2018-07-16 03:49:28

Greetings all! So I know the hype probably died on it, but does anybody remember that game known as the table flipper, ttf? Well as you probably know on his later updates to something else he did called offensive world he's gonna be gone soon... I personally loved the arcade style of the table flipper and it was addictive as shit for many of us in that thread, and since it's going to the archive, I think a milestone should be made in his honor. Since out of the two games I think ttf was the most loved/played, I bring flipper of tables, panicking table flipper, Lord Flipper of Tables, and phantom flipper to the table, no pun intended smile. We can agree on a reasonable name for it throughout this before the milestone is added, my first and personally favorite idea is Lord Flipper of Tables, but slender said you don't do ranks like lord/king in your titles.

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2018-07-16 17:59:09

Actually we already have several ranks with king and lord in titles, EG Lord of the galaxy, so no problem there so there is no problem there.

What I plan to do with more ranks is  have another title competition as I did last Christmas, with people suggesting new rank titles and the community voting on them, so I suggest you save up ranks to do with table flipper for then. Maybe it'll be next Christmas, maybe Halloween or similar, and of course if you can't get it on the official ranks list, you could always win yourself a custom title at some point in the future anyway.

I'm afraid that's all I can suggest for the moment, since last Christmas title competition went so well and gave us such great new titles, I think that's probably a better way of deciding on titles in the future than of trying to specifically allow suggestions willy nilly.

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