2018-09-13 19:13:18

Hi all,

OK, so i used IYP some time ago and now, I have been thinking to go ahead with Prepar3D together with FSX pilot.
I do have the Steam version of FSX, but was just wondering, is Prepar3D more realistic when it comes to sounds / ATC or is it about the same as in FSX?
When using FSX Pilot, will you be able to find out what places you fly over? May MCE be a good addon to have in combination with Prepar3D and FSX Pilot?
Many thanks for all your help!

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2018-09-13 20:07:11

Hi. P3d is not really more realistic in terms of ATC or sounds, but it is generally better than fsx in other ways. It's newer, 64 bit and has a better and more accessible interface in general with a few manageable issues. I would recommend it with the academic licence as long as your system can handle it.
Fsx pilot works ok, you can kind of see where you are flying over by viewing the near airports list but there isn't any function to read near cities or anything like that. MCE is good, it depends what you want to do, but it can run certain checklists and procedures in the aircraft as well as working well with ATC addons. It's not required but it works fine in conjunction with fsx pilot and p3d and/or fsx.

2018-09-13 20:21:50

OK, many thanks for that info.
MCE cannot tel you what cities you fly over, right?
Many thanks!

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2018-09-13 20:53:52

as far as I am aware, MCE does not have that functionality no.

2018-09-14 19:11:14

Nothing we have has that anymore.

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