2018-07-22 13:34:38

hi all guys as the title above said I would like to learning c++
but I have two plobblem right now I can't find any accessible editor ide or editor that playable when using screen reader
so could you guy who is coding c++ recommend me please
next I would like to start learning c++ what website should beginner should learn at the first place?
anyway I do already have dev c++ for compiling code if I could write success however I can't use ide editor itself that provide in the program
may I miss some step whether this program it has accessibility already that I don't know before
so if someone can help me finding best suit for learner feel free to post them here

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2018-07-23 01:49:08

@1, I wouldn't use Dev-C++. It hasn't been maintained since 2005. I'd go with Visual Studio 2017 as the IDE. As for a website, you should probably read a book on it, probably the c++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition, ISBN 9780133522853. cppreference.com is a good place for reference materials.

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2018-08-07 10:13:13

Another vote for Visual Studio 2017 here. For free online resources, I'm slowly but surely working my way through the Learn C++ blog at learncpp.com. It seems good so far, and the tutorials are also written for use with Visual Studio.

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2018-08-07 17:14:18

VS 2017 is very good. I would also reccomend notepad++. Remember VS has a community version if you can't pay for the full VS.

On the MacOS side, I would recommend xCode, TextMate/TextRangler, or just plain TextEdit.

To learn C++, I get a lot out of learncpp.com. it is my go-to resource if i can't remember how to do something.

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2018-08-07 21:04:34

Definitely use visual studio community. It's free, and has everything that beginner's need. When you install check the boxes of things you want to be installed, leave the ones you don't want alone. For example if you want to develop for android or iOs, have xamarin be installed with the installation, and so forth.
Depending on what computer your using, and how much of visual studio you install, it could run very slow, or very fast. I have a large copy of vs installed on a windows 7 PC, so it runs slow sometimes.

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2018-09-12 14:03:45

Greetings. I myself use codeblocks as the IDE. Also check out tutorialspoint.com there is a good c++ guide written there as well which could come in handy, and also a guide to C++ standard libs.

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