2018-09-19 19:55:56

Hi all, yes, I did it again, I found a new web based game accessable with voiceover. I found on applevis a game called algadon.com very accessable. This is a fantacy theamed game wear you can play as an archer, mage, elf, orc warrier and archers to nanme a few. so please check it out. the web address again is http://www.algadon.com

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2018-09-19 20:36:50

Just to clarify a few things,

1. The subject title is miss leading, since it doesn't have the gae's title.
2. This game is a "browser" game, not an app, thus I'm playing it on my Chromebook.

Regardless, checking out the game anyway!

2018-09-19 20:38:52

the game is pretty old and more or less dead at this point, but it does look fun nonetheless. There's almost no activity on it anymore.

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