2018-09-12 21:30:21

So i may or may not be working on a game, we'll see. I have many pquestions. let's begin:

note: most of these questions apply to an fps style game.

What language  would you prefer it coded in, i'm almost possitive bgt is out the fuckin window for anything else i try to make, unless it's super simple or whatever i d k yet. anyway, what language would you preffer a game to be coded in, an online game.

What style of movement do you like in fps's, do you prefer moving with all four arrows, or maybe w a s d and arrows to turn? or maybe even a movement system like swamp's?

What do you think about online games with AI's, not all over, cause that would lag the ever living shit out of the game, but in certain places.

If i were to make an fps, would you like it to be as realistic as possible, not realistic at all, or maybe just in the middle?

now, i'm at one of my most pressing questions. furst:

What would you like to do with melee weapons? Usually, if there's long ranged weapons in a game with melee's, the melee's get fucked over. O, and for the unedjicated, melee means short range weapons like knives, swords, spears, etc. I would really like to make a game where melee is a thing that you can do without getting absolutely demolished before you could get close. Suggestions on making this possible, or if you think i should or shouldn't?

another pressing question is, complexity. How complex do you like fps's, cause  personally, i love games like redspot, with shit loads of weapons that you had to master, or at least get to know, or you wouldn't  be able to survive as well. I might be planning on adding all the weapons i could think of, and any crazy weapons you can find would be graite, the weapons name, descritpion, and what it does/how it works etc etc.

One last thing for the moment, what do you think about having a huge map,  the current main map is 50000 by 50000, and i'm not sure if that's too much? because the builders i have, witch include myself, are the most detailed and elaborate people i know. how much detail do you want?

I will post more questions if i think of them
see yall!

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2018-09-12 23:01:21

What would you define as a "huge map"? What is the relative scale? Is it 50,000 Nanometers? Kilometers? Parsecs? How big is the player in these units? How fast can they travel? How large are objects or buildings? These and many of the questions you've asked come up as a matter of game design, you may find reading about [The Door Problem] helpful.

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2018-09-13 02:26:31

We have more than enough of those kinds already, allthe shoot and blow and blast stuff...

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2018-09-13 09:02:04

Since you're asking what language people prefer, I'll vote that you write your game in Lisp.  When you play a game written in Lisp, you can run faster, jump higher, and all of the levels will have much more detailed descriptions.  People constantly try to play other games, and they get depressed and complain that the game was written in something besides Lisp.  For example, if you're playing a game and the story line seems poorly planned out, or the weapons are unbalanced, it's always because the game wasn't programmed in Lisp.  If the developer Had used Lisp, the characters would be more memorable and the plot of the story would be much more fleshed out.  The worst games in computer game history weren't written in Lisp... coincidence?  I think not.

There's a chance I'm just being sarcastic, because there's literally no reason why a developer should ask the players what language they want something programmed in.  smile

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2018-09-13 10:48:08

for language, i think ce++

2018-09-13 15:30:46

BGT is the best!

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2018-09-13 18:52:59

here's the thing about languages. There are people on the forum who flattly refuse to use bgt, at least I can gather that much from the tone of their forum posts when they crytisise the language. The problem for most folks is that many antivirus programs flag bgt apps as false positives, so they have to go through the trouble of adding an exclusion, if their antivirus even allows them to do that without sighted assistance. Also, bgt simply doesn't have good audio features. All it can do is pitch, pan, and volume, and it uses direct x 8 for audio output I think which is an aging system at this point. If you used *any* other language, you'd get things like hrtf and other effects to make the game sound a lot better. And no, please don't come to me with that pathetic thing called a bgt lav bridge. I've heard that thing used on some bgt games and it just sounded horrible.
About movement: Here's my prefered style of game interaction. Plug in a gamepad, without having to set up joy to key first, and just play with that. But since most blindies don't have a gamepad, I'll ablige you. The one that works best for most I think is moving with only the arrow keys, but a more arguably mainstream option would be to regulate moving forward, backward and strafing with wsad, and the arrow keys to turn.
AI bots are a good idea if there aren't many people on the server, possibly used as fillers during team matches, or as co-op oponents the players have to defend against.
There's always a fine line between a very realistic game with well thought out mechanics, and a game that's so close to real life it's no longer fun to play. Survive the wild used to be an example of the ladder, way back when it first got started. I would say keep a balance between the two extremes. For instance, someone dieing after getting hit by a rocket once would just be frustrating, even though it would be realistic, so that shouldn't be a thing. But you shouldn't be able to run around with 193857582 ammo in all of your guns plus every weapon in the entire game.
The melee question is an interesting one. I don't like how many blind fps devs simply add a few melee weapons to increase their weapon count, but don't ever do anything to give the player an insentive to use one over a ranged weapon. There would be a few ways of handeling this. For instance, you could have the server trigger a low-tech period for a few minutes, disabling the use of all guns and only allowing melee weapons. Thus, you should always carry a backup encase that happens. Or, you could make a seperat fighting system for melee, allowing for combos, blocks, and dodges. If you added some form of longterm character development, you could build up your character to have the ability to dodge some bullet fire to close in for the kill with a melee weapon. Since we're on the topic of weapons, there should be some differences in terms of range an accuracy. For instance, a shotgun would get more accurate and damaging at close range, while an assault rifle would work better at long range. Pistols and smgs would lie somewhere in the middle, and things like sniper rifles would only be practical from an elevated position at long range. Heavy machineguns and mounted weapons would be difficult to transport, but have great stopping power so they could be used to defend a position.
When it comes to weapons, many people might think more =better. However, that's only going to apply if you can actually figure out how everything works. You could do this by providing sufficient documentation, or adding a form of offline training mode that lets you choose with which weapons to go to battle with, then have you fight against CPU controlled enemies, much like the training mode in many fighting games. This would allow you to master melee fighting, and other special weapon types.
Now I come to map size. I simply can't say anything about that as of now, because I have no idea what your playerbase numbers will be and I can't give a prognosis because this would be your first game. However since people think there's too many fps games out there (which is not true only swamp and fire fight are left now) I can say with decent confidence that you won't have too many. 50000 by 50000  is definitely too large, at least if your game handles movement exactly the same way as rs and tk, that is a tile by tile based system. Please try to avoid large, open map areas. Those may work for some game modes, but for a free for all death match, it really doesn't. In that case, a smaller but more detailed map with structures to enter, high places to occupy and fortify, and hiding spots to escape to in times of emergency are much more interesting to play in. This is something that just annoyed me about fire fight, it was yet another of these 1000 by 1000 open areas with not much in it besides the town square, clocktower and maybe a few different surface sounds.
Finally, you didn't ask this but I'll say it anyway, regarding game modes. Literally every competetive
fps we've had so far had only one single game mode, and that was simply infinit, pointless free for all death match with no end, simply killing till you were killed. Yes, rtr was in the process of getting some extra modes, but none of them were ever propperly finished. I say, please change that. Here are just some suggestions you could try out. The server could rotate between those modes or you could have several dedicated maps open in which matches are run that people can join, and if nothing is going on the death match map would always be open.
Team death match: An even number of players (at least 4) are split up into two teams, with the goal of one to get more kills than the other.
Elimination: All players are dropped in an arena, and the last one to survive is the winner (hunger games style).
Capture the flag: Two bases are located in the map, and one team must steal the flag of the other, crossing an open area in the process. The flag bearer would be slowed down considerably and be limited in ways to defend themselves, so strategies of how to get the flag back to base safely must be developed.
Defense: A cooperative match in which players are to hold a speciffic area from AI based invaders, which attack in waves similar to swamp's defender missions.
Through the ages (need a better name): A form of death match that starts only with melee weapons. After an amount of time has elapsed, non-gunpowder based projectile weapons will spawn. Then gunpowder based ones. After that, vehicles (if you add any). Following that, any futuristic or high-tech weapons that may be in the game. After the match ends players are shown who has the most kills in a given time period. *This suggestion may have resulted in me geeking out over civ these last few weeks*

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2018-09-14 23:40:10

ok, i've gotten a lot more feedback then I was expecting.
@conner, i'll try to address all your points, and god damn there were a lot of them.
furst of all to everyone, I'm almost possitive we're using cplusplus. Not completely sure yet but i'm not sure.
the map size. We're thinking one tile =  feet. lol, the map will be probably the most detailed shit you've ever seen, we will have it almost completely filled. The only problem with the idea of it is server lag.
finally, i loooooooooove! the idea of game modes is just simply to amazing to not do.So we'll work on it.
now, reguarding the others.
@magurp. or however i spell it, 1tile=1foot.
also the door problem raises a few problems. But hopefully we'll figure it out.
@mata, i know this is said a lot, but we're gonna try our god damned hardest to make this as not cloniest as we can.
@aprone, lol! just! lol! Alwaise love your posts. Are you sierious about Lisp?
@mahdi-abedi. We think it will be c++.
@tmstuff000. er, ok, your opinion is your opinion.
Continue to post your suggestions! and i'll continue to address them! hopefully!

yo! so I'm working on programing, it's really hard. But I'll tell you where you can contact me if your stupid enough to do so.
Contact information:email: [email protected]
Skype: Brennan Draves
I'm usually found on online games, chatting, and being warned bye admins for talking to much, f**k you admin!