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hi all,
So I noticed this about 1.5 years ago. A youtube channel started putting up some nuclear war sinario fake BBC broadcasts in 2016. They eventually updated the video, by releasing  9 versions, updating  the sinario to account for new developments in world politics. These videos apparently look so authentic, that  they got taken down from the original channel after some people contacted the BBC and asked them if there really was a nuclear war.  I can say that these are easily the most authentic sounding videos I ever saw. Though these videos were taken down from the channel, they can still be viewed through other channels. Also, archive.org has all 9 versions archived. One of the most recent versions of the video is here:
note: the broadcast video interrupts the film around 03:30.
also here is one of the earliest versions, to give you an idea of how the video has been updated.
all versions are available here:
https://archive.org/details/youtube_UCA … 1hhR7yj8SA
So what do you all think?

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