2018-09-14 08:04:22

so I'm a live  sound engineer and sometimes I find myself in a puzzled situation where I can't always tell if a signal is close to clipping sometimes, so I have an idea for a quick fix solution for this...

On my board, I have several VU meters that ID the level of the signal, and my idea would be to put some electrical tape over most the LEDs and leave the top couple of rows exposed and place my phone, with seeing AI set to light, over them, so that way the lights will trigger Seeing AI to tell me they illuminated, meaning my signal is pretty hot.

However, I wonder if there's an easier way to determin this  using something to give a direct signal readout of a channel into, say, garage band, and use voiceover to tell me the db level so that way I can get it as close to 0 as possible

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