2018-07-13 12:10:51

aprone, for a future update can we have scoreboards as well?

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2018-07-13 12:17:48

oh and can we have this zombie respawning bug fixed please? m2 is practically dead at the moment no pun intended

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2018-07-13 15:17:38

@mastodont, odd your having issues. on a Win 10 64 bit machine. I just downloaded the game and the update patch, unzipped everything in the right places, created some shortcuts to swamp.exe etc and everything was fine. Actually I've noticed graphics improvements myself which is nice.

@Darren, The zombie spawning thing seems to be an issue for specific maps, since map 1  had virtually no zombies and I had to move to map 2 to get something to slay, plus aforesaid K mart's stock problems with tyrants lol.

For donations, one system I've seen in online games that's rather nice, is that people could pay for a global donation, which would give a buff to a specific thing for all players,  the person donating could directly get a benefit to the specific thing they wanted, but anyone else who fancied a bonus in that specific thing could get it too.

So in Drakor players could give everyone a bonus to specific crafting skills for a certain time, for example paying 3 usd for a three hour bonus to cooking. This meant  not just the donator, but everyone got the bonus.

So in Swamp how about something like people could pay for a temporary xp or damage bonus to a certain class of weapon?  That way obviously people who liked using say rifles, machine guns or melee weapons would get the bonus to their favourite killing apparatus, but so would everyone else.

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2018-07-13 15:40:24

what are the proe's and con's of having the name changes for ammo, would the weapons not do as much damage or just not sound as real life?

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2018-07-13 17:55:20

@mastodont: Try to change the screen revolution. This usually fixes those weird issues.

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2018-07-13 18:03:06

Mastodont, based on your description it sounds like some separate program or process is randomly trying to jump itself into focus on your computer.  Each time Swamp loses focus, the keys would stop responding plus the key being pressed at the moment it occurred would be "locked".  Sometimes people do this intentionally so they can continue to swing their weapon while they are AFK, or they lock their key to keep walking without needing to hold down the button.

If I were you, I'd check the computer for viruses or malware.  It could even be some sort of web browser add on that you may or may not have put on intentionally.

Darren, what would the scoreboards rank?

Fixing that darned zombie respawning bug is very high on my list of things to do.  That and the PVP bug.  I'm repairing a leaky roof today, but if I can get back home with enough time before work I plan to sit down and work on both of those some more.

Dark, I do like that idea.  If I'm ever one day convinced to add micro transactions, they'll probably work something like that.  As long as it is rewards for everyone, nobody can feel like Swamp is a pay-to-win type of game.

- Aprone
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2018-07-13 18:43:41

@Aprone: I think you have been right on the malware thing. I did a full scan of my system and found some toolbars that apparently were malware and I removed them. Now everything seems fine. Thanks for your suggestions.

feel free to add me to your Skype. it is valentin.velecico.9
nothing is impossible.

2018-07-13 18:53:46

Happy to help

- Aprone
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2018-07-13 19:14:30

hi: I liked the idea of donating: I will be one of the first donors if this happens: It will be great

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2018-07-13 21:46:14

ok, people. we're talking about the transactions. first, let's wait for paypal to fix their actual issues, which they don't seem to care about it too much from what i've seen.

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2018-07-14 01:48:08

ok score boards. i have a few ideas for multiple score boards.
score boards. highest kills overall. highest kills per map. most looted. highest deaths. highest kills per life. by that i mean kill count on a single life. accuracy scores. that's a few ideas i have there.

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2018-07-14 11:13:30

i don't think that's usefull for anything though. why would we need score boards? like for those type of games it doesn't make any sence.

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2018-07-14 11:26:06

Here's my first impression of the hearing impaired modes.
First let me say, thank you Aprone for giving it a try.

However, after a bit of testing, it doesn't work for me for the most part.

While the pitch change idea's good on paper, footsteps are extremely hard to judge pitching on, and when there are multiple targets/zombies/loots, it becomes a huge squirrely mess that's more distracting than anything else.

When there's a single loot, or a single growling zombie, I can aim fine with the pitch changer, but if the zombie's not growling, or if there's more than one, or if there are loots near by, it just gets super confusing.
Hopefully other people's experience will be better than mine, but so far, I can't really get it to work in any meaningful way.

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2018-07-14 11:52:34

Smoke from BSG blog has told me that in that version of the game, you can also adjust the width of the stereo spectrum. Might that help you as well?

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2018-07-14 13:17:24

score boards purely for fun.

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2018-07-14 15:32:09

Privatetai, I'm definitely open to suggestions for improving it.  One suggestion that's already been sent to me is having a version of the hearing loss mode where it still continues to pan, in addition to using the pitch change.

Would it help to change your footstep sounds to be something more noticeable?  Just wondering because if that would help, I could add something like that in as a single setting, so you don't have to go changing 50 sound files each time you want to use it.

As a side note, and sorry it's somewhat off-topic, I encourage everyone to tune in and support Liam Erven on his 10 hour marathon.  He will be on youtube playing all sorts of audio games, and giving away prizes.  Sadly I'm probably going to miss 2 of the 10 hours, but I intend to keep him on in the background all day if I can so I can listen in while I work on projects.

- Aprone
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2018-07-14 18:53:21

aprone i want to ask a question. would it be ok if i was to have 2 accounts, 1 for my normal char and 1 for storage? i believe i can copy the swamp file and rename it to swamp1.exe in order to run multiple instances of the game. the things i would want to store are things like ammo and armour. is that considered cheating or what?

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2018-07-14 18:55:43

it actualy might be darren. and if i'm not wrong it might be against the rules

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2018-07-14 21:02:45

I'm having some strange issues. Whenever I log in, it keeps playing the main menu music and I can't hear any other sounds, the voice commands and the command for telling me what direction I'm facing works, but even when I try to walk I hear no sounds, no zombies, nothing, even when I try to open the chat console it says something about you are not linked to any other players.
Anyone else having this issue?

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2018-07-14 22:52:14 (edited by vlad25 2018-07-14 22:53:45)

well, the answer is very simple. you need to download the latest patch. http://kaldobsky.com/audiogames/SwampPatch.zip
sorry if i spelled it wrong

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2018-07-14 23:20:59

no it's impossible
you have to purchase second account for storage
you can connect one time for per account
one account won't let you to open 2 character in the same time

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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2018-07-15 01:00:56

Darren, you are allowed to own as many accounts as you like.  There are no rules against having extras.  smile

- Aprone
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2018-07-15 02:39:16

Maybe this have been mentioned before, but can we have the title weapons added to gifts for those with titles? Is that possible?

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2018-07-15 03:48:31

@2891, thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot... hmm

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2018-07-15 10:45:05

ok here's where i stand on multi accounts and thank you aprone for clarifying,
i have always been under the impression that having multi accounts active in the game was cheating.
giving advantage to players who have 3 or 4 chars on at the same time, i still consider this a breach of the rules but if aprone says its ok then its fine i guess.
if you want to store items you have 5 slots in your account to use as storage i think thats enough for anyone.
i would like to see a system however where you can transfer items from any storage to your main chars be it hc or normal, it would make life a lot simpler and you wouldn't have to rely on trust so much.
heres an example:
i want to transfer seeds from a normal char to my hc char, i could bring up the normal chars inventory bit like the locker system, transfer the seeds over to the hc char and boom you have your seeds to grow. i just thought rather bring up the whole inventory which can be huge in certain cases, why not just have hc stuff that normal chars pick up just have show up, so a normal has a huge inventory and has 8 farming seeds a couple of padlocks and quite a fiew dog tags. hc char can look for just the hc items in the normals invent and transfer them as they wish. i would still like to see a clan bulleting board system implemented if someone has some news for the clans such as invites as some people may not get on with 1 member you could put it on the board saying so and so wants to join any objections?
as always aprone you do a fantastic job, keep up the great work.

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