2014-06-28 16:50:32

To be honest I think the idea of a terrorist would make more sense. More potential for stealth/assassination missions and such. I'm currently working on some bonus  NSSL's, and right now I'm having trouble with sounds, but I'm doing my best. I'm glad you guys like the game.

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2014-06-29 00:43:29 (edited by Niklas 2014-06-29 00:45:12)

Okay, just as a Suggestion: it could be made optional to Play a Agent for example, or a Terrorist. This way you could have different missions and objectives for each. But a Terrorist only is cool, too.

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2014-07-06 19:52:43

so you want some sounds?

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2014-12-31 17:05:24

I really like this game and so I made a short let's Play on our YouTube channel. It's not the best, but I hope there is a bit of fun in it wink

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2015-03-31 13:42:31

hi all, will this game developing?

flawless victory!

2015-03-31 19:54:09

Hi Cruiserdestroyer.
No I don't think this game is being developed anymore. It's too bad this game had a lot of potential. I hope I'm wrong and that the game is still being developed but I don't think I am.

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2015-03-31 23:20:11

I hope it gets developed. Its fun when you want to kill time and your internet isn't working to play swamp. Lol.

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2015-04-01 01:03:55

I'm not sure if this is still getting developed but I don't think so because it's been like 3 months since an update.


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2015-05-14 16:38:16

please make this game with a deffinit levels! this cool game can be more cooler, if has an end!
a lot of thanks for this grate game

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2015-05-21 11:05:05

I am definitly going to give this game a try. It sounds fun.

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2018-09-13 16:39:35

do someone have a nevest link to this game?
it seems the link from first post is not working

wepsite: stasproom.jc-hosting.me
tt server address: stasproom.jc-hosting.me, ports: 3020, user name is usr, pass is usr
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2018-09-13 17:41:42

beta1: https://willbilec.000webhostapp.com/gam … ta%201.zip
latest version: https://willbilec.000webhostapp.com/games/tp.zip

my old skype has bin destroyed for this forky forks. So if you want add me, here is my skype info:

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2018-09-13 19:17:37

its grate! but it need saving or lives

2018-09-13 19:32:48

The fact that this game isn't being developed anymore is, frankly sad..
I see a lot of this in this comunity: People start with a project that is great and can really go somewhere then the whole thing simply stops.
I'm not trying to cmplain here or anything, I'm simply stating facts, each developer has their own reazons for stopping developing their game.

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2018-09-13 19:55:17

@Caio: I couldn't agree more with you on this matter, People shouldn't leave their stuff lying around unfinished.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2018-09-13 21:31:34

error 404

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2018-09-14 11:32:44

hmm? here it works.

my old skype has bin destroyed for this forky forks. So if you want add me, here is my skype info:

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2018-09-14 14:24:55

this link is dead

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2018-09-16 13:22:26

Your all links are dead. instead of using dropbox please prefer Google drive.

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2018-09-16 13:55:32

anam this links are worcking fine   i had downloaded the game  .beta1: https://willbilec.000webhostapp.com/gam … ta%201.zip
latest version: https://willbilec.000webhostapp.com/games/tp.zip

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2018-09-16 18:38:38

Hi, I tried to download and I got a 404 error can you please post the link again?

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2018-09-19 09:26:15

hello guys please if you can upload this game on other websight i can't download it

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