2018-09-27 11:53:46

mahdi-abedi wrote:

and, you are topic closer, and my work closer? I dont think so, uou and fredd do something to close tlw first topic, but you can! and you cant now!

Oho! Your work or sam's work? Mr. I think you had a mistake understanding what's yours and what's not.

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2018-09-27 13:14:55

Okay, this is the final and absolutely last warning for both Mahdi and best audiogamer!

You've both called each other "stupid" in the last few posts, which normally would be fairly mild, but frankly this insulting needs to stop. This is the third topic that has gone down the tubes due to this childish disagreement of yours.

You are both on absolutely the last warning here.
One more bad remark from either of you, and your off the forum.

This topic is also being closed, not because anyone has asked, but  because its going no where fast. If mahdi creates another topic with links to his game fair enough and we'll start again.

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