2018-08-13 00:52:44

hi all.
Well, I didn't knew there was even a crack. BTW, it's bought now so I don't really care at all. I hope that some day you'll play one of my games and lets see if this worths it.
I'm in the process of learning the whole sintax from scratch, but can't concentrate at all how I would like to because I'm in vacations in another place that's not home. So... ñeh.

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2018-08-13 02:17:07

@3, i'm surprised about what you said. @4, i fully agree with you. @7, it's totally stupid. Holes in virus protection! only one file makes so damn large hole in your protection that 2152673457263 viruses can slip through. Well, sorry for my trolling, but damn it!.
(If you write a game in BGT, unless you make it completely independent of the user's screen reader, you immediately run the risk of excluding JAWS users from playing your game because of BGT's well known conflicts with it.)
sorry, jaws users, can you please switch to nvda for a short time of playing that game? if the game would be so cool that you want to play it so much but you would keep it cause of only puny jaws! gosh, it's hard to explain my feelings. About the topic question, bgt is a really good starting language, but afterwards i think the better one is python/javascript maybe, but i'm leaning to wards python more.

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2018-08-13 03:17:36

Oh, damn, it. That's why I hate this kind of questions. When one says something, others jump. I myself wouldn't like to switch a synt just for playing a game, and you wont convince me to do so. And also, it is indeed a nice language to start with but it's kind of meh, so lets give this one a try.

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2018-08-13 03:33:38

See, they do not even have to switch. You can make jaws sleep for certain applications, and that is all you will need to do.

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2018-08-13 03:44:54

@29 oh really? then i don't know what they are whining about, it' becomes so simple when you can put jaws to sleep at certain applications.

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2018-08-13 05:17:52

The thing is, BGT is the easiest game engine to work with jaws. All you have to do is install the keyhook. I understand it may not work in all instances on all machines, but its literally the easiest option and its already done, you just have to invoke it. I don't necessarily consider all instances of it whining though. I understand the desire to play with one's own preferred screen reader. But slamming the developer isn't the way, they either don't know what's going on, in which, informing them is better than bashing them, or they just don't know how to fix it.

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2018-08-13 06:17:58

if (screen_reader_is_running(1)) install_keyhook();
Congratulations: your BGT game now works with Jaws. Not that you couldn't have used keys other than the arrows, since key remapping is always a good feature, but this is easier.

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2018-08-13 12:28:37

I am going for PB, as I said because I like it's syntax.; I like that is is being still supported. Don't know if I write anything large in it, though. 800 lines in a demo. Ouuuuuch!

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2018-08-13 15:57:41

Me too, i like the ide as well and lets see what we do in it.

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2018-08-13 19:25:16

I didn't know about the https thing, but the network object is not terrible. Sam Tupy could use it, so why can't we too?
And the dll support is experimental, not terrible.
I'll stick with bgt until it completely stops working.

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2018-08-13 19:28:39

@35, yes, the network and DLL support is terrible. Sam probably had to do a bunch of hacks to even get it working the way it does now. The DLL support is just shit, period. Come on, the win32 API is more extensive than that when it comes to libraries.

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2018-08-13 20:25:37

@post23, can you tell me about EdSharp and how to work with indentation levels in python? And how do I set reading levels of JAWS to max?
And everyone whose supporting BGT here... I'd say please go and code audio games in it, and later when you face issues that'll be the end of your "BgT career". Me, I didn't even get into it partially because I'm too enamored of working with tougher things, and partially to remain clear of those thousand bugs flying around in BGT. Yeah yeah agreed it's a good beginner language, but you really can't code anything huge in it without effectively-effectively! Dealing with the network and other such problems. So, I'm going for python right now, seems like it's the superior programming language to BGT in every way except it's simplicity!

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2018-08-13 21:39:47

EdSharp works with both NVDA and JAWS by design. NVDA support is already there, when you install it, just install the jaws scripts at the last prompt.
I don't know how to turn up your indentation level on JAWS, but the last time I used it which was about 10 years ago it didn't have this option.
As for indentation levels in EdSharp, it will speak the level you are on at the moment. For example, if you press tab once, your screen reader will speak level one, and everytime you tab it will announce the indent level.
EdSharp has compiler support for several languages, python being one of them.

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