2018-09-10 18:54:51

Hi everyone, spoilers ahead.

So, this level has got me. I've made it through the spikes, and then get taken up to the top of the level. I jump off the edge, make it down to the other side and to the checkpoint... but what next! I've walked to every square that I can find and looked around, but can't see a way up or down or any ledges to jump onto. Am I missing something obvious here?


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2018-09-10 20:11:28


You need to use timebombs to destroy the wall on your right. The ones you picked up on level 10 I believe. If you need more you can buy them at the cost of gems, so I hope you haven't exchanged them all for gold

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2018-09-10 20:25:45

Thanks for this - I just figured out the bombs but then realised that I didn't have enough! sad Looks like I'll need to restart then. Thanks for your help!

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2018-09-11 03:33:54

Hi how do I jump over the spikes?  every time I do I die.

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2018-09-12 05:41:52

Hi I figured out the spikes now how do I get down safely without dying?

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