, with 63555 points and 3 plots of land.
Lisa in sixth place, with 63152 points and 2 plots of land.
nakon in seventh place, with 63084 points and 3 plots of land.
majoz in eighth place, with 46355 points and 2 plots of land.
keyWasFull in ninth place, with 22639 points and 2 plots of land.
viktor in tenth place, with 18508 points and 1 plot of land.
Leigh in eleventh place, with 13765 points and 2 plots of land.
lenka in twelfth place, with 13708 points and 1 plot of land.
Liam in thirteenth place, with 6078 points and 2 plots of land.
connor2 in fourteenth place, with 4246 points and 1 plot of land.
matt in fifteenth place, with 3805 points and 1 plot of land.
lucas1853 in sixteenth place, with 3108 points and 1 plot of land.
lori in seventeenth place, with 2929 points and 2 plots of land.
pelantas in eighteenth place, with 2797 points and 1 plot of land.
Mata in nineteenth place, with 2684 points and 1 plot of land.
breaker in twentieth place, with 1728 points and 1 plot of land.
aedangk in twenty-first place, with 1200 points and 1 plot of land.
sylven in twenty-second place, with 1177 points and 4 plots of land.
Hannibal in twenty-third place, with 1139 points and 1 plot of land.
squeak in twenty-fourth place, with 1096 points and 1 plot of land.
Kai in twenty-fifth place, with 1043 points and 1 plot of land.
firence in twenty-sixth place, with 614 points and 1 plot of land.
ironcross in twenty-seventh place, with 515 points and 1 plot of land.
tyson in twenty-eighth place, with 509 points and 1 plot of land.
uni in twenty-ninth place, with 179 points and 1 plot of land.
Trevor in thirtieth place, with 117 points and 1 plot of land.
smoovgunner in thirty-first place, with 91 points and 1 plot of land.

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now since I have a hang of the game, mock my words I will be top 5 this week.....mock my words

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Ahoy all
I don't really know what to say about this game besides simply amazing. No game ever not even swamp well it does come a close second has been able to make me playfor so long as I have played this one.
It does take a bit to get used to,and at first you might feel meh,too slow or such, but give it a spin and its sure to make your head spin, in a good way. :d

@aprone, What I've noticed so far things that might be a bug  or not,depending on my luck and what you intended. :d
Do take a look at the percentages of the saws breaking and boats sinking,as the boats seem to undergo a bath far too often for my liking and the 2 percent sink rate, same for the saw.
Can we please keep the fish pole when the boat sinks, let the net go the boat go but keep the fish pole. the stupid worker manages to survive,so why not...
Attacks: Last week, When I attacked Sylven I and he were notified that my pikeman had invaded his land and came up with a big 0 of nothing (the stupid bugger), however when sylven did the same, his pikeman just went dead without a word neither to me or him. I believe I was attacked by a few individuals besides sylven,  (thank you for the pikes and armor guys) but I was never told that I was indeed attacked when I logged in. If it weren't for the gift of armor pikes and such that they were thoughtful enough to leave to me, I wouldn't have known that I had guests.

You can no longer send a cart with a cart. While that's rather sad perhaps disallow a horse too? but say one could just disassemble the cart and transport it that way too?


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I have solved my issues. It was a mix of me not having updated the game and some network issues on my virtual machine which happened after an update.

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Aprone, asuggestion for carts. Right now they return to the land where they came from, but it would be a lot better and make more sense if they stayed where they were after sending off stuff, if it was to a land that you own. Because, unlike what the about game section says, you almost have to build the second plot up similar to your first one, because you need to build a second cart to actually transfer new supplies back to your first plot of land. Right now the land plots are completely independent of each other except for how manny coins you have, and the cart feature would link them more coolly. Or maybe this is how it was designed, but if it is, I don't think it was a great choice.

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Congrats to everyone who succeeded, in ranking. I confess I didn't have bags of time this week, but that sdoesn't change the fact I think the game rocks!

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I'll address the bugs that were brought up here, and I'll also take a look at sparing some of the items when boats sink, haha.

For the cart, I do like that idea Key.  I will give that a try in an upcoming patch.

I've been fighting all morning with making accessible tables on a webpage, so I can display the scores properly.  NVDA and Jaws 17 are happy with it, but Jaws 16 is not.  For a while everything was perfectly fine but some unknown change I made messed up jaws 16 and I have not been able to fix it.  I can't remember exactly what I changed to break it, so I've just been guess and checking everything.  Eventually I'm sure I'll figure it out and have it working again.

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hello aprone, i was wondering if it's allowed to share my account with someone? I was asking just encase you were wondering that another i p address had logged on yesterday. We're working on the same plot of land, and would you have anything against it?

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It's okay connor, I don't have any rule against sharing your account with someone.  Just make sure it's someone you trust, haha.

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A few more things to think about
if you have multiple plots, messages about task completion should come up for both plots. I often miss completion messages because I was on the wrong plot. This is a big problem for things that have low chances of happening, like new calves being born or getting a wax from beehive.
There seems to be a bug in mining where ore newly discovered turns into ore when you switch plots, but it doesn't update when you switch back. It still says ore newly discovered, then when you try and mine it, it says incorrect tile type,  6.1 >6, or something like that. Switching away from and back to the plot usually works. But you are also cheated out of the chance at getting some extra ore, because the fresh ore skills give you 2r3 ore and the normal ore jobs give you 1r2. The switch itself seems to be the bug here.
maybe add different types of fish. Since fishing is basically infinite once you build a boat and a fishpole, your boat and poles become useless way too quickly. Even if each different kind of fish was only worth like 6 energy, it would probably allow you to live on fish longer. Fish would be randomized, of course. Or you could randomize what you cook up, but the raw fish item would still be the same, but you would get items like cooked catfish, cooked salmon, etc.
gold panning: for the amount of time it takes, you've basically wasted a worker. Increase the chance of getting something to like 4%. Even if you choose the prospector joe perk you're still only up to 8%, that means that the theoretically probabili is 1/12.5. So it would take an average of 40 minutes to get something.
also, how much does fertilizing affect plant growth? Like what is the percentage chance increase of advancing or whatever? Actually I just fertilized something and it jumped it to stage 1, so maybe it just jumps it forward a stage regardless. That's pretty cool actually.

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Key, I am going to try out your plot messages idea to see how it goes.  Originally I limited messages to just the plot you were on, so that people didn't get confused or overwhelmed.  This might be one of those times where I didn't give the players enough credit, haha, or it will get enough complaints that I remove it again.  tongue

The ore bug is one I already fixed on my client, and I've just been waiting to get a few more things done before making it the next official client.

Fishing has cooked fish and fried fish as 2 separate food sources, but I will consider adding in a new fishing based food source.  I'll have to come up with a way to keep it balanced.

Fertilizer just jumps the crop up by 1 stage, so you got that right.

I am not really sold on the idea of boosting gold panning.  Digging for rocks is terribly inefficient, but it is in place because rocks are important and your plot can run out of natural sources.  Gold panning is meant to be along those lines, as a desperate inefficient method to bring in more gold when the natural sources are used up.  I'll will consider the change, but will need to plan out how it would affect other things.

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It took several hours of work to get a page format that Jaws 16, Jaws 17, and NVDA all agree on... and which visually looks how I wanted it to look.  Assuming I didn't break anything in the final stretch, this page is an output of last week's final scores.  Any players who had a score (anything above zero points) will be listed, allowing you to view their plots and even their ending inventory.

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Funny about digging for rocks being desperation, I  have always ended up doing lots of that, sinse by the time I've built a couple of houses and started a mine I'm usually out of natural stone, then have to dig for rocks for all the next buildings and tools (which is a reall drag), until I can both forge an iron pickaxe and get lucky with finding some stone via mining, and even then I have to get fairly lucky sinse there are so many important buildings which need putting up after that point.

Perhaps when the single player version of the game gets worked on and there will be larger projects than those that can be built in a week with stone, quarrying could be added.

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That's a cool page, but it took a full minute for my NVDA to load it beacuse all the tables were on the same page. If you can somehow use showing and hiding code or something so that you don't see anything till you click the links or something that would be cool.

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after playing CA2 for 5plus hours a day and falling in love with it, I do have a suggestion

aprone you probably already considered this, but can you make jobs and other things we do within the game give us a large amount of points. I know donating certain jewelry pieces gives you a lot of points, but this limits usfrom experiencing other parts of the game by focusing on the jewelry aspect of the game so heavily.

I think every little job we can do should contribute to us getting a large amount of points
that is equivalent to making jewelry for the king.

examples donate=points

make a birthday cake for the king (forces us to make a bakery, and get flour and sugar and all that)

make a dress for the queen (forces us to use cloth leather make a text mil)

bring cooked deer for the feast ( makes us make arrows, and breed hunters)

bring stolen goods from other lands (forces us to make knights and pikeman to rob our rivals)

i'm not saying these exact examples have to be in the game, but I was just making the point that, no matter what direction we decide to take at the beginning of the week, we will receive a large amount of points after completing a hard/big task.

I am aware quests does something like this already but I wouldn't know since I never get them haha, but from reading the chat quest only gives you a few points, nothing really that will be to effective towards having the highest score

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hello aprone, there are two major bugs as of right now

1. at times during the game, our food/energy is negative. for example, mine has said -7 which is costing us more food

2. I can not access the store by pressing shift plus tilde, I was able to everyday but today

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Hi Aprone.
I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I would like to mention a critical bug regarding the mine generation.
I got a mine generated and started to dig in the dirt to find anything useful. Then after a few trys, I was surrounded by stone, and that happened before I had a chance to make myself a pick axe. This seems to be a bug, since it's impossible to make any progress without getting help from the other players. If this is not a bug, then I'll say this is a pretty hardcore way of forcing the players to get in contact with the other players... smile It would be nice if you can make the mine generation so this can't happen again.

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Smoothgunner, I will work on fixing those bugs.

SLJ, I don't consider that stone situation to be a bug, but it also is not a way to force players to work together.    If you were unlucky enough to find your mine entrance surrounded by stone, you might just have to start up a new mine elsewhere.  Wherever the mine is on the surface, that is where it will be underground, so you can tunnel yourself into area on the other side of your stone cage.

In the future I'd recommend against digging mines at the very corners of your land.  When you reach the underground mode, it means you only have 2 directions you can tunnel, making it much more likely that you can get boxed in.

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ok attention all players that was on earlier that thought there was a food bug, there is not. I know a couple players logged off when they seen the minos food, and I got mad as well, but there was not a bug. after continuing to play I figured it out

what happens is, when you rob someones land with a knight, or a pikeman, it automatically takes 10food away, now if your mission is successful when the knight or pikman comes back it will give you a minos 10food as well. so basically to rob someone it will cost you 20food. the description may sound a bit confusing but this is a feature of the game not a bug.

but I'm still having the issue of not being able to access the store

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Good catch smoothgunner!  The game isn't supposed to take food twice, but you're right that this does seem to be happening.  I'm not sure what's stopping your store from working, but I will search for an answer.

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no prob, guess ill stop robbing people for a while then lol aprone since this is a bug and not a feature of the game, can you replace back the food I lost?

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74 (edited by keyIsFull 2016-04-13 14:46:15)

@slj always build a mine next to a swamp, because under a swamp is iron ore.
edit: The game sometimes consumes 25% of my CPU. And I'm not quite sure why. It makes my fan run really hot. I don't know what causes this problem. Restarting the game fixes the problem until it happens again.

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Smoothgunner, I fixed that food energy bug shortly after replying to this post, so feel free to continue attacking people.  Haha!  The server won't take that second batch of food anymore.
I don't have an easy way to see how much food energy everyone wasted with this bug, so I'm sort of leaning toward not reimbursing anyone.  If I reimburse a few people but not everyone, then I'm giving some players an advantage over others during the week.  But then again, doing nothing means the bug artificially disadvantaged players by different amounts.  Ugh, not really sure what to do here, but I could always take the easy/lazy way out and just say "oh well, it's a beta", ROFL!  big_smile

Key, see if you can find some pattern to when that starts.  I haven't had anyone else report that, so I'm curious about its cause too.  If it happens to start each time you do a specific job, or always when mining underground, or switching plots, ect, then that info will give me a place to start.  What graphics settings do you use?

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