2018-08-14 17:59:02

Hey everyone,

I recently started fiddling around with Lords and Knights and have a few things that need clarification:

Alliances: all I see are free castles....none of them have alliances, I play USA 15, anyone know of, or run an already established one on there? I"m not certain, but most likely will be attacked by some wildly powerful someone on there...when my 14 day protection ends. If you have one and can invite, I'm thalia on there.
I am willing to switch worlds if I need to, if I can get an alliance somewhere else.

also, if anyone has any advice or  tips, that'd be great too, thanks! smile

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2018-08-14 18:25:23

hi there, since the topic  is here, I would like to ask a  question, too
how do you check notification for your army in game? , I mean I would like to know if my attack was a success or not and such.
I never  fully explore the map screen so... not sure about your question.

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2018-08-14 18:45:10

try looking at messages tab, then reports, then battle reports. smile

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2018-08-14 18:54:19

ooooooh, will check it out! , thanks alot!

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2018-08-14 18:55:45

no problem! I don't know much, but smile

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2018-08-14 19:46:33

hi kb
if the world you are playing isnt a new one, the players arent going to attack a lower castle anyway
but just incase if there are some high players around your castles you might want to eqwip your castles with a defencive army
for the alliances, just send join requests to top 10, there is  a slight chanse that they can accept it if they think you are active.
and if you are going to attack somebuddy, try attacking the inactive ones
hope that helps.

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2018-08-14 19:52:18

I"m not sure of any of the alliances, so it's hard to send a request to them. ....

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2018-08-15 05:08:35

So, how accessible is this game?

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2018-08-15 05:58:49

Hey there,
Lords and Knights is fully accessible with both VoiceOver and Talkback.
Alliances, are not based on free castles. They are abased on a group of five or more players, which group up to add extra defence so both your castle and theirs.
My best advice is to upgrade your buildings. The stronger they are, the better.
Personally, I'd say the arsenal, the query and the library are your most top priorties, including the ore store and lumberjack.
Hope this helps.

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2018-08-15 17:59:59

I found a good alliance, by no effort of my own. I got recruited, and am greatful as I know being solo is a great indicator that I"m weaker especially when it comes to the big guns.

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2018-09-10 02:44:55

Hi kb, what is your alliance name?

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2018-09-16 21:46:38

I am in USA 15, and have joined the alliance, fire and brimstone. currently in their training wing, so you guys no I no longer need an alliance at this time. I've gotten a few messages...

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2018-09-17 17:47:45

ok, guys! I've tryed this games with my android phone, a samsung j5 2017. I don't know if I can go into the maps as I'm a newbie but, with Talkback the maps is unreadable; as well as certains numbers that are on the screen when it comes to resources and so on. Could someone using this game and talkback explain how does it works? Thanks so much!


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2018-09-21 20:34:13

I'm sorry I can't help with that, I use an IPhone

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2018-09-21 21:39:46

i am also wondering how the accessibility is for android of this game, i would like to try it out.

best regards
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2018-09-21 21:44:56

If anyone using an IPhone needs assistance, I can provide it.
I have a very good alliance in USA 15 and have a good grasp on gameplay. send me a message anytime with questions smile as for Android, I've heard alot of players found it inaccessible to a degree, have you searched xyrality websights, their forums to see if anyone has any knowledge of the admin's working on better quality gameplay for you?

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2018-09-23 15:49:08

the game's accessibility on android looks fine, but only the map is not accessible for me

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.