Yep you got it, more things to select, I'm trying to think of more.

Maybe pranks (both harmful and harmless) colorful and odd clothing choices, contests (both serious and not, like testing your strength with axe tossing, jousting, running with sacks of flower/rocks, and such, or playing games with cards and chips, game boards, balls hoops and sticks, discs, ETC) various decoration (such as flowers or balloons in the streets and on buildings) music (which could attract more and or better bards and maybe increase your standing with the guild) vicious bloodsport (like they used to do with animals and undesirables) E.G. goose pulling, fox tossing, and that bear VS dogs one, 4 blind guys with clubs VS a pig (which was a real thing!) some kind of goblin related one if slavery is aloud ETC, something like the purge (though maybe only for alchemists, magic users, artists, mathematicians, philosophers and the like) stuff about nature (constellations, the sun and moon, animal migrations, the seasons, life cycles of important/sacred  plants, the tides and so on.)

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Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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Cool and very creative ideas man, i like them.

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Nice post on redit I saw were has been played around with the Monster Generator. That brings up a question: Does the Generator write the stories of the Monsters itself in the game or were they thought out by the poster. It is nice to have such Background stories.

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If we're talking throne room events, one thing I'd find cool are some cases with not necessarily a right or wrong answer but with different consequences.

For example, The servant of a merchant who is convicted of stealing, but the servant claims the merchant hasn't been paying them.

If you side with the servant, your reputation and peasant levies increase, while if you side with the merchant, your given more gold by the merchant's guild as a thank you, where as if you send them both to the arena to fight out their differences, your reputation increases and you get some more cash for the fight (people love a spectacle).

Another case might be a daughter forced into an arranged marriage with an old rich noble by her parents who comes to you for help.

If you command her to marry the old noble, you gain one extra knight since the noble joins your cause as a just ruler, however you lose a bit of reputation among the peasants who think it's an unromantic outcome.

If you  say she can marry whoever she wants, the parents refuse her a dowery and she marries a poor farmer, which means your reputation increases, and you gain one extra peasant in your army, but you lose some gold since you have to then pay her dowery yourself.

Or you have two land owners arguing about the ownership of a  peace of land on their estate, one an old noble family who has owned the land for generations and claims it as their birthright, the other a new merchant family who have just purchiced the land.
If you side with the merchants, you are given more gold, if you side with the nobles, a knight joins your cause, while if you throw them both in your dungeon and take the land yourself your reputation goes down but your harvest  increase.

decisions like these with unforseen consequences would be very cooll and give the idea that your actually a ruler of a dynamic kingdom with a lot more going on outside the battelfield, even if essentialy the game can't show it.

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Nice ideas Dark.
I also think it would be horrimusing if their were a small chance that neither woman would say anything when you got the baby encounter and you actually did it, which obviously would make your popularity go down by like 10 LOL.
Especially great if the courtiers react by throwing up or screaming or something.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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I like the ideas regarding the throne room. That would be cool, however, depending on how you Play, there are no right or wrong decisions already but the ideas are cool.

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In regards to quests and expeditions: When you can observe them like the Arena fights for example, it could be a cool think if the Group or Units performing it could find items and such. It could be stored, so Units could be equiped with things wich can give Advantages or such or the unit chooses to take an item in a quest themself. Yes, that's a bit RPG like, but I think it fits without making the game to much RPGisch, In a lot of strategy games are RPG elements and that could fit here.

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Can someone tell me how to actually configure this game for screenreaders? I see a bunch of useless asky representations.

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Go into the options, and turn ascii off, makes it a lot easier.

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@John, definitely something I'll be looking into

@Defender, Love it, I'll save that list of ideas!

@Niklas, it writes a little description of the monsters but the ones you read were written by a very talented reddit user who will likely be writing some ingame books and things in the future!

@Dark, there actually are some morally grey choices, such as the marriage one, and the classic two mothers one baby case, but some of the ones you've mentioned are wonderful, another piece to add to my to-do list!

Last Free Version of Warsim ( - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewnm4cehswu6m … m.zip?dl=1
Steam version of Warsim (0.7) - http://store.steampowered.com/app/65954 … na/?beta=0
Itch.io Version of Warsim (0.7) - https://huw2k8.itch.io/warsim

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Hi guys, sorry for this one taking so long again, had some job issues at the moment so the last few weeks and the coming few months are going to be hectic for me, still this update isn't a small one, it includes a massive overhaul of the brawl pit and many issues fixed such as one you may not have noticed effecting Arena grand champions (instead of lasting 1-2 fights, strong grand champions can build up impressive streaks and the hall of fame will be stacked with interesting characters)


The meat of the update, the brawl pit has been expanded, who cares you might
ask, well I like there to be heaps of depth and replayability in every little area in the
game, so now the insignificant little brawl pit in the Near North, one of the earliest
locations you discover in the north, has been vastly improved. There are patrons you
can speak to, an owner you can speak to, new fighter types, a whole new system
of champions in the pit that can win 5 different trophies, a new system of luck
and critical hits making the system more dynamic, reworked system for fighters with
spiked knuckles, named fighters and a few other things. With these changes the
brawl pit is now a much bigger place with more to do in it! Hopefully more developments
like this will happen to other insignificant locations!

* Added new brawl pit patron dialogue system (21 in total)
* Added ability to speak to the owner of the brawl pit
* Added missing dialogue for not having enough gold to buy the pit
* Added 7 new brawler unit types
* Added 2 new brawler prefixes (infamous and famous)
* Fixed brawl pit bug that has been rigging fights in the favour of the 1st fighter
* Made spike knuckle brawlers do far more damage in the pit
* Added special graphic for spike knuckled brawlers
* Added new move set descriptions for spike knuckle fighters
* Fixed ability to update brawl pit without owning it
* Added colour to brawl pit
* Updated brawl pit fight layout and lines
* Added new factor of luck to the brawl pit
* Added all pit fighters get names
* Added champions of the brawl pit
* Added champion challenge fights to decide new champions
* Added ability to speak to champion of the brawl pit
* Added ability to fire champion of the brawl pit if you own the pit
* Added 5 different winnable trophies to the brawl pit (the iron bowl, the silver cup, the gold cup, the golden fist,the crown of the pit)
* Added ability to view pit champions trophies
* Added special champion fight victory screen
* Added trophy award screen for trophy earned fights
* Added debug mode option to allow 100 extra brawl pit champion fights


Some decent changes and features here, a new and much more dynamic bard
origin story system as requested by Defender, 3 chances to explore instead of 2
as well as the massive grand champion bug I mentioned earlier being fixed and
a new option to watch fights play by play to make them more interesting, give it a try!

* Added New Bard Origin story system (credit [email protected])
* Now 3 default explore chances per turn instead of 2
* Fixed the age old grand champion bug (you guys probably didn't know about, that made grand champions crappy and changed their battlescore, now you should
find grand champions lasting more than 1-3 turns, you will notice the hall of fame fill with amazing warriors!
* Added ability to watch fights play by play in the arena instead of all at one go (select the option in the main arena menu)


The arena has had some much needed improvement, there's still much to
improve but now grand champions have a chance and there are a few more
moves and events as well as some tweaks and a new rare unit (Drylands Nomad)
that will only appear if there are enough nomad mercenaries around, if you
kill off the nomads or the demons get them first, you won't see any Nomads
in the arena.

* Added new arrow interfearance event to the arena
* Added new fireball interferance event to the arena
* Added new elite warrior arena fighting arrow snap move
* Added new dynamic fall move for weak warriors in the arena
* Added new rare arena unit (drylands nomad) (default 110 battlescore)
* Reduced grand champion housing bonus
* Fixed broken fight move in arena displaying fighters name twice


The blackmarket has been given some extra features thanks mostly to defender from audiogames
now you can outlaw slavery in the slums, to counter this I've added a tribute income gained from
slavery, also new abilities for other blackmarket leaders to act on as well as a fix for the completely
broken blackmarket gang hideouts, now they are destroyable!

* Added ability to outlaw slavery in the blackmarket slums if you rule the blackmarket (credit [email protected])
* Added income from blackmarket slavery (up to 400 gold per season) (you lose this if you outlaw it)
* Added ability for good natured blackmarket leaders to outlaw slavery
* Added ability for bad natured blackmarket leaders to legalise slavery if it is banned
* Fixed debug mode blackmarket gangs menu not displaying information when selected
* Fixed debug mode blackmarket gangs menu not having any dialogue when already done
* Fixed bandit gang hideouts in blackmarket not being destroyable (credit [email protected])


A few little things, including some extra monster parts, flag parts, new dialogues
some roof parts and a couple of bug fixes.

* Added two new monster parts (1000s more monsters)
* Fixed inability to turn of evil laws if you gained enough public option (Credit [email protected])
* Added 2 new flag parts
* Added 5 new nomad dialogues
* Added 4 new roof parts
* Fixed debug menu skip bug

Last Free Version of Warsim ( - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewnm4cehswu6m … m.zip?dl=1
Steam version of Warsim (0.7) - http://store.steampowered.com/app/65954 … na/?beta=0
Itch.io Version of Warsim (0.7) - https://huw2k8.itch.io/warsim

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hi wastelander, I think a fun edition to the game would be a sort of naval warfair system. This might come into effect when exploring particularly far away, there might also be some races such as shark men, who are water based and live their entire lives on the sea. To attack those races, you would need to build a naval shipyard, which is able to construct gallions, seedge ships, sloops etc. You'd have to assign and train some soldiers as sailers and ship to ship fighters, and peasants as rowers. Opening up the seas as a stage of play also would have you risk attacks from pirates and privateers from other nations. However, if you were so inclined you could just as well invoke privateer laws yourself and plunder trade ships and missions from other kingdoms for your own reserves. Another possibility here is the option of owning and upgrading a port. This would let seafairing traders dock at your shores and trade, bring adventurer parties, or harber enemy spies. My second idea would be a system of religion. When the game first starts a random selection of gods and higher powers would be generated. You could choose to follow one of these teachings. If you build a temple you would be able to make sacrifices (human ones if your god is an evil god), go on crusades, or embark on pilgramages to atain blessings for the future. However, following the teachings of a god would also require you to run your kingdom in a certain doctrin. Not following it would cause bad things to happen. But you could also choose not to follow any power, and simply stay out of the entire matter of religion. You'd miss out on bonuses but also wouldn't have to constrain yourself to a speciffic following.

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Awesome update!
Downloading it right away.

This... -- Is CNN'.
Well Ted, it sure looks like there's been uh, quite a bit of violence around here
"aaoh, that violence was terrible'!"
Yeah it was, pretty bad.

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@Connor, I actually had plans very early on for this and at one point even had a buyable location called port that increased your trade revenue, but I scrapped it for the time being, the plans in future to add naval related stuff is a must I agree! I'll keep a note of your suggestions

@Defender, Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for all the great suggestions and bug finds that got included, they've much improved things!

Last Free Version of Warsim ( - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewnm4cehswu6m … m.zip?dl=1
Steam version of Warsim (0.7) - http://store.steampowered.com/app/65954 … na/?beta=0
Itch.io Version of Warsim (0.7) - https://huw2k8.itch.io/warsim

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