2018-09-16 14:03:46

Greetings. One day i was wondering around the internet when i came across the swamp fan competition. I downloaded some of the stories that competitors have written, and i thought "hey, it'd be great if there was another competition like this that people could anticipate and, with that in mind i decided to start a new thread to ask your opinions about it.

You crushed my soul under your powerful fangs in cold blood. You torn it up, bit into it, slapped it too hard till it came apart, with each piece flying in every direction. You get to be happy now! or maybe, there's a little bit of humanity left in you?

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2018-09-16 23:17:05

Not sure.  some of the fan fictions I read, especially novels of video games, like breath of fire, and Final Fantasy have some really good stuff, and there's a lot of time and energy taken into account with stuff like that.  some novels can take up to a year, and even a short story can take a few months to be done right.

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