2018-10-11 03:24:59

I've always thought laws like that - no sodomy, no gay marriage, no abortion period, and any other law that tries to use religion or whatever to deny someone their rights were foolish. Literally, None of these things hurt society. I can even understand the ban on some drugs that do cause dangerous consequences - but this is someone deciding to profess their love for someone else, to have sex, or to abort a child. I don't believe babies should be aborted after they can feel the pain, but that is out of care of an innocent life who knows nothing of the circumstance and not because I don't believe women shouldn't be allowed to abort.
Seriously though, the only justification for such laws is to try and enforce your own beliefs - and it kind of erases part of the whole separation of church and state principle. Not to mention, making laws against "sins" one group finds worthy of being banned, but conveniently forgetting laws against other sins such as, say, the mass consumption of alcohol, just makes people in favor of those laws seem like they're trying to create a society for their own benefit and half ass masking it with religion.

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2018-10-11 03:38:44

I've already put my opinion in higher up but a couple of facts here.

1. the STD rate among gays is only really higher for males, because STDs are easier to transmit from a male than from a woman. Also there was a lot of drug use when AIDS and stuff first got started,a nd people who are oppressed tend to use drugs more so a lot of that was actually from non-sterilized needles and such and had nothing directly to do with the sex itself as there was attributable rises in the rates among other oppressed minorities.
2. Homosexual mairage at the oment is legal throughout the united states, though some officials illegally refuse to provide licenses to gay couples.
3. it actually has been shown that of all the general couples based on gender mixes, Lesbian couples are the most stable in comparison to male gay couples and heterosexual couples. The reasons for this is that, contrary to popular stereotypes, sexuality has no effect on how masculine or feminine you are. A Lesbian is no more or less feminine than a straight woman. However, their relationships tend to do well because traditionally masculine traits in the west tend to be destabilizing factors in romantic relationships. heterosexual couples tend to have a medium rate of stability while gay male couples are the most unstable. This is of course just trends as of course there can be radically unstable Lesbian relations or remarkably stable gay male relations, just tendencies.

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