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I started the game recently, and I've only done a couple of adventures. From what I've seen, they are pretty unique and interesting to do. The question is if I pay for the lifetime upgrade, would I need to pay again at some point to unlock an area of the game? Is the content worth the money?  Will I be able to be competitive without paying again and again?  I would like a somewhat detailed answer. Don't just post a yes or no, please tell me why.

Coding is not hard. No, not at all.
What is hard is dynamic coding, coding that accepts different input at different times.
This is what truly takes a large amount of effort on a developer's part.

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Hi there,

wWhen you purchase the lifetime upgrade, you don't have to pay for it again. The content certainly is worth the upgrade. Cause as a free member, you will have access to 2.000 pages of the game, with the adventurers membership under your belt, you'll get around 30.000 more. If this amount hasn't been increased over the years smile
You can do a fair amount of adventurers without paying for packages with equipment. In some adventures you will find equipment wich will boost your nelee rating or your stamina. But sryth has the reputation, that some adventures are almost undoable without premium equipment. I never tested this myself, cause i like the story very, very much, and for this decent work, i have donated for several packages. I believe, that you can pay on what you can miss, cause there are packages for purses of a lot of kinds. But as said, when you don't want to pay for equipment, I am not sure if all adventures can be done. But I know that a fair amount can be done without paying a single penny.

I am playing for 3 years now, and have done a large amount of quests, wich i was able to complete with the assumption that i also would be able to do it without premium equipment. But with a few quests, i was very greatful i had some eq of this kind.

i hope it helps smile

I personally am a huge fan of this game, and i agree it is a very unique game.

Should you choose to pay for a package, please note, that it can be claimed on all characters you own, or create. Should you delete a character, no matter wich one, it even can be the one on wich you purchased the package, the packages can still be claimed. They are bound to your account, not to a single character.

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I played Sryth massively many years ago, completed most of the quests that time and didn't liked the direction the game was turning.
But, when you haven't completed those older quests, I'll say a lifetime upgrade is totally worth the price. For the story and all the awesome content, areas to explore, massively awesome quests etc. The content is more than three times worth the price in my opinion.
I haven't looked at the game for many years, since the game is impossible to navigate on the Mac. But if that is going to be improved in the future, I would start playing again for sure. Sryth is the most awesome text based game I ever have played, and spent most time on playing.

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actually, the game is playable on mac as well my friend. It is somewhat more hazard to navigate it in compairisson with windows, but doable for sure. You have to hit the hotkey CTRL + Option + Shift + down arrow when you arrive on the main part, there you can see on wich page you are, and read the text and make a choice. This earlier hotkey works on more parts of the game if you want to get detailed information.
Kingdomofloathing for that matter works exactly the same way, but as this topic's subject is sryth, i won't get deeper down about koL.


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