2018-08-12 14:39:45

Greetings all,

Nope? I Trenton Matthews, am not trying to throw yall off in to some circle of confusion or something else like it...

You can now find me on the
social messaging platform.
Simply search for the ID
, and you will be able to find me quite easily.

In addition, I have "two" groups yall can join, just make sure ya "identify" who you are to me, and "verify" that you are from this fine forum.

To join either one or both of thebelow groups, you can either:

  • Find me on "Line" of course... smile

  • Tweet Me on "Twitter"

  • Toot Me on "Mastodon"
    , via "Direct Message," where thereby I shall send ya an invite via "Uniform Resource Locator."

List Of Groups
  • The Nerd Shack!
    Discuss "anything" and "everything" nerdy! From gaming/the tech world, to anime/Manga, to EDM /R & B!
    (In no way the above is a complete list of topics folks...)

  • The Sun Realms Cafe
    General chitchat! From dining, reading, listening, watching,, planning, chillin, and just enjoying/living the life!

Well, time to cut the "line" right here... smile Hope to se ya "Online" sometime!

2018-08-12 17:27:38

hahah I never knew there's a social platform called mastodon. Maybe I should register on it big_smile. Sorry for the off topic but I couldn't stop myself from writing this smile

feel free to add me to your Skype. it is valentin.velecico.9
nothing is impossible.

2018-08-12 18:39:53

I'm not a fan of Mastadon. I do give them props for doing the accessibility stuff in a way that feels really professional and so forth, but the platform, yeah.

One of the best gifts on this earth is the unconditional love of an animal

It is pure, free of judgement, and raises me to the utter height of glory.

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2018-08-12 19:46:49 (edited by queenslight 2018-08-12 19:48:39)


Yep, there is a platform called "Mastodon."

I myself am on the
instance, though there are over 100 others to choose from, not forgetting the "My Little Pony" instance called

Find all Mastodon instances over at

FYI, Liam Erven is on there now too!

As for Line and social media, they have their "Line Timeline" service, which I've started posting on.

2018-08-13 16:27:30

@Ironcross just out of curiosity, what do you think is wrong with the mastadon platform? Am asking because it's still not one I've signed up to yet, and would like your view on it as well as a result.

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2018-08-14 16:13:50

Yay! Someone also uses LINE! I am not the only one! Yay!

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