2018-09-26 16:10:12

Wich version of visual studio is must accessible with Jaws and nvda?
I'm running Jaws 18 and the latest version of NVDA.
If I were to run Jaws, wich version of visual studio would be must accessible, and if I'm running NVDA, wich version of Visual Studio would be the must accessible?
Hope you get my questions smile
ps: I'm hoping to run a some what up-to-date version of vs, by that I mean either version 15, 17 or later.
- NicklasMCHD

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2018-09-26 18:31:38

Get the latest one. Don't forget to get the CodeTalk extension as well. It is specifically designed to boost your capabilities during coding, I don't know how but blind  professionals use it.

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2018-09-26 18:46:27

CodeTalk was never completed, so far as I know. Its good, but with what VS has now, its being mostly superseded.

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2018-09-26 19:31:17

given that NVDA is compiled in visual studio, and I, as a beginner have used it accessibly, I would say NVDA works just fine. can't speak to JAWS.

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