2018-10-03 14:34:27 (edited by GameCoder 2018-10-03 14:35:08)

Greets. Those of you who have tried ROK II will be familiar with the kind of detailed text based games we are capable of creating. For our next project, we want to create a science fiction text RPG that allows automated character creation in a simple manner. We call it Future Terra II or FT2 for short.

Unlike ROK II, where you go year by year, in FT2 you create a character based on the end result you are looking for by selecting the make up of the character's known abilities, skills and equipment all at once. Then you join in group play with other role-players in a play by post format. Rolling dice and checks will also be automated to avoid having to know complex rules or look for the right information to be inputted making it an excellent choice for those with any kind of visual impairment.

We are looking for backers who will like to help us make this project a reality. You can see current contributors in this thread: FT2 Backers or donate on the main site: Donate. Thanks so much.