2018-10-03 06:42:03

It's once again time for the game's big league fall event: Halloween Havoc! This will be the eleventh such event, and it will be the best one yet! Halloween Havoc will begin on Saturday, October 27th and will run until Monday morning of November 5th. Our buildings teams have many surprises planned for this event, so don't miss out on the fun! They will be releasing another addition to the Nightmare Plane called The Caverns of Torment, which will consist of two racks of level 43 group 10 areas.

A new version of Mush-Z has recently been released! Mush-Z is a MUSHclient expansion pack for playing Alter Aeon designed specifically for the visually impaired. This new version features more sounds and filters for crafting among its many improvements. You can download it now from http://www.mush-z.com.

Improvements we saw last month include:

-    We had additions to the area command, allowing players to list areas that are cities, and areas where the majority of the inhabitants are either evil or good.
-    We also saw a lot of crafting refinements, such as leathercraft and dragonscale armor restringing. Also, now leathercrafted containers use a different algorithm for calculating capacity, so large containers such as packs now hold much more, especially if they have a high quality bonus
-    The code that governs the names of dragonscale is now hooked into the metallurgy, lapidary and crafting color tables. This will allow more variety in dragonscale armor names, and a few special bonuses to certain kinds of dragonscale armor.
-    Woodcrafted items now smell and taste like the wood they are made from, and soft wood types are less prone to breaking when crafted by players with lower levels of skill.
-    Clans can now set up forges in their clan areas.
-    We added a profession point leaderboard.

This month we plan on getting the ocean populated with sea creatures and system-owned ships. Once this is complete, you'll be able to see what is nearby using the 'scan' command while on your ship. After that we'll work toward interaction with oceanic entities, which will include naval combat!

For more information, please listen to our October update on Youtube:


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2018-10-04 01:45:19

cool, I'll check it out.

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-10-05 10:31:27

Hello all!
Regarding those regular updates, I decided to go back to Alter Aeon. I hadn't played since months, mainly because I felt like I was in some kind of dead end with my character.
Having played for one hour, and completed a quest, I remember why I definitly love this game, but I also remember what kept me from playing.
So considering all this, I'd like to try to describe my situation to you.

I'm a level 31 warrior, with thief as a secondary class. It is my first character, and I clearly made big mistakes while leveling up. Facinated by the different skills of my 2 main classes, I spent much of my practice points trying to raise them at their maximum level. I don't know if it would have been better if I had raized them at half for example, waiting for time to do the remaining job, but one thing's for sure, I've probably wasted most of them, considering the need I have for better caacteristics. I have the feeling that part of my skills are useless because of to law caracteristics, and I don't know how to reverse things.
About my fighting skills, I think there are a couple of things I still don't understand. To be honnest, I try to chain tactics, to multiply the different technics I know, but as I don't have numeric fidback about the dammage I make, it's realy difficult to figure out how I'm supposed to use all this. Am I supposed to use leap or bash as much as possible ? Is there a point in switching from one kombow to another to distract the apponent?
About the equipment now, I'm completely lost to. It seems to e that there are lots of items, essentially random ones (or considering the considerable amound of places, it's like they're random). That's a pretty good thing because it gives a realistic atmosphere and a lot of variability. The probleme is that I can't find any better piece of equipment than what I currently have, and I'm sure that my eqset can be improved. The main reason of my certitude is that the quest I told you about, the one I completed yesterday, was in woodheaven, a lvl 24 area. I managed to win all the fights I was confronted to, but for the boss himself (a lich), I had to flee three or four times to charge back after a few healing spells. I would call this a boss fight for sure, and I have no probleme with that. The probleme is that I'm lvl 31, and I gues that if I barely such a fight, then something needs to be improved about my character himself.

I know I've asked many questions here, but to be honnest I'm really confused. I really love the atmosphere of this game, and it is, with cosmic rage, probably the best mud I've ever seen. But I don't know how to find back the previews gameplay experience I had , when I could simply chain quests, challenging my character in area rated by my level smile .

I don't know exactly how you could help me, but if you have some kind of powerfull spell designed to turn an high level newbie to a native English speaker perfectly equiped, <I would gladly pay for it tongue .
Best regard,

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2018-10-07 06:06:37

Arkandias -

The "check" command will be useful for figuring out what skills and spells are most critical for your primary class, and for seeing what sort of equipment you should look into getting (heavier weapon, more hitroll, etc). The identify command will help you figure out what equipment does. Also don't forget to use "consider" on enemies to get an idea of any strengths or weaknesses they might have. For example, attacking  skeleton
with a sword is far less effective than using a hammer.

If you are less than 150 total levels, restarting your character is an option. You might find you do better a second time around with the
knowledge you've gained, especially with the recent expansions on Archais, the third island.

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2018-10-07 13:50:29

I have a problem understanding the crafting on the game, not how it works, but why it's there.
To me it looks a bit pointless, considering, and please correct me if i'm wrong, that the crafted equipment isn't suposed to replace the items people usualy use. What i'm trying to say is that people can craft all they want, but they will always go back to what everyone mostly uses, the same old pieces that give necrocast, magecast or whatever their class requires.
Even tough i love the game, this was an aspect that always confused me: Why so much equipment, when in the end people always need to go back to the few pieces that gives them the numbers and props their class needs?

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

2018-10-07 23:45:19

For Arkandias, 

    Well yeah, that's a bit of a boo-boo on the practice issue.  Honestly, the melee based classes of thief and warrior have an advantage of just requiring a few key skills for actually damaging people, as well as the defensive parry/shieldblock/dodge skills.  As an example, you can entirely ignore everything after kick and parry from lv 1 warrior, maybe getting the reqs to go and learn lunge, until you can learn leap.  Then the next major skill of note is probably charge and then groundstrike.  Everything else is honestly entirely useless if based on starting the game again, and you're better off improving your stats to assure those skills hit harder, accurately, and you having more hp.  When it comes down to getting those other skills;  It's a lot easier to train pracs to just get parts of a skill than grinding out a bunch of pracs for raising stats.  You can just go back and grab the skills later if you want to take advantage of other stuff later for combos and such.

    On that second note, if you were referring to the actual combo tactics skill/  Don't bother, that thing is utter garbage when I last played.  The only use of comboing from what I saw was for a way to generate extra exp through the skill activating.  The bonuses they provide are random, and some don't even help when triggered.  If you just meant general tactics for fending off a mob with warrior and thief skill.  For everything heading up to the mid-upper mid level range, the following will help.

    Step 1, sneak in and start the fight with backstab, retreating and reentering until you drop the mob below the threshold backstabbing won't work.

     Step 2:  Re-enter again, but instead of backstabbing, switch to a two-handed crushing type weapon and charge the mob.  After the charge, proceed to spam groundstrike like mad for the next 15 or so seconds. 

     Step 3:   Once you think the time has passed, retreat again, and repeat step 2 until the mob dies.  Alternatively, if the mob is reduced to pretty hurt, go and repeat step 1 as they're vulnerable to stabbing again.   

    Other skills of note to help the above can include increased stamina, dodge, parry, sneak, hide, stealthy movement, armored skin, shadow cloak, and anything else that looks like it would help you get into the stab/charge position, or helps with passive damage mitigation.  Everything else is not worth using, except maybe leaping instead of striking if the mob flies or there's no dirt.  Why waste time performing combos, sending out a jab or pommel strike, when you can just inflict ridiculous amounts of damage with the same attack over and over.   Having to diversify comes into being a lot later in the game, and the above will generally help for hitting mobs to death in the mid and later midgame.  Hell, it still works in the late game if the environment does not prevent it, and you can throw in shadow strike into the mix to hit pierce weaknesses.

     For equipment, interact with your community more and ask around.  People are generally more open to telling you helpful places to gear up and grab stuff to help with hitting harder, or for save pieces.  Joining a clan can speed this search up faster if they have any logs of where stuff loads and with what stats.   Just go and get social already tongue   Well that, and explore more, but that's harder when not well equipped.

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2018-10-08 10:52:56

first, thank you for your answer. I'll try to answer chronologically :
About practice points, don't take me wrong. I'm not complaining about the system itself. Thare widly enough practices to build a perfectly balanced character. The probleme is that I've wasted most of them, as I didn't know the game at all, and I was terribly curious about the different skills. I thought it was best to learn skills at their maximum level, I didn't know if it could raise quicly only by using them regularly.
Now that I'm lvl 31 I understand my mistake, but it seems there's no way back except restarting my character.

-About the skills themselfs, I really thought there was an advantage in using different technics as to avoid becomming predictable. I thought there was some kind of intelligence based system for npc's , like there is for feints and flanking attacks.

-About the equipments, you're absolutly right. Actually I become pretty shy when I need to use English in a long and fast conversation, and I've tried to make it on my own so far. But it seems like I'll have to change my way. To be honnest, I'm used to muds where equipments son become an easy question, as even if there are many different items in the world, there are only a few that make part of an interresting set. Here in alter aeon, there are also many different pieces of equipment, but also many that are randomized, and it seems difficult to me to find the one that will match the best with the character profile I'm building.
For example, I've found many pieces of equipment that are relativly heavy and glowing. If I need to perform regular backstabs, I need to be able to hide properly. If I understand correctly, shadow cloak can do the job for the glowing items, but my weight will probably prevent me from sneaking.

I'll try to find a good pweapon for all type of dammage, and see what happens smile .

best regard,

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2018-10-12 08:14:36

Are the events like the halloween event also for newbies? If you take part in such event as a newbie, will you then be restricted for any quests if you level up too high?

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