2018-10-07 21:51:11

Hello, I am looking for software that is accessible with voiceover on the Mac, to do video editing. Here is what I want to do. I have my own YouTube channel, and do demonstrations on how to play audio games for the blind. The problem is, I use headphones, and am trying to figure out a way how to record the audio and video at the same time.  I also do piano tutorials. The piano tutorials, is very simple, but the main question is, how to record the game sounds, with headphones on, well I am also doing the video.

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2018-10-09 04:32:12

You can download OBS which is usually used for streaming but I've used it to capture my desktop and a video game on my computer.  It should do the trick for what you want to do.  Video editing is something that's hard to do regardless of the software you use if you don't have sight, but I find a combonation of Reaper and Windows Movie maker get the things I need to do video wise done that I don't just outsource.

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