2018-09-21 14:46:30

Balls to you  aamir

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2018-10-17 09:57:42

@smoke-j the spear crafting on your website is not working. We should combine long shaft to the spear head and not the notch long shaft.

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2018-10-20 01:14:14

new update out! new animals, and more!

blindness is an ability. not a disability.

2018-10-20 02:31:22

unless i'm an idiot, the updater is broken, I spent 10 minutes letting it update, and no zip appeared in the main directory, and the folder itself didn't auto update. sad face? so I'm just reinstalling it and hoping sam put his latest version online. can't awit to see the changes!

yo! so I'm working on programing, it's really hard. But I'll tell you where you can contact me if your stupid enough to do so.
Contact information:email: [email protected]
Skype: Brennan Draves
I'm usually found on online games, chatting, and being warned bye admins for talking to much, f**k you admin!

2018-10-20 03:54:07

Hi guys, i'm having problems creating an account. i put in my name, password, gender, then it just gos blank and can't do anything except escape out of it. any ideas?

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2018-10-20 05:39:16

can anyone post the changelog?

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2018-10-20 05:55:08

you can just read it for yourself? it's right in the game folder. way too big to post really,

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2018-10-20 06:55:22

no it's not to big, here it is:
New in 0.98.0
Fixed the changelog from last version.
Items now should propperly fall from trees and other tiles where they previously wouldn't, especially apparent with balls and bullet shells, or any item on top of a cut down tree.
Modded readme to include some forgotten keys and other small improvements.
Added a /muteclear command to clear your entire mute list.
Updated the rules.
Modded the survival pack so now you get a package of medicle items with bandaids, sleeping pills, and other things of that nature.
Microwave sounds no longer follow you when you walk. At least we got rid of that particular part of the super natural...
Changed some prices in the store.
Fixed music not playing.
Updated some language translations. They won't have the latest game strings but they have still been updated. Thanks Fedai for the turkish translation, and thanks to elniiko for the spanish translation!
Adds a Russian translation! Thanks Armen!
Made it so that the timer controled by how fast you are able to press space can be controled by the server based on the item used, this way admins and builders can make items that take longer or shorter to use, for example how the lance takes 10 seconds to use each time.
Added a license agreement.
Fixed the online stw map, finally.
Added daggers! Someone told me there just may possibly be a way to poison them! wink
Added baseballs and baseball bats just for fun! You can't actually play baseball of course, but you can still have some fun with these little toys.
Now pathigens clear propperly when you die!
Changed the starting inventory to include 10 paper instead of 2, as well as warn_down_slip_on_shoes.
Fixed sound updating. When players move around other sounds associated with them were supposed to update as they moved. This mostly worked but was sometimes faulty. That has been fixed now.
In edition to fixing sound updating, made it also work with animal noises. So now when a bear is mad and it growls 20 tiles away and rushes at you, you don't continue hearing the disembodied growl sound from 20 tiles away, now it will follow the bear, just as nature intended!
Now when you accept a quest, if you already have all the items in your inventory to complete it, you will automaticly complete it without having to modify your inventory first.
If you cut a paddle in half, there is now a way to repair it.
Many jail improvements! I don't know how, but somehow I had really broken the jail code. As well as the jail having double the amount of cells it had before, it is now impossible to end up in the same cell as another player, and it is also impossible to be in a different cell from that of your jail record. Also, the cell definitions should be fixed, so you should no longer get partially stuck in a wall sometimes when being moved into a cell. BTW, that code was really, really broken. I don't know how I ever managed to write such a horifying mess. If it ever got leaked it would seriusly damage my credibility as a good programmer. big_smile Anyway it's fixed now.
Admins now have the ability to modify how much health is added or removed from a fire when things are dropped on it, meaning that things should get much more realistic. For example, dropping dirt only adds 1 health, while dropping wood adds 15, dropping mud does -3, dropping firestarters adds 75, etc. The list is dynamic and can be updated serverside any time.
Ready for it? Yeah? ok then! Hey cheaters! No more logging off while you are falling to avoid the damage penalty! I recommend not trying, it could lead to you getting warned and/or banned for attempting to exploit bugs.
Also cheaters! When you create a character and drop nubie items, you are supposed to get kicked and be unable to drop/give them. Now, that list of items has been made rock solid, so no more getting around it by opening the survival pack and dropping random things!
It turns out that the server was using an outdated distance formula, messing up all sorts of calculations. This has now been fixed.
Made the game support sound sources that can play using 3d and not using 3d even if 3d is enabled, based on the importants of the source. For example, fires will play ambiences in 3d, while most other map ambiences will not play in 3d.
Fixed a bug where your radio's power and channel wouldn't save propperly.
Now there is protection when opening some of the kits you can purchase with credits, so that if you have a free account you don't waste them because your bag is full of a given item.
Fixed a bug with fishing that allowed you to almost completely real in your fishingpole, then use a lure.
The tracking menu now loads much faster on large maps.
Splashing in the water using alt+space has been fixed.
Now the air bubbling warning you get under water when you are running out of air is on a minimum timer, meaning that you won't get spammed with the sound to the point of client instibility and lag.
Fixed deathmark when logging on with multiple characters.
Several new quests!
Added dice! Remember bells and whistles? Well, we can't stop just because there are 2 items! So now you can find dice sets to mess with as well. Me and the stw admins have a habbit of playing the pig game once and a while using these.
Music now stops playing before the death sound plays when you die.
Now you can use braille in stw without using visual mode. Note that the function we are using to acomplish this is not in the official BGT documentation, so there is a chance that it could be buggy. For this reason, it is possible to disable the system in options if needed.
several items received an overhaull and are now more realistic to build.
Added canned foods, also a can opener to open the cans. Just another way to eat and in some cases drink. You can of course find these in the abandoned fishing village etc, but also to make survival packs possibly be more intresting in the future.
Finally added the ability to break bones! Whenever you take damage weather it be falling, an animal attack, pkpkpk or what have you, you have a chance to break bones based on the strength of the attack. When they are broken, you may struggle to move, and if you break certain bones, like those in your hands or arms, you may have trouble interacting or using items etc. You can press w to see what bones you have broken. You can heal broken bones using many different items based on the broken bones. For example, you can just make sure your nose is streight, then wrap a bunched up towel around it to make sure it isn't exposed. For your arms or legs you will need to build/find some sort of cast, stuff like that. Something new with the health scanner in relation to this is the bone fatality scale for lack of a better name. Basicly, the more bones you break. If the number gets above 1000, your character will die because it's skeliton is so damaged. Death free cards will of course save you from this, but as a way to prevent cheaters from disipating all damaged bones by killing themselves, the only thing that will happen if a DFC saves you from the bone fatality scale is that your bones will be fixed just barily enough to nudge the number back under 1000.
Added a fire land sound.
Changed the knife impact and the knife get sound.
Changed the water balloon impact sound.
Added get and draw sounds for the family crystal quest.
Added the Kashmiri and Slovak language channels.
Now when you press A or P while looking at someone, it shows from the prospective of the person you are looking at like it should. Sorry, no more using this as a tracking system, use flairs like you should!
The main survive the wild window should be a little bit more responsive, spisificly when alt tabbing to and from the window.
There has been an improvement to keyconfig, now I can add new keys without breaking your existing config.
Now for notifications such as players turning off the nubie flag, clearing spam etc, the notify sound is much less intrusive.
Modified the normal notify sound as well to improve the quality.
Skinning, gutting and cleaning food now require a minimum knife sharpness, depending on the animal.
Now you can drag items on the ground, especially useful when you can't pick something up. You can hold in d while focused on an item, then you can walk around and the item will follow.
you can no longer jump in between walkable tiles and the wall.
At long last, you can now filter your inventory by several categories by pressing tab and shift+tab in your inventory. Note that some items may not be propperly sorted, if this is the case please report it to an administrator so it can be fixed. To clear up a sure to follow misconseption, there are no categories for notes or corpses at this time and we are aware of this. Please do not report these items.
Fixed a small loophole that would allow attackers to send malformed packets and play the inventory open and close sound anyware on any map.
Added handling for empty inventories, though hopefully it will never have to be used.
several improvements in handling of maps, so that maps can be more detailed while their size remains small
Completely changed the wolf sounds and made them do more damage when they attack.
New animal: polar bear.
New animal: Python_snake.
New animal: mutated... Oh sorry can't tell you... it's a surprise!
New animal: boar.
New animal: lion.
New animal: coyote (using the old wolf sounds. Acts very similar to wolves).
Several new music tracks, as well as new surfaces
At long last, female socials!
Dreams now play again.
The fishing village has had a makeover
Rain is finally working as expected
The wooden and fancy shelters received some small cosmetic changes
Fixed the bug where when you give someone something, the text playergivemenu or noplayers would appear in your history buffer.
There's now a way to alternatively interact your hands and two objects by pressing alt t. It is not used for much at the time of this updates release but it's uses will grow all the time.
You can now have one of each item in every hand and use each item individualy where you previously would put one in your bag again. Hint, pkpkpkpkpk!
Added loads more sounds in general, allowing us to add more items without releasing updates.
Major renovation and improvements to the ingame scripting engine, allowing us to make much more detailed items!
Game now has a new, much less intrusive logo.
Attempted to fix speedhack, note that the sound is also much less intrusive.
Worked on fixing some bugs with the sleep system. Now if you go to sleep and log off, you won't hear all of the maps ambiences all at once. It may not be perfect and may still be a little buggy, but it should be much better.
Made it so if your sitting and you have a high amount of energy, you won't automaticly fall asleep.
Map loading is now much more seemless than it used to be. Now when you press shift enter to load another map, rather than the sounds first cutting out, then after a moment hearing a cacofany of all of the new maps ambiences mixed together, followed by the music playing, followed by the map finally loading, now the new map sounds almost start playing before the old ones stop, as well as the music, providing for a much cleaner experience.
Maps also load much, much much faster now!
There may be a little bit less lag, possibly a lot, as there has been a change in sound buffering, so this should help with things where a lot of sounds are playing at once such as pkpkpk!
Fixed another look bug! Now you don't have to restart your client if someone goes offline while your looking at them.
This time the previously mentioned attention feature has been added, though it was changed from it's original idea. Now admins can get the attention of a spisific language channel, and it actually works this time!
Now if you have high energy, the footstep scuff sounds don't play as soon as you walk, which should get rid of that really annoying scuff spam.
Fixed a possible nasty bug having to do with not hearing animal footstep sounds if you weren't facing north.
Added a way for admins to leave offline messages for any given player. So for example if you got warned when you were offline, then when you come online you can see a message with that warning. You don't have to do anything, messages are completely automatic.
Fixed a bug that would make some items such as balls or bullet shells etc fly off of the map borders and fall into a void, creating server lag. They now spawn as they should.

yo! so I'm working on programing, it's really hard. But I'll tell you where you can contact me if your stupid enough to do so.
Contact information:email: [email protected]
Skype: Brennan Draves
I'm usually found on online games, chatting, and being warned bye admins for talking to much, f**k you admin!

2018-10-20 09:21:21

ooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice new update! thankskskskkskkskskkskksksk!

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2018-10-20 10:53:00

how to kill snake? with spear it doesnt work.

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2018-10-20 13:15:24


my tt server address: gamer-services.jc-hosting.me
ports: 2040
gmail: [email protected], and skype: giorgi gio
my name in playroom: giorgigamer

2018-10-20 14:55:36

seriously, you kill a snake with a shot gun? hmm Anyway I have another question.
It seems loke end is not working properly. With the home buton I can still go to the top of a list, raise the different in game volumes, but the end button just doesn't work, it does of course in other programs, only not in stw...
Any idea ?

Best regard,

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2018-10-20 15:15:25

Hey it's not realistic in wild that you must kill a snake with shotgun forexample if you have only a melee weapons it should work

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2018-10-20 16:40:40

yes i know first was shotgun. You can kill it with every weapons but don't knife.

my tt server address: gamer-services.jc-hosting.me
ports: 2040
gmail: [email protected], and skype: giorgi gio
my name in playroom: giorgigamer

2018-10-20 16:59:25

nice update

2018-10-20 17:02:38

no. it's not necessary to kill snake with the shotgun. hell, you can even kick it to death it if you are lucky...

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2018-10-20 17:05:12 (edited by mazen 2018-10-20 17:08:22)

what is the  enemies in  fishing  Village? : i saw a weerd monster that hitts with sumthing like a speer or sorde. his hitt takes abowt 300 health, but i think i am lucky, or sumthing, after the ferst hitt, the server has bin rebooted..

2018-10-21 01:08:46

Nice update

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2018-10-21 01:34:35

Hi friends i have one problem i can't set the volume down of music because i don't have a end key is there a way to configure a key for that operation or if theres no way can someone help me set this via nvda remote? Best regards, Karlitos

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2018-10-21 03:46:01

The keys to change music are page up / down, so you’re good there.

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2018-10-21 09:03:01

no that only works in the main menu of the game. the page up/down is used to climb in the game.

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2018-10-21 10:26:59

@3292, i suggest it's a mutated something.

flawless victory!

2018-10-21 13:55:10

I got a problem.
I broke my hand and my leg yesterday. Now I don't know how I can heal my fractures. Do you have an idea? Plaster and pills don't bring anything.
regarts Kevin

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2018-10-21 14:46:10

Try looking at the bag of medical equipment

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2018-10-21 16:06:44

Hello sir powl.
elastic_sling can be used to heal your hand. you can find this item in your survival pack.
open the pack and look for package of medical items.
and to heal your leg you either have to find a cast or make a crude_cast.
to make a crude cast do the following: combine wood with an Axe to make a short_wood. combine short_wood with an Axe again to make a short_hollow_wood. note: will have to hit t multiple times.
now, combine short_hollow_wood with the towel to make an uncomfortable_crude_cast. finally, combine uncomfortable_crude_cast with the towel again to make a crude_cast. note, if you want to make a small crude cast which is used to heal your knees and probably other bones just combine short_hollow_wood with an Axe again to make an uncomfortable_small_crude_cast. rest of the process is same.

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